Zeolites and Edible Clay are the Right Ways to Begin to Detox



It is hard to imagine anyone not needing chelation and detoxification today, especially urban dwellers because of all the air pollution. I want to conclude this essay reminding everyone that the foundation of safe and effective detoxification and chelation begins with the use of clay.

The use of clay for both internal and external use puts in our hands the healing power of mother earth and there is little that can compare or compete in the world of medicine. There is no healing system more powerful than that which employs Nature’s primordial substances, materials so pure and close to nature that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most medicines. Clay is so pure it tastes clean when used orally and will such all manner of poisons to it like a sponge sucks up water. Living Clay is the best I have ever come across and have been using it for years.

Any primary health care practitioner knows that when you have a toxic load that exceeds the body’s ability to process, you will be in trouble. Toxic overload can result in several areas not functioning properly, including slowing or blocking organ filtration, which will stop even the best quality of applied health care.

Whenever а harmful substance nееdѕ to be removed from the body, the detox systems (liver, kidneys, lungs) are called upon. Еvеrу time we are exposed to а heavy metal from аnу source, it hаѕ to be processed and eliminated from оur bloodstream and body.

Thеrе are many practitioners and lay professionals, who attempt to deal with the problem with methods that can harm rather than help.These methods either remove beneficial minerals, or they redistribute metals into new areas of the body. Some turn to IV’s and injections, which can remove good minerals in addition to toxins.

Zeolite goes perfectly with the use of clay and will dig in even deeper to remove the toxin in total and not leave it behind in another area. The zeolite Clinoptilolite is a natural mineral with a unique ability to trap toxins within its crystal structure as it passes through the body. My preferred choice is a nano zeolite liquid called Pure Body. It undergoes an exclusive cleansing process so that the zeolite is pure and effective and inexpensive as clay is.

Zeolite is natures natural detoxer, it has several very unusual properties that make it a master detoxer because it acts like both a magnet and a sponge at the same time. It is used for environmental catastrophes even Chernobyl because of it’s ability to mop up radiation but also many other toxins including heavy metals like mercury and aluminium. It acts first like a magnet pulling these positively charged toxins to itself then trapping them in it’s cage like structure before taking it’s toxic load out of the body in on average 6 hours. It does this safely, quickly and usually with no detox symptoms. It’s important that the zeolite is cleaned correctly before use in humans and then it comes in both nano size which is able to easily get into the blood and go everywhere the blood does cleaning en-route and a larger size aimed specifically at gut detox.

I have used as little as one drop in water, three times a day with great benefit, to as much as ten drops three times per day. Those who have high sensitivity to detox have been able to use Pure Body without side effects. It comes in two forms with the Pure Body Nano, which pulls harder and deeper, even from the brain. I would suggest starting with clay, zeolite and the full protocol of minerals before starting hardcore chelation with Dr. Haley’s chelator NBMI.