How to treat Calcification?

If calcium is not taken with magnesium it will cause much more harm than good. Calcium can lodge anywhere in our body causing serious problems if there is not enough magnesium because magnesium controls calcium softening its toxicity.

If calcium lodges in your bones and joints, it mimics arthritis; if it lodges in you heart, it mimics arterial lesions. Calcification or calcium poisoning can manifest as heart disease, cancer, wrinkled skin, kidney stones, osteoporosis, dental problems, bone spurs, cataracts and many other health problems. Calcium deposits in the joints are called arthritis; in the blood vessels it is hardening of the arteries; in the heart it is heart disease, and in the brain, it is senility. A healthy cell has high magnesium and low calcium levels.

Most calcifications in the body can be helped with the use of magnesium chloride and by drinking magnesium bicarbonate water. These help to chelate the calcium in our tissues where its not wanted.

Regarding calcification Dr. Sircus has written about this and included it in his Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book and in his book Magnesium the Ultimate Heart Medicine. However, there is not one protocol set in stone for the treatment of vessel calcifications meaning there is not a "one size fits all" treatment protocol like the allopathic doctors hand out. The basic Natural Allopathic Protocol including L-arginine, sodium thiosulfate, and special emphasis with using the MagBicarb concentrate in water.

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