Unification Theory of Medicine

Inflammation is inseparable from lower pH, oxygen, CO2 and cell energy levels, which of course would track with cell temperature, respiration and elimination. A grand unification theory of medicine would describe this area of physiology where certain things are happening simultaneously with others. There is a point where one cannot separate out oxygen from CO2 levels because they are locked into a tight mathematical relationship with each other. The same is true about pH and cell voltage. As CO2 levels go south with O2 levels, pH dives as does cell voltage.

With inflammation we have viral, bacterial and fungi sharks ready to start biting on tissues until the entire process leads to degenerative diseasesand cancer. Most infections do not take hold on strong healthy tissues.

Dr. Chaim Tejman wrote:

According to wave theory, living, mercurial energetic matter configured as a wave formation creates everything, including DNA—which is itself a sophisticated, living highly energetic wave. The DNA subsists and replicates by continuously absorbing energy. New strands of DNA similarly share from the surrounding energy. Occasionally, an excess amount of energy, which for various reasons can be neither “digested” nor expelled, results in super-energetic DNA. These paradoxically parasitic, super-life formations voraciously suck in energy in a manner that resembles the most virulent viruses to the extent that they destroy everything else in their vicinity, including the original host. In fact, it is these super-energetic DNA formations that we refer to as cancer.

Energy can only move in a formation with specified step-ups-and-downs in energy. Dr. Tejman, refers to this as the wave formation and this of course points us right to the phenomenon of electricity. The heart of every creation is an energetic swirl to Tejman. Meaning each cell has a vibration, a frequency having waveform.