Treating At Home

Natural Allopathic Medicine champions the concept of home hospital care and medical freedom to pursue safe and effective care independent of the overly controlling and domineering Allopathic medical establishment. Hospitals today are discharging people faster than ever before, giving patients and their families the responsibility to continue treatments on their own. This is partly due to the high risk of infections as well as cost and insurance issues. Many times the medical system just gives up on a patient and that is often a blessing, freeing that patient to choose more effective and safer natural treatments.

Hospitals themselves are being squeezed by tight credit, higher borrowing costs, investment losses and a jump in patients—many recently unemployed or otherwise underinsured—not paying their bills. All of this has begun to trigger hospital closings and bankruptcies. Before the massive layoffs began, around 46 million Americans already lacked health insurance, and tens of millions more were woefully under-insured; and this number is swelling rapidly as unemployment explodes. The present medical system is just starting to implode, so home hospital care will become the only option for millions who cannot possibly afford treatments at the hospitals that remain in operation.

It is important to learn how to treat yourself or a loved one at home because there is always the need to continue treatment after leaving the doctor’s office or the hospital. Also, you should not wait to start treatment if you have to wait to get into see a doctor, especially if you have cancer. Even if you are choosing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, the basic approach found in Natural Allopathic Medicine should be started immediately for it will strengthen your body for the strong toxic insults such treatments entail.

Dr. Cynthia J. Koelker asks, “If society collapses and you’re on your own, what medical skills seem the most essential?The answer likely depends on your age, health status, and stage in life. For those of childbearing years, midwifery skills may be paramount. For those advanced in age, diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease becomes primary. For the otherwise young and healthy, treatment of injuries and infection tops the list.”

“Our current compartmentalized society has deemed that doctors should perform these tasks, though turf wars abound over what nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, paramedics, and others should legally be permitted to do. Recent decades have also seen the trend toward home care for IV therapy, nebulizer treatments, dialysis, and much more. The take-home lesson is this: The layman can acquire many skills once considered the purview of health professionals alone. Thus, the first step in acquiring these skills is believing that you can do so,” continued Dr. Koelker.

There are good reasons to treat yourself at home even if you have cancer. Hospitals do not offer much in terms of alkalinization, detoxification, and chelation of heavy metals, they do not resolve nutritional deficiencies, or modulating and boosting the immune system; nor do they do anything to increase blood circulation or oxygen delivery to the cells.

Medical science has failed in its attempts at curing degenerative, metabolic and autoimmune diseases. Without removing toxins and acids from organs, cells and tissues, and without providing the essential nutritional building blocks like magnesium, the body will rarely be able to heal itself.

Unless a treatment removes toxins, increases pH, oxygen, hydration and nutrition, nothing in the way of healing will be accomplished. When the body’s tissues and cells become too acidic in conjunction with mitochondrial deficiency, the stage is set for tissue inflammation and degeneration as we become breeding grounds for anaerobic pathogens.