The Bottom Line

The point is in helping people’s conditions turn around rapidly and completely, and that is what most people are looking for in cancer or in any kind of treatment. No one approach works perfectly for everybody. Even with the Gerson Therapy we see in their videos a woman cured one cancer, then cured another cancer, and then cured a third cancer. Sometimes not even the purest approach covers all the bases because sometimes the problem is not the poisons in our body but the poisons (conflicts) in our minds and hearts.

No matter what exact approach in terms of diet and nutrition one takes, the Gerson, Budwig or some other low-sugar anti-cancer diet, the fundamentals are essentially the same. The Gerson Institute has some good videos to key you into the importance of sticking to the program and what it means over the long haul to continue to restrict one’s diet to what is really healthy and life-serving.

What is missing from the Gerson approach is flexibility and the use of highly concentrated nutritional substances like magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium and sodium bicarbonate in high dosages that might yield more rapid results for late stage cancer patients. It is true that low sodium intake is desired but sodium levels are not raised significantly by the short-term use of sodium bicarbonate nebulized into the lungs, taken orally, intravenously and in baths full of baking soda and magnesium salts. Sodium bicarbonate can be problematic in some sodium sensitive people however and blood pressure and possibly sodium blood levels should be monitored during treatment and elevations reported to your health care provider.

All I have to say here Dr. is that baking soda saved my life! Anyone who doubts me should see me now! I had pancreatic cancer and was given 6-8 months to live with no hope... today I am pain free, and living a healthy lifestyle to keep it that way. Mrs. Gerson is wrong... dead wrong!!!! Plus, before I went on the protocol, my BP was 246/116. Today it was 114/68, and I haven’t taken any BP medication for 5 months! All I did was follow Vern Johnston’s protocol to a T, along with the alkaline diet and breathing.

Kathie Walker