Treating Anxiety and Depression


Modern medicine is a terrible choice if one has anxiety or depression. Psychiatrists have become little more than drug pushers and now they are beginning to prescribe intense recreational drugs used in bars thanks to a recent approval by the FDA. Clinical psychologists also are getting in on the pharmaceutical drug boom to treat mental, emotional and spiritual disorders.

The best approaches to anxiety and stress is offered by Nature. Magnesium supplementation yields relief because it is the mineral with the most positive effect on the nervous system. When one is stressed there is nothing better that sex and orgasm; taking part in the pleasure principle does wonders for human physiology.

One of the best solutions is Yoga and intentional slow abdominal breathing. Getting control of the breath in stressful situations brings relief. The vagus nerve has everything to do with breathing—no wonder connecting with the breath is a foundational principle in both yoga and meditation.

The wondrous benefits of infrared therapy should not be missed by stressed out, anxious depressed patients. Laying on a hot Biomat, during the day or night while sleeping provides and oasis for anxious stressed out and cold people. Getting plenty of sun exposure especially in nature is also more than helpful as is taking vitamin D when you do not get enough sun. Eating right and fasting occasionally also strongly reflect to our emotional and mental outlooks. It is good to know that magnesium optimizes vitamin D status.

We can even use creativity to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Creative activities have a positive effect on our minds and emotions. Love and appreciation also help no matter what else is going on! Getting in touch with our vulnerabilities and heart felt feelings is also wonderful for what ails us.