Knowledgeable doctors are able, with nearly 100% regularity, to increase the blood levels of selenium by several fold by giving 1,000-2,000 micrograms of selenium daily and then dropping back to a maintenance dose. In one case, a dosage level of 2,700 mcg/day for two months followed by six weeks of 5,000 mcg/day was required to bring up selenium blood levels.

Dr. Schrauzer, who is internationally respected for his groundbreaking research on aspects of vitamins and essential trace elements, notably selenium, reports that dosages of 2,000-5,000 mcg per day will produce toxicity symptoms only after several months. However, since the early symptoms of selenium toxicity such as nausea, weakness, and discoloration of the fingernails are easily noticed, high doses have not been reported to have caused any fatalities.

The best selenium products are bonded to killed yeast (Megafood) but the one I personally recommend and use is called Tung Oil. Each drop is one milligram, which is five to 20 times more than any other product. After learning about a pharmaceutical company that makes injectable selenium for intensive care wards I wrote a book on Selenium. It is so safe that, like iodine, I don’t count the drops but for cancer patients I recommend 10 to 20 drops a day. Maintenance dosages are five drops a day or every other day as required.

For general health maintenance, the amount recommended per day is one or two drops. For other types of selenium maintenance dosage would be 400 to 600 mcg.