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Pure Water

Published on April 19, 2013


The quality of the water determines the quality of the life it gives.

When we use a word like pure we have to stop, pause and ponder. In The Science of the Pure, I wrote about the very specific effect something pure has on the impure. One merges into the other, the pure becomes less pure and the impure becomes slightly more pure.

This principle can be applied in medicine. For instance if we pass pure substances through the body, substances like pure clay, activated charcoal, or even diatomaceous earth, these substances will pull to them impurities, they will clean and heal because they are so pure. All of these substances have fantastic abilities to absorb the impure.

Water is the same; it will draw each and every impurity to itself. Water is the ultimate solvent and is the secret to life. Water dissolves all the solid matter in the blood and cells. Water is the carrier wave of life and regulates the function of everything it holds in its bosom. Since water causes ionization[1], without water our body ceases its chemical reactions.

Every function in the body is dependent on the proper hydration of the body. When there is not sufficient water in the cells enzyme reactions are impaired and thus biological activity is diminished. Taken to an extreme cells begin to die with the eventual threat of the extinction of the overall organism.

Most people do not look at water as a nutrient but it is, and is the most important one. We can live for about 3 months without other foods but will last only about 10 days without water. Next to the air we breathe, water is second in importance for life. Dehydration is an important but underappreciated etiology in many diseases. Water is the very first thing we should take as a medicine but it is not as simple as “drink plenty of fluids” as we have been led to believe.

Every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body happens with water.

Water has other functions in the body besides being a solvent and a means of transportation. One of its principle functions is seen in its hydrolytic[2] role in the body’s metabolism. Another is that the osmotic flow of water through cell membranes creates a form of hydroelectric energy. Meaning water plays a principle role in ATP[3] energy creation.

Water is also an adhesive material that is important in cell structure and bondage. Water can be seen to regulate most of the functions of the body because of its central pivotal role in everything biological.

The Best Most Famous Waters in the World

The most famous mountain waters in the world, waters renowned for their healing properties, are highly alkaline. I’m referring to the waters coming down from the Himalayas, and specifically to the waters of the Hunza Valley, which have a pH that runs between 9 and 11.

The Hunza Valley is one of the most miraculous places on earth. It is an area of northern Pakistan where the people live long, age gracefully, and flourish in happiness. The Romanian Nobel Prize Winner on fluid dynamics, Dr. Henri Coanda, spent sixty years studying the Hunza Valley water in order to determine its buffering effects against disease.

Coming from the glacial waters of the Hunza peaks, Dr. Coanda discovered it had different viscosity and surface tension with a noted high alkaline pH, high levels of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), negative Redox potential, and a high colloidal mineral content.

The body can absorb ionized minerals much more efficiently and can therefor make use of them where they are needed throughout the body. Minerals are some of the most important nutrients the body needs, yet mineral deficiency is common. Drinking real alkaline water (as opposed to high pH water) is an efficient and effective way for the body to get its minerals. High pH water derived from any one of a host of electric ionizing machines does not cut the mustard because these machines produce a false or weak alkalinity or what is known as high pH without any alkaline power because of the lack of minerals in the water.

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It is a great responsibility to be writing about water because it is so important and basic to life. People have been praying and pleading with me for years, not to fall into a commecial hole like some of my peers have when it comes to water and I think I have managed to avoid that, but it has held up my writings and this book on water for a long time.

Seawater as Medicine

Part of the reason for the delay to publish on water was a trick of fate in terms of finally making my recommendations on seawater. I have known people from Quinton Plasma and from Ocean Plasma, two established firms that actually sell seawater for its health and medical effects.

Somewhere along the line a third company came online starting a kind of war and I just ducked for cover. From too far a distance it was not clear who was fighting who. In the end the people of the world won because I eventually just started taking the water right out of the ocean myself (on the northeast coast of Brazil) and drinking it to my heart’s content.

Not everyone is as fortunate to be living near a clean beach so some will have to pay between 60 to 200 dollars per liter depending on which form you buy. At the $200 price range one can expect to find injectable quality seawater suitable for intravenous administration.

Picking a Water System


Choosing a system is a very personal thing because one is going to drink their decision. When having to make recommendations to others we take on another level of responsibility that has a karma attached. There is karma generated when one chooses to poison the public’s water supply with fluoride.

It is my opinion that every type of water system has its benefits but many of them will deliver dead demineralized acidic water. Many people drink distilled or osmotic water, but in my opinion, this is dead water. Most of the toxic chemicals have been removed but missing are the alkaline minerals that make all the difference in the world when it comes to water quality.

Distilled water acts as a chelator in the body, and though this can be used over the short term to our advantage it creates a serious problem over the long haul. Distillation and reverse osmosis (RO) creates “hungry” water devoid of minerals and, as a result, waters ´processed this way tend to attract to themselves whatever minerals they touch.

RO (reverse osmosis) filtering systems are by far the most common manmade method of purifying water. It involves passing water at high pressure through a plastic membrane with tiny holes in it. Most minerals and chemicals are too large to pass through the membrane and remain behind, resulting in the formation of a largely mineral-free, chemical-free and pathogen-free water.

When one drinks demineralized waters, as soon as they enter the body they begin to grab and hold onto minerals. When distilled or RO water passes out of the body through the kidneys, some of these minerals are lost to the body. While it is a mild form of chelation, if one drinks distilled water for more than a few weeks or months, over time it will remove some vital minerals from the body. This is extremely harmful today because most of us are low in vital minerals to begin with.

Twenty five years ago while living in Florida I used a water distiller and had it set up in my spare bathroom. I would run it for days and fill gallon glass jugs full and place them in the bathtub until it couldn’t hold any more. During those years my health was good but I do not recommend water distillers because they depend so much on electricity(which I do not like to use when it comes to my water supply)and strips water of all of its nutrient minerals.

In light of serious pollution in many water sources, pure distilled water or demineralized water has been touted in marketing hype as a product good for health. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), demineralized water is harmful to the body in many aspects.[4]

Demineralized water reduces the water content inside body cells, and increases the excretion of water and minerals through urine. It also upsets the balance of sodium and chloride ions, and hampers the proper functions of cell membranes, many body enzymes and water-dependent hormones. There is zero or very low intake of calcium, magnesium and essential microelements from demineralized water.
The water itself from distillers is exceptionally pure though, and one is free to add a splash of bicarbonate and some magnesium chloride to distilled water and you have the beginning of a good thing but it still is not the best water one can drink, not by a long shot.

Beauty, Water and Brazil

Water is a serious and beautiful subject. There is nothing in the world like pure lovely water whether down at the beach or up in the mountains. At my Sanctuary in the interior highlands of Brazil I can climb to the top of a mountain and sit quietly at the source of a river.

Brazil is the perfect place to meditate and ponder on The Waters of Life. Brazil is the richest land on earth in great part because of its tremendous water resources. So much water is here that we don’t need nuclear or coal power. And off its coasts are trillions of dollars of medicine in the form of seawater that is just waiting to be discovered. I did discover the value of seawater in medicine (actually it’s a rediscovery) and drink right out of the sea where the best medicine, in fact, medical miracles from the sea can be had.

[1] For any chemical reaction to occur there needs to be two molecules involved, and each of these molecules must have something to ‘trade’, in the form of compatible atoms that are either positively or negatively charged. Positively charged molecules (and the atoms within them) will easily and naturally unite with negatively charged molecules of equivalent and compatible charge. Atoms and molecules are electrically neutral in that the number of negatively charged electrons is exactly equal to the number of positively charged protons. Much of the "normal matter" that we find around us is in this form. However, particularly when there are energy sources available, atoms or molecules can gain or lose electrons and acquire a net electrical charge. This process is called ionization. Ionization is the gain or loss of electrons.

[2] Reactions that happen only in the presence of water, and which causes the substance acted upon to take up a molecule of water, resulting in the splitting of a chemical bond and often splitting one compound into two. Hydrolytic enzymes break down protein, carbohydrate, and fat molecules into their simplest units. During hydrolysis a water molecule is added to the polymer and cleaves the covalent bond holding the two monomers.

[3] A critically important macromolecule—arguably “second in importance only to DNA”—is ATP. ATP is the major energy currency molecule of all cells. This complex molecule is critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex. ATP is a complex nanomachine that serves as the primary energy currency of the cell (Trefil, 1992, p.93). A nanomachine is a complex precision microscopic-sized machine that fits the standard definition of a machine. ATP is the “most widely distributed high-energy compound within the human body” (Ritter, 1996, p. 301). This ubiquitous molecule is “used to build complex molecules, contract muscles, generate electricity in nerves, and light fireflies. All fuel sources of Nature, all foodstuffs of living things, produce ATP, which in turn powers virtually every activity of the cell and organism.

[4] WHO 2004 paper – Health Risks From Drinking Demineralized Water;

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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