Sodium Thiosulfate

I have been recommending sodium thiosulfate for a number of years now. I find it helpful for removing heavy metals and as an antioxidant to help with sleep. I recommend about 8 drops a day in water or I have people make a 10% sodium thiosulfate solution (see next paragraph). Sodium thiosulfate is also used in much larger amounts as an IV buffer or a flush after a cancer patient has had chemotherapy. Sodium thiosulfate removes arsenic as well as cyanide from the body and helps considerably with calcification. It is actually very useful stuff as all pet fish lovers know.

To make the 10% ST solution, just add 10 grams ST to 90 grams (ratio 1:9) of water and you will have the 10% solution so you can use drops if you want.

E-bay also sells ST and ships worldwide.

Dosage: Follow directions of product used. Most retailers of sodium thiosulfate do not give recommended dosages for human use in diseases, only for water purification or photography use. Dr. Oleg Yasko in Russia recommends about 1-2 drops twice a week in a cup of tea or water… or if the granular is obtained, only one grain added is recommended. It is very potent stuff. If one feels to take more increase dose with caution.