Sodium Bicarbonate

The dosage varies with one’s pH readings of both urine and saliva and the condition being treated. Maximum dosage is right on the Arm & Hammer box, which is seven half-teaspoons a day for a full grown adult under age 60 and three half-teaspoons for people over age 60. One has to check their pH daily in the morning and after a bicarbonate bath, which can be made quite strong.

Add 1 lb or more to a bath 2x/week if heavy detoxification of radiation or other strong pollutants is needed. When treating cancer, take the urinary pH up to 8.0 and keep it there for ten days, then take a week off and start again for another 7 to 10 days. This can be repeated until one test negative for cancer or one just feels the lack of need as health returns. This is also true for infections such as a cold or flu, but often these resolve after only a few days of bicarbonate use.Then the bicarb use can be stopped. Again start out slowly and monitor your body’s reactions, always guiding yourself with the pH strips. One can take a lot of bicarbonate for a short period of time so do not hesitate.