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Water Confusion

Published on September 14, 2010

Today there is considerable confusion about what kind of drinking water is the most health promoting and what kind of home water treatment produces the best drinking water. Water is a critical element for health and survival with hydration being on top of the list of medical concerns among sensitive and knowledgeable healthcare practitioners.

It is horrible but necessary to come to grips with the reality that most public water supplies are loaded with hazardous contaminants, chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs; even rocket fuel is present in many states in America, and probably Russia as well has massive amounts of pesticides.

These pollutants all have to be filtered out for us to enjoy a good and healthy existence. Bluntly speaking, most public drinking water in the United States and some other countries like Brazil deliberately poison their public’s water with fluoride and this is one of the most insane things man has ever done. Unfortunately fluoride is one of the most difficult pollutants to filter out of water.

The subject of water takes us into many important but hidden areas of life. Knowledge about water is almost as precious as the possession of the pure life-giving waters that so few have access to anymore. We are entering an age of water and food shortages and the tragedy of this is amplified by the staggering pollution we have managed to accumulate during the last hundred years.

In medical terms this all rams home hydration issues, which are largely ignored by the rank and file allopathic physician and by many others as well. It should come as no surprise that pediatricians are sued more for ignoring hydration issues than anything else. How many people and doctors know that Pepsi and Coke are highly acidic and actually push our bodies into dehydration because the body needs water to process these corrosive liquids and thus ends up in a water deficit.

In my Natural Allopathic Medicine, water is the most basic and important medicine. Our devotion to water should border on the religious, and in fact prayer and water go together. Pure water is like pure consciousness so when we address water we are walking on holy ground. And yes, as we will learn to see, there is something to holy water that makes it special and different from stagnant polluted water that has been listening to incongruent music.

As we go deeper and deeper into the mystery of water we find that even the structure of the water – how the molecules cling together – also matters. Water is life and we find it responding to life’s emanations. Water responds like plants do to thoughts and emotions so when we pray over water or put water in the presence of fine classical music we find the structure of water change.

This means that water has a memory; it contains information about its history, its environment. And in fact water acts as a binary computer would. We enter an interesting level of life when we descend down to the world of information and how it flows and is recorded.

Humans are informational vortexes highly dependent on constant interaction with others as well as the environment. We are like black holes of interstellar space – hungry for information, eating it up like the black holes eat light. Since we are water with lots of minerals and other good things added, we are able to understand and remember everything in our largely watery brain cells.

modelos capa ebook8.jpg

In this book the universe of information meets up with the physical world of structure. We will pay much attention to the structure of water as well as the information that structure contains. It is hard to get away from the conclusion that how we address water and liquids in general has got a lot to do with our intelligence. We, as intelligent watery beings, would naturally be interested in our water and its quality especially since the quality of our water can have a direct effect on both our intelligence and health.

In human physiology the river of life is the blood, and the kidneys (the bloods filtering system) represent the water element in ancient Chinese medicine. The study of the blood is directly tied into our understanding of water where structure, purity, pH and zeta potential are all crucial parameters.

It is terrible to contemplate what contemporary medicine does to the blood with their highly toxic vaccines. Like the fluoridation of water, vaccination programs highlight the inhumanity and arrogance of medical doctors who insist on turning their backs on all the harm being done in the name of good medicine. When chemical fluids in the form of vaccines are injected into the waters of life (our blood), a great disturbance is created and not everyone lives through the experience. And many who live through it are greatly harmed.

The issue of water pH – alkaline versus acidic water is important and very popular these days in the alternative health community. There are quite a few astonishing health claims being made about alkaline water that are important for us to follow up on because our polluted world has become an acid world. Processed foods produce acid bodies and stress itself is acid producing for our organs and tissues.

My book Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment deals deeply with the issue of pH because bicarbonate levels in the blood and tissues are directly related to body pH. Adding bicarbonate minerals to water is the quickest and least expensive way of adding alkaline water to our life and many practicing physicians use quality alkalinizing machines to dispense medicinal water to their patients.

Special Note: It is unfortunate that healthcare professionals like Joseph Mercola throw monkey wrenches into people’s understanding of water filtration and pH issues. In his recent attack on water ionization and water pH he has given millions of readers a distorted view of alkaline water, whose powers for healing and cure are actually unparalleled. Mercola infers that using water ionizers or drinking alkaline water will cause major damage to one’s health. His interview with Houston Tomasz is less than convincing in light of the fact that Mr. Tomasz seems to have no credentials other than being a “10-year veteran in the water filtration industry.” The fact is that Tomasz represents a company called Aquasana that sells water filters. Tomasz makes a few “unscientific” statements such as: “I mean, millions of years of evolution can’t be all that wrong.” Also: “This is my take. We’re mineral water machines. All the water you find on the planet has minerals in it. I absolutely believe that we should all be – from our dogs and cats and fish, to us, that all of our water should have minerals in it.”

And Mercola himself states that, “All of those ionizer salesmen promising alkaline water will lower your cancer risk are completely clueless when it comes to what the scientific research actually shows,” indicating that they are all multilevel salesmen anyway so we should pay no attention to them and their claims. Joseph should not be talking down on salesmen, being one himself. Though I sometimes agree with him and I shy away from multilevel marketing, it does not mean that they do not have fine products.

One of my readers wrote me saying, “You really can’t condemn alkaline water without condemning alkalinity itself and therefore calcium, magnesium and potassium. Most docs know that chronic disease is ALWAYS chronic acidity and anything one can do to make the body more alkaline is beneficial, from green leafy vegetables to alkaline water to transdermal magnesium. Mercola was respected by his peers before he became a huckster. He says he does not sell a water filtration product but – you can bet – he will. He is not a fool when it comes to merchandising and he knows it is more effective to criticize the competition BEFORE you announce a product of your own.”

There are over 400 comments on Mercola’s page after the essay.


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– Dr. Mary Gillespie

I have been using 2% Lugol’s iodine in my nose and it has reduced the polyp size to about one-third after two months of applying iodine.
– John /Israel

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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