The Hun Hordes of Mercury

Researchers were baffled by the increased incidence of diabetes in Appalachia. In West Virginia, the only state entirely in Appalachia, 1 in 10 people aged 18 and older was told by a doctor that he or she had diabetes in 2002. Dr. Robert B. Walker of Marshall, noting that West Virginia’s incidence of diabetes is 41 percent above the national average said, “No disease stresses rural West Virginia families and health providers more than diabetes.”[1]


Up and down the eastern part of the United States we find high levels of mercury. The above maps and demographics set the stage for a serious proposal that mercury poisoning is at the heart of the modern plague of diabetes, and thus also of heart and kidney disease, strokes, blindness, and other common complications of diabetes.

No one in mainstream medicine is taking into account the intensifying increase in background mercury contamination of fish, water, air, soil and foods or calculating the hundreds of trillions of mercury atoms and molecules being absorbed directly each day, day after day, year after year through having gram weight quantities placed directly in the mouth. Also, almost unbelievably, mercury is injected directly into children’s blood streams via vaccines.