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Vaccine Catastrophe – Mass Murder

Published on October 2, 2023

Can you imagine the police arriving on the scene of a mass murder and wondering how all the people died? Even seeing everyone shot to pieces, they still wonder? That is about the size of the situation with the vicious rollout of experimental mRNA vaccines. Forty years ago, I participated in a Gurdjieff Ouspensky group and was uncomfortable with their teaching that almost everyone was asleep. But now I wonder, with millions reported killed from the vaccines that are not vaccines, and no riots happening in front of the FDA, CDC, NIH, and the WHO offices, one has to wonder.

Dr. David Martin, probably the most intelligent man on the planet, calls for the annihilation of the WHO. Pure evil resides there. And they want to take over the world during the next pandemic. And there is a good chance your national politicians will not stop them.

The World Health Organization’s upcoming pandemic treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments are part of a global “soft coup” to strip nations of their sovereignty and people of their bodily autonomy and freedom. The WHO wants to put into law that countries must censor their citizens so that only public health messages aligned with the WHO’s recommendations can be shared.

Every person involved in the rollout and administration of genetic vaccines is guilty of being an accessory to murder. They have destroyed modern civilization’s fabric by destroying all sense of justice. Criminal law and even modern psychology have been seriously compromised because the police and the justice system cannot identify the worst criminals out there, and psychology no longer has any idea about who the most insane people are.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Children’s Health Defense Organization reported:

A new study of 17 countries found a “definite causal link” between peaks in all-cause mortality and the rapid rollouts of the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. Researchers with Canada-based Correlation Research in the Public Interest found more than half of the countries analyzed had no detectable rise in all-cause mortality after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020 — until after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

They also found that all 17 countries, which comprise 10.3% of the global population, had an unprecedented rise in all-cause mortality that corresponded directly to vaccine and booster rollouts. Through a statistical analysis of mortality data, the authors calculated the fatal toxicity risk per injection increased significantly with age but averaged one death per 800 injections across all ages and countries.

By that calculation, with 13.5 billion injections given up to September 2, 2023, the researchers estimated 17 million COVID-19 vaccination deaths (± 500,000) globally following the vaccine rollout. “This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed 0.213 (± 0.006) % of the world population and did not measurably prevent any deaths,” the authors wrote. This number, they noted, is 1,000 times higher than previously reported in data from clinical trials, adverse event monitoring, and cause-of-death statistics gleaned from death certificates.

I wonder how long they will be able to hide this kind of information. Will it go on forever because every politician is a coward at heart? Or a paid-off political prostitute? Or because the young are protesting climate change and CO2 instead of pharmaceutical terrorism? Or because the public is so centered on their cell phones and belly buttons? However, it is mainly because people, doctors, and nurses are brainwashed by the mainstream narrative, as if alien beasts have taken over our minds, making us passive beyond all belief.

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in this pandemic because of the bad information about vaccines and treatments,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown School of Public Health and former White House Covid-19 response coordinator under the Biden administration. “I certainly am worried about what happens over the next three to five years.”

The whole point of this discussion is that the bad information came from health officials and medical organizations, and indeed, it came from the most untrustworthy company in the world, Pfizer, which the government has fined to the tune of many billions for all the nasty mistakes they have a habit of making. COVID-19 vaccines forced the entire medical system to divorce itself from reality.

They lied about the origins of Covid

They lied about COVID-19 death statistics

They lied that there was no treatment (go home, and if you turn blue then go to hospital)

They lied about the ventilators & Remdesivir.

They lied that the hospitals were overflowing (while they choreographed Tiktok dance routines)

They lied about the masks

They lied about the lockdowns

They lied to prevent family from visiting dying relatives

They lied about outdoor transmission

They lied about Ivermectin, HCQ, Zinc & Vit D

They lied about the efficacy of the vaccines

They lied about the safety of the vaccines

They lied to try and hide their data for 75 years

They lied to conceal the extent of the vaccine injuries

They lied by even calling the shots’ vaccines.’

They lied about the need for “vaccine passports.”

They lied to try and justify human rights and abusive vaccine mandates

They lied about the rates of myocarditis

They lied about the excess deaths

The truth is that the medical-industrial complex does more harm than good. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died (were killed) by hospitals that were paid bonuses for every COVID-19 patient. The wrong treatments and the abolishment of right treatments killed hundreds of thousands. And the vaccines continue to mow down the public. The medical-pharmaceutical complex operates vast killing fields without anyone blinking an eye, without any politician raising a cry.

Pediatric medicine is one of the worst things that ever
happened in the world of babies and young children.

Absolute Criminals

Naomi Wolf, in the above video, says, “The Surgeon General and the White House colluded and conspired with the top leaders of our scientific and medical public health establishment to hide evidence of serious harm in a product (COVID vaccine) then mandated, pushed, and even to this day, mandated on our soldiers, sailors, and healthcare professionals. They knew what they were doing, causing severe harm to people.” The greatest crime ever committed on American soil still goes unpunished, and no punishment equals this horrendous crime of American leaders, even the president purposely ordering the killing and suffering of other Americans.

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” said Dr. Jerome Adams, U.S. surgeon general during the Trump administration. “Many of us in public health are deeply concerned that distrust in government and health entities, and a political campaign in which candidates are openly and vigorously arguing that people should ignore the advice of health experts, could have detrimental impacts for years to come — no matter who wins.” Health experts are dickheads. With their vaccines, the public has never been sicker.

Within a few weeks of the arrival of genetic injections, resentment over lockdowns and mistrust of government led to a widespread backlash, particularly among conservatives, that persists and is still growing today three years later. That skepticism is bleeding over into other vaccines, like those that prevent measles, mumps, and rubella, which is good because the entire vaccine enterprise is not scientific. Virologists are prophets of vaccine doom. After they endorsed the release of genetic death shots, they sealed their doom. History nor heaven will not forgive them. Vaccines are their religion, and viruses are not what they say they are.

Take measles, for example. They say it is a virus for which they have a vaccine but cannot prove it exists. The viral theory of disease ignores the more significant risk/cause of disease: toxicity. They love to say a sea of viruses surrounds us, but chemical poisons, heavy metals, radiation, air pollution, and plastics surround us. And the reality is that viruses are probably ejected genetic wastes of cells.

Cells rely on garbage disposal systems to keep their interiors tidy. If not for these systems, cells could look like microscopic junkyards—and worse, they might not function properly. So, constant cleaning is a crucial biological process.

Resistance to the Covid-19 vaccine has already spilled over to routine childhood immunizations. Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this year show that vaccination rates for kindergarteners dropped for the second consecutive year.

The CDC estimates childhood vaccines prevent 4 million deaths worldwide every year, but who in their right mind would trust the CDC with anything?

Trust in science is the lowest it has been in years. Only 39 percent of Americans reported a “great deal” of confidence in the scientific community in 2022, down 9 percent from the previous year after remaining steady for the last two decades, according to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The mainstream went too far with the experimental COVID-19 genetic injections, creating a backlash of distrust in everything health officials and in what doctors say and do.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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