We Are Not Conscious of How Much Stress We Suffer From

One of the reasons people die or suffer from heart attacks and strokes is the difficulty people have being aware of and dealing with their own internal stress levels. It is why a stroke and heart attacks happen so suddenly and unexpectedly. Its also why hypertension is invisible.

The most common cause of PTSD in women is sexual trauma. Reports estimate that 15%-38% of women experience childhood sexual abuse, 13% to 20% experience adult rape and at least 20% experience battering. Sexual and physical abuse in women, either when they were children or as adults, can result in post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and other psychological and psychiatric disturbances.

People under a lot of stress have fewer natural killer cells, immune system cells that spontaneously kill abnormal cells in their vicinity, including tumor cells and infected cells. We also know that the killer cells of people under stress are also less active. Studies have shown that the absence of natural killer cells is related to the progression of breast cancer.