The Key to Surviving Cancer

They key to surviving cancer is to catch it early. The earlier the better. And what better way of catching it early is to understand the causes and conditions that lead to cancer so we can diagnose it way before our doctors will with their diagnostic tests, which use dangerous levels of cancer forming radiation. The signs and symptoms of cancer can be seen just as easily before cancer arrives than after if we stop long enough to appreciate the multiplicity of causes.

“Early diagnosis can make a huge difference in your chances of surviving cancer,” said Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones. “Around a quarter of all cancer cases are being diagnosed following presentation in emergency wards and the vast majority of these are already at a late stage, when treatment options are limited and survival is poorer. We need to find ways to diagnose patients earlier.”

The price we pay is high for medical ignorance in terms of cancer. Oncologists are treating cancer too late in the game, when it’s already established, and often spread and metastasized because they really do not understand cancer and that is why they are so miserable at treating it.

Most doctors understand that once a disease has advanced to a late stage it becomes difficult or often impossible to reverse but they are unwilling to learn anything about the multiple causes of cancer so they can teach patients how to recognize, well in advance, that they are headed to an oncologist’s office. Why wait for oncologists to wake up? Conquering Cancer is an advanced course in the multidimensional nature of cancer and what to do to prevent, treat it or are are heading in that direction.

Despite advances in the early detection of cancer, most malignancies are still diagnosed and treated at advanced stages, with a limited range of therapeutic options and poor overall survival. Simultaneously, cancer treatment costs are escalating, from $125 billion annually in the US in 2010 to a projected $207 billion by 2020.

Oncologists do not want to acknowledge that their tests and treatments are among the causes of cancer. When was the last time your doctor recommended a mammogram or CT scan and told you of the increased risk of cancer because of the test? Each exposure to radiation increase cancer risk.

Another way doctors in general cause cancer has to do with their illness causing attitudes about the sun. Conquering Cancer has an extensive lesson about Vitamin D Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer and Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer. When oncologists and dermatologists tell us to stay out of the sun are they causing cancer when they think they are helping their patients avoid cancer. Which one is it?

Cancer is not an enemy invader, an alien from genetic hell that is something terrible that happens to an intrinsically healthy body. Many people will say they thought they were healthy up until they received their cancer diagnosis. However, that’s almost impossible. Cancer does not manifest out of the blue, its part of a long process that takes us down a black hole that leads to cancer.

The whole point of understanding the universe of causes of cancer is to either avoid cancer or treat it effectively. It is more important to diagnose the causes than the cancer itself for if we treat only the cancer, and not the causes, even if we wipe cancer out with the most aggressive treatments it can return. Treatments are more effective if the causes are addressed.

We can establish many causes of unhealthy cellular and bodily conditions that can lead to cancer yet there is one cause or characteristic of cancer that all of the other causes feed, and that is hypoxia, oxygen starvation, which forces cells to ferment and become cancerous,

Low oxygen levels in a cell interrupts
 the activity of oxidative phosphorylation.

There are many causes of low oxygen delivery to the cells and many methods to prevent hypoxia in cells. We can also carpet bomb our bodies with oxygen. Using oxygen ‘properly,’ as chemo, represents a sea change in cancer treatment. Oncology blinds itself to what cancer is with its obsession on genetics, which they themselves do not really believe is the exclusive cause of cancer. Instead of just trying to massacre the evil cells and damaging and killing healthy cells in the process we can do many things including facilitating the delivery of oxygen into cancer and normal cells as a main course of treatment.