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Natural Allopathic Medicine Cures

Published on December 7, 2010


It is a cherished thing to help others and to actually receive direct feedback and appreciation from those you have helped. Though I was hesitant to call my protocol “universal,” testimonies are coming in that show that Natural Allopathic Medicine’s basic protocol is appropriate for a host of disorders. In fact the basic aspect of the protocol is a backbone protocol to other medical and healing substances and processes (like acupuncture, chiropractic, and even allopathic medicine), supporting people in whatever condition they find themselves. It is an emergency medicine protocol at one end of the spectrum as well as a something one can apply when one is healthy and wanting to avoid coming down with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or cancer.

“Cure” is the word and it should drive some FDA henchmen mad for what is doing most of the heavyweight healing are commonly available raw medicinals like magnesium chloride, iodine, and sodium bicarbonate—substances that are available in almost every supermarket and pharmacy in the world. The FDA is in a bind because these same natural substances are standard fare in emergency rooms and intensive care wards. They are allopathic medicines but are non-pharmaceutical nutritional medicines. They are minerals and they come from the natural world, not from laboratories directed by the kind of men who used to build concentration camps, men who were condemned at the Nuremberg Trials.

Natural Allopathic Medicine is in its infancy but its principles and practices are panning out as anticipated. The future of medicine and a common denominator for many medical and healing approaches are found in the principles and practices of the Natural Allopathic method. It is also simple enough for people to apply on their own, but as always, professional help is essential for serious conditions.

I’ve probably written about 20 different protocol items but when personally communicating with people I concentrate on the ten most necessary—the strongest items on the list. Though simple it is not always easy to get the protocol correctly. One needs to use substances aggressively and in high dosages, which is the opposite of orthodox allopathic medicines that use pharmaceutical mitochondrial poisons in low dosages so as not to kill off the patient too fast. Most of the side effects of pharmaceuticals stem from the poisonous nature of the chemicals used in creating drugs.

Water-Based Medicines

Instead of oil- and chemically-based pharmaceuticals, Natural Allopathic Medicine makes a radical shift to water-based medicines, which can be produced easily in clinics as well as in everyone’s homes. It’s a paradigm shift that will eventually take hold as present institutions crash down—though they will cling to their power and continue to kick as many members of humanity as possible down into their graves. This subject on the creation of water-based medicines will be a central focus of my book on water due out sometime next year. Purified water or the clean water that comes out the side of a mountaintop makes the best possible foundation for medicines because it is the most important and basic medicine that we have on earth.

Natural Allopathic Medicine gets away from fanatical claims about individual substances and concentrates on protocols, on the use of multiple medicinals that address multiple issues of pathology simultaneously, safely, and cost effectively. It is an answer for orthodox physicians who are tired of seeing their patients suffering and dying. And it is an answer as well for a wide variety of alternative practitioners who want more medical firepower put in their hands without getting into trouble with the authorities. How much trouble can you get into for recommending that someone take some baking soda even with Codex spreading its ugly hands all over the globe?

Most importantly it is an answer for humanity as a whole, meaning for everyone from low to higher incomes. Though everything but love costs money these days, many of the substances in the protocol are within reach because of their low cost. If governments ever came to their senses and could break free of big corporate interests (something that is not about to happen anytime soon), then the principle medicinals of Natural Allopathic Medicine could be made available even to the very poor. Here in Brazil, if they ever passed a law mandating that every salt farm on its 8,000-mile coast had to produce magnesium chloride instead of throwing it back into the sea, the entire population would be strengthened quite significantly and inexpensively. Those who make money on the sick and dying, though, would not be too pleased.

We are expected to be good little boys and girls and listen to our doctors and governmental medical officials no matter how wrong they can be. Does anyone in their right mind believe this when more than half of Americans are now predicted to have diabetes or be pre-diabetic by 2020? With cancer and heart disease killing so many people each year, can we actually believe that these doctors and officials have all their marbles in the right places?

Americans are starting to complain about Gestapo like governmental TSA agents, but these are just the new Brown Shirt shock troops on the field. Staffers at the FDA are old hands at pharmaceutical terrorism. They take the battle against humanity into the house and even bathroom as well as medical offices and clinics around the country; same with the World Health Organization. It will be very interesting to watch what will happen to expensive and dangerous medicine as the present monetary system melts down and hyperinflation takes hold. At that point Natural Allopathic Medicine will turn into Survival Medicine.


I want to bring special attention to the first testimony about my nebulization protocol for glutathione and sodium bicarbonate. Below you will see that a case of urticaria has been “cured” with the protocol and so has a case of rectal cancer. Debilitating back pain has been cleared and a deep, ulcerated skin cancer was also “cured”. I use the “cure” word especially to irritate those who hate it, to irritate the black boots of the medical Gestapo.

Dr. Sircus,

I’m sending this note as a follow-up to the letter I sent a few months ago in regard to my use of baking soda. I am thrilled to report that all evidence of the chronic and formerly ever-present urticaria has gone… completely. I no longer have itchy reactions to clothing, pets, mowing the lawn, etc. My feet are lump-free and I can walk without pain. I credit my consistent use of baking soda with this remarkable recovery of the proper function of my immune system. pH balancing was essential for my inner systems. While the cure didn’t happen overnight, neither did the building symptoms of urticaria. But I am living proof that baking soda works. I believe that my pancreas, intestines, endocrine and lymphatic systems are all breathing a sigh of relief! Thank you for your tireless spreading of the priceless information about baking soda, iodine, and magnesium. God has truly gifted you with a powerful voice that many people need to hear in order to help heal.

Lane Carter

Dr. Mark,

You have been such a blessing in my life and in the lives of all that I share your newsletters with. We are God fearing good Americans who desire to do everything as natural as possible and who use your protocols to better our lives and make us less dependent on anyone else to manage our health and our wellness. Since I began to email you, and even spoke with you back in 2008 when I was fighting my mom’s stage 4 duodenal cancer that was fungal in nature per the surgeon, I have come to really respect that God placed you in our lives to help educate us further and so I am passionate about sharing the information you so freely give.

Debbie Wicker

“39-year-old woman, 10 weeks pregnant, with hyperemesis last 2 weeks, had lost 8 kg, could not drink plain water, could not stand on her legs because of fatigue. She began to take few drops of magnesium chloride with 50 ml of water about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, did it every 15 to 30 minutes. At 7 o’clock was no nausea, she could play with her child, ate dinner with her husband and washed the dishes and enjoyed the evening with the family. Magnesium is The Lamp of Life.”

Hallgrimur Magnússon

“I feel so much appreciation for Dr. Sircus. I have had back trouble for two years and no amount of therapeutic exercise would help and walking only seemed to make things worse. I started on magnesium chloride supplements and have been using the oil transdermally as well. The main thing that seems to be happening is a relaxation of my muscles where I can now be more active and move my body in the way it wants to move.”

Jill Brunak

Hi Mark,

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. The tumor was 3.5 cm and a colostomy was performed as the blockage had led to fistulas and eventually to perforation of the bowel at the ileum. He’s had Crohn’s for years so that probably contributed to the perforation. After diagnosis, chemotherapy/radiation was offered along with resection of the rectum afterwards. The surgeon said the bladder and prostate might have to be removed as well just to be sure. My friend refused treatment and we started him on baking soda + buffered vitamin C approx. 2 teaspoons daily (unless ph was @ 8). A diet excluding meat, dairy and eggs (except some fish) was initiated. Ozonated water and a parazapper were used as well. The last two weeks of treatment we added one bottle of maitake mushroom and one bottle of inositol w/IP6. 45 days after diagnosis Justin went in for a pet scan and the tumor was gone. Justin told them how he did it and the oncologist was shaking, she was so angry. The surgeon on the other hand said, “I’ll be damned” and was good-natured. The surgeon scheduled reconnection of the colon in September. I wanted to thank you and Dr. Simoncini (as well as for your courage and incredible information and research that had us feeling confident and positive as we set out to deal with the cancer. I will travel to Brazil some day and would love to take you out to dinner! God bless and I look forward to reading all of your books eventually.

Ron Rossman


I have completely healed a very deep, ulcerated, skin cancer lesion on my face by using applications of magnesium oil, baking soda, and iodine.

I am also in the present process of healing another skin cancer lesion on my upper arm, using the same method. This one was the size of a quarter in circumference, and standing about a half-inch or more above the surface of the skin. It is now almost completely flat, and much smaller than a dime in circumference.

Thank you so much for your wonderful research and for presenting it to us!


“This is a testimony of how great your work is and how it is impacting the powers that be.” “Take heart. You are not alone in this. You are merely out on the front line, carrying a trumpet.” “Beautifully written! Thanks for your spirit.” “Bravo Mark. We so need you out there.” “Mark you are one of the few breaths of fresh air around.” “Thanks for all of your great work. I have 8 children and my wife was an RN. We are Nascent Iodine, Bicarb, and Magnesium believers and have seen their affects first hand in our life. I have shared your info with everyone I know.” “Let me take this moment to pause and give thanks for the precious knowledge you share with us, thank you Dr. Sircus, we’re 100% behind you.” “I appreciate you more than I can say for what you have contributed to changing the minds of people who used to think that traditional medicine is all there is to fighting cancer. Surely you are a blessing to us all.”

Special Note: Believe me, it takes some courage to write and publish materials like this but when I look at what Julian Assange at Wikileaks has been doing I feel a bit humiliated by his courage for I am not without fear as he seems to be. I would like to publically state that I seriously doubt if someone as intelligent and courageous, as well as vulnerable to public view, as he is, would be so stupid as to risk so much by sexually attacking two women in Sweden. In all my years I have never seen anyone draw so much anger and hate from governments as Julian Assange has done and it is not below them to fabricate charges against him. I bow before his courage and steel nerve. I wish more had courage, for we will all need it in the near future. More on Julian and other world events tomorrow.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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