Understanding Numerical Stress Levels


This cat would probably be rated at somewhere between 0 to 10 units of stress. The range for us humans, when we are normal and under small amounts of stress range from 30 to 200 units. Sometimes a little stress is good when it is around the narrow corridor rates between 60-120 units. Big challenges bring large amounts of stress but if we manage ourselves correctly, we can still maintain ourselves with healthy profiles.

The range from 120 to 500 indicates the presence of distress where the body fights due to increased energy expenditure. When the index value exceeds the threshold of 800-1000 units, it means that the organism cannot longer cope with the distress and the risk of stomach ulcers, stroke and heart attack seriously increases. Besides there is serious decline of immunity (in consequence of atrophy of the thymus gland), which significantly expands the list of possible diseases.


The colors help though it takes a lot of convincing to see that we are already harming ourselves when we get above 200. Personally for years, since starting to use the VedaPulse, I have witnessed my stress levels to average around the 350 level, and sometimes have had to suffer through stress levels near 1000 and have actually seen the scale change when I went over 2000. After the age of sixty, the stress finally brought me down starting with severe heartburn and then a downward health spiral, which had me wondered for a long time why all my natural medicines were not doing the trick.

Stress is one of the hardest aspects of life to address and for us overachieving type almost impossible. In addition, for the many who have suffered from sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse, and the emotional hurt and resultant chronic stress that comes from that, which can endure a lifetime, that sexual stress can drive a person’s physiology to cancer.

Often our stress if very much a part of our life choice, as it often is in the work we do and where we choose to live. It is hard to separate from our stress because it is hard to pull back from life choices and change them.


The same company that created the VedaPulse also markets the Breathslim breathing device that helps us begin to work on our stress levels through breathing retraining. Then more advanced breathing techniques, and Yoga and exercise in general is what is needed to address high levels of stress.

According to the developers of the VedaPulse a stress index of 1000 and 3000 units is not a death sentence. Nevertheless, this is the most serious indication for a full review of the lifestyle. “If the index value is 1000 units and above, no work in principle should allowed. We need to stop and rest and relax!  Instead of work better to listen to the meditative music, drink relaxing tea and get a massage.”

Therefore, it is very important to use VedaPulse for a regular stress level control though there are many more things this machine can do for you. One does not have to purchase the professional model with all its modules that increases functions, one can simply get the consumer model and then download your information to a professional’s machine to get a full readout. However, the consumer version will give a readout of one’s exact stress level, health level, rate of aging and the amount of energy being used to maintain equilibrium. (In my consultations for people who join my online clinic this service is provided.)

Bottom line is the more conscious we are of our stress the more motivated we will be to do something to reduce it. About forty years ago, my first metaphysical teacher taught me that if we do not know where we are we would not have any idea of where to go. If our destination is California, but we do not know our starting point, how will we plot our course?

The field of Cybernetics and rocket telemetry also tells us that we need constant feedback to keep ourselves (and our rockets) on course and that is what we have when we do weekly tests with our VedaPulse.