Wound Healing with Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen

Look at the profound healing effect of carbon dioxide. The following shows treatment effects of CO2 medicine for a diabetic foot. Carbon dioxide footbath therapy was developed as a means for healing diabetic foot and other ischemic ulcers.[1] This healing was accomplished with sodium bicarbonate baths laced with some citric acid, which breaks down the bicarbonate into CO2 micro bubbles.

Diabetic foot lesion before CO2 footbath treatment

This is before, then one month and three months after treatment. The only other treatment that comes close to helping a diabetic foot like this is magnesium therapy, which combines beautifully in baths with bicarbonate and CO2 medicine therapies. Soaking in sodium bicarbonate baths with citric acid added turns the bicarbonate into micro bubbles of carbon dioxide.


We can see and compare the same type of treatment with oxygen and see the results are the same. The University of Tennessee Medical School shows what oxygen can do for wound healing.[2] Every cell in our body has the ability to recognize and respond to changes in the availability of oxygen. The best example of this is when we climb to high altitudes where the air contains less oxygen. The cells recognize the decrease in oxygen via the bloodstream and are able to react, using the ‘hypoxic response’, to produce a protein called EPO (erythropoietin). This protein in turn stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells to absorb as much of the reduced levels of oxygen as possible. [3] 

People who live at very high altitudes live significantly longer;they have a lower incidence of cancer (Weinberg, et al., 1987)and heart disease (Mortimer, et al., 1977), and otherdegenerative conditions, than people who live near sea level

We can literally force mitochondria to become active again and use the Krebs cycle for energy if we ram enough oxygen into the cells. This process is facilitated when hydrogen is added.

If you put enough oxygen and hydrogen into a cancer cell it will turn on the Krebs cycle (the mitochondria) and this reignites the program for cell death. Remember carbon dioxide is the main product of the Krebs Cycle. So when carbon dioxide levels go up we increase our health. This is why exercise is so important. It is the very best way to create lots of CO2! CO2 coming off the mitochondria in great quantities is showing that our energy factories of life are fired up with all burners burning.

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