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Water Purification of Radioactive Particles

Published on July 13, 2011


The government should be telling people of the radiation dangers and of the need for iodine supplementation as well as appropriate filtering of all drinking water. Water is our most important medicine and before the end of the year I will have my Water Based Medicine book published. For now though one can go to my new water site and see some of the materials I have written or am working with.

Most of us think of “food and water” in that order, when we think of survival essentials. Very few Americans have ever experienced painful thirst. We have had plenty of water to drink in the west but the quality of that water is poor and getting worse. Now in addition to the fluoride and numerous other contaminants, we have increasing radiation to filter out.

I have been asked for years to recommend systems for water purification. Under the pressure of the Fukushima disaster it has become even more imperative that we filter our water, and that filtering process needs to include the capacity to remove radioactive nuclide particles.

A Seattle nuclear watchdog group is accusing the federal government of failing to keep the public informed of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Most of the public attention went to the air monitoring which showed little or no radiation coming our way. But things were different on the rain water side. "The level that was detected on March 24 was 41 times the drinking water standard," said Gerry Pollet. "Our government said no health levels, no health levels were exceeded. When in fact the rain water in the Northwest is reaching levels 130 times the drinking water standards," said Pollet. Don’t be fooled by the mass media. Radiation exposures have gone up across the northern hemisphere meaning one does need to be concerned.

In times past I have recommended water distillation systems, a gravity system, and even an iodine straw. But in the post Fukushima world I will be recommending inexpensive but effective reverse osmosis machines that will provide the most dependable way of removing radioactive particles.

Below is the best and most economical counter top water filter I could find and recommend to remove radioactive particles as well as fluoride. It is your basic reverse osmosis filter with nine other filtration stages. It is a tabletop unit with exceptionally low operating costs of about 10 dollars a month. After two years you just replace the entire system or all the filter elements, which is essentially the same thing. Though this system has a slow drip rate compared to units with tanks that store the water for a more on demand supply, its lack of tank is actually more sanitary.

169 Dollars

The above link takes you to a site with many different water systems. You have to go to the Reverse Osmosis page and scroll all the way down for this particular Crystal Quest 50 GPD counter top 10-stage system that provides safe, pure, high quality drinking water with a capacity of up to 50 gallons per day using Reverse Osmosis technology.  The 50 GPD equates to a production of approximately 2 gallons per hour.

Many more expensive systems are available but this one will take care of most people’s needs. One can attach an optional natural alkalizer/ionizer, mineralizer, and oxidation cartridge for another 57 dollars adding six more stages to the final water output quality. So for 226 dollars one can have some of the finest water imaginable. This system easily competes against more expensive systems.

When it comes to filters, the technology used is mission critical with cheap or inappropriate filters being almost as bad as no filter at all. This has always been true regarding the poisonous fluoride put into public water supplies and is now just as important for the effective removal of radiation contamination.

US Government Approved

It is rare indeed when I agree with the American government on anything. Reverse-osmosis water filtration systems will remove fallout contamination, according to the United States government. Dr. Roy Speiser also agrees with the government saying, “To protect your drinking water from radioactive contaminants the best filtration equipment solution is reverse osmosis. It should be noted that many water supplies in the United States are already contaminated by naturally-occurring radioactivity including: uranium, strontium, radium 226, 228, alpha and beta particles. The levels of these radioactive contaminants are usually below the maximum concentration level (MCL) allowed by the government, but long-term ingestion… even at low levels… may not be safe.”

According to the EPA, the following treatment method(s) have proven to be effective in removing radionuclides at levels below their MCLs:

  • Beta Particle and Photon Radiation: ion exchange and reverse osmosis;
  • (Gross) Alpha Emitters: reverse osmosis;
  • Radium 226 and Radium 228 (combined): ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening;
  • Uranium: Ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening, coagulation/filtration.

This more complete system below costs 249 dollars. This same company offers a wide variety of reverse osmosis systems that take one all the way up to over 500 dollars if one is looking for super state-of-the-art systems for professional use.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


249 dollars

This is your more traditional reverse osmosis system for under the sink and it comes with a three-gallon reservoir. When you visit this company’s site you’ll see their full lineup of systems. I present their two low-end systems but they are not low-end in terms of the quality of the job they do.

Radiation has been detected in the drinking water of dozens of U.S. cities making it increasingly important to purify your water. EPA officials claim that radiation levels are still too low to affect human health at this time but these are the last people we can trust to protect our families.

For Pregnant Mothers and the Young

Unhealthy drinking water affects children in different ways than it does adults. There is cause for special concern for the health of children who drink tap water.[1] – Natural Resources Defense Council

This information is especially important for parents because radiation triples or more its effects during the growth phase of cells. Fetuses in the womb are very sensitive to radiation just as are bone marrow cells since they are the fastest growing cells in the body. Dr. John W. Apsle warns us that the real threat is not from high levels of radiation but from extremely low levels of radiation that burrow into our tissues.

Babies are not being protected in the womb. Fetuses are under attack from hundreds of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides that are pumped back and forth from mother to baby through umbilical cord blood so it is absolutely essential that pregnant women drink the most highly purified water they can. Organic food also can make all the difference to the developing fetuses in terms of reducing toxins found in their blood streams.

The medical media uses fear to turn the population into passive accomplices instead of educating them in real ways to protect themselves against radiation or anything else. The medical media has abandoned the very reason of its existence and that would be to provide unbiased truthful medical information.

Instead they print falsehoods and deceptions and totally misleading information from doctors like William McBride, professor of radiation oncology at the UCLA Cancer Center who was quoted by the LA Times telling people not to bother to do anything to protect themselves. “There’s no evidence, he says, that anything at a health food store or grocery store could really protect you from nuclear fallout. And in some cases, he warns, the remedies could be more dangerous than the radiation,” published the Times.

And of course they would be saying that there is no need to filter your water because there is nothing dangerous in it to filter out. Those who would have us poison our kids with fluoride are the same ones who officially maintaining that there is no radiation danger when there is.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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