The Pit-bull of Mercury Chelation


NBMI is a chemical compound created by Dr. Boyd Haley of heavy metals, which removes mercury, lead and cadmium, arsenic, free copper and free iron. It does not affect aluminium. NBMI binds to metals deferentially based on their size and affinity for sulfur. It has successfully been tested on miners who often suffer from acute mercury toxicity.

NBMI’s highest affinity is for the toxic-only, third-period transition metals (mercury, tungsten, gold) and their higher-weight heavy metals (lead, bismuth, uranium, thorium).

“A striking observation of one study was the protection of the Hg-induced cytotoxicity by NBMI, through restoring the loss of GSH (glutathione) and attenuating the ERK1/2-mediated PLD signaling. It has been established that Hg preferentially reacts with cellular thiols, and GSH being the most critical intracellular solublethiol antioxidant is depleted during Hg toxicity.”

NBMI is highly lipophilic, or fat soluble. That means it has the ability to pass thru cell membranes and will also cross the blood-brain barrier to clear the brain of metals. Properly sourced NBMI products are 100% pure and have no reported side effects. Even when used by foreign nations to detoxify gold miners who use mercury daily, there were no reported side effects.

In prior use history as a supplement, there were no reported side effects. NBMI was formally distributed as a dietary supplement from 2008-2010 as OSR.