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Choiceless Choices

Published on April 1, 2016

How can somebody who has carved out a political career by exploiting fear of minorities become so popular like the leader of France’s far-right Nationalist Front party, Marine Le Pen? The ever-popular Donald Trump, who would put severe controls on Muslims and or prevent them from gaining entrance to the United States, is gaining wide support as well. The right is on the rise because left leaning politicians are morally and intellectually bankrupt (being incredibly stupid and dishonest) leading to all kinds of unsolvable problems.

Most of us would like to be decent human beings but some of us are hardly human. Psychopaths and sociopaths, who make up a considerable percentage of us, (best estimates are between 1 and 3 percent) are just the beginning of tough stories that make life extremely difficult. How are we supposed to act with violent bad intentioned individuals, groups and institutions that just bring bad things to our loved ones and us? It is just too bad that even one of our world religions teaches hatred and war and a total disregard for the rights of others who choose to be different.

It would be so nice (though naïve) if we could be positive about the world, our civilization, institutions, governments and our fellow human beings. Trust in others though, is falling through the floor though as individuals and families we still have to struggle and make an effort to be positive. One of the basic reasons we as a race, are in the situation we are in, is because we have not learned to deal with the negative side of life. My mentor Christopher Hills used to teach us to be totally negative with the negative and then things would turn out all right. Mathematically that is correct and works out more often than not.

Migration Hell

Irish Naval personnel from the LÉ Eithne (P31) rescuing migrants as part of Operation Triton. Photo Credit: Irish Defence Forces, Wikipedia Commons.

Irish Naval personnel from the LÉ Eithne (P31) rescuing migrants as part of Operation Triton. Photo Credit: Irish Defence Forces. Earlier this year, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán was quoted as saying that 50 million Nigerians were preparing to come to Italy via Libya, when the weather improves. French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on the 24th of March that some 800,000 migrants are in Libya hoping to cross to Europe. More are waiting to escape the European and American created hells in Syria, Afghanistan and other points in the Middle East offering us a view of the first full scale non-military invasion in modern history.

Children cry as migrants waiting on the Greek side of the border break through a cordon of Macedonian special police forces to cross into Macedonia, near the southern city of Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on Aug. 21, 2015.

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Waves of people fleeing war and poverty and really there is nowhere for them to go and that is ultimately sad and tragic. The world has seen human migrations and immigration has been a great part of modern history. When the Europeans came to the New World, they did not intend to integrate with the native populations. Instead, they did the best they could do to wipe them out. Now Moslems are invading the Europeans and they too do not intend to integrate bringing the same terror that Europeans once brought to the world. Then, like in now, there are many decent people getting hurt.

Many politicians, especially the left wing variety, who pride themselves in their concepts of morality, have invited these people inappropriately into their lands only to find them unwilling to integrate. The natives in the New World of course were not so stupid. What modern politicians have invited in is the destruction of their own western societies. Try to imagine natives inviting into their tribes the sexual violation of their women. Not only are terrorist suicide bombers invading Europe but even more are sexual terrorists, who are barbarians by anyone’s standards.

Humans seem to have an incredible ability to be inhuman. Most spiritual paths hint about the oneness of all things but that is the last principle that operates among us. Most tend to only worrying about themselves but are able to include their families in their sense of self but in America, it is known that for woman and children, the most dangerous place to be is in the home.

The ultimate question for everyone to face is how to deal with evil. How do we confront it, communicate with it when evil does not intend to listen to anything. So many people think they know something about this and they are the first ones to jump in with judgements.

Mainstream Hell

Child sexual abuse is the first mirror of adult inhumanity. As far as I am concerned, the second mirror is subjecting children to poisoning through injection at the hands of mad pediatricians who think that vaccines are the best thing that ever happened to the field of medicine. My thoughts about this are evident in my free EBook the Terror of Pediatric Medicine.

Of course, medical science believes vaccines are the best thing that ever happened to the human race and they have most people believing it. However, a senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson has admitted that he and his colleagues at the CDC participated in a massive, coordinated cover-up of crucial data that links the MMR vaccine to autism. Dr. Thompson has stated that he and his colleagues altered and hid information in peer-reviewed studies that may prove that the MMR vaccine causes autism and other neurological illnesses. What has the government done about it? Absolutely nothing.

Though this essay is mostly about Europe, and its invasion by Islamic hordes, but make no mistake, we have insidious evil all over the western world with both Jewish and Christian professionals smiling with pride as they do the most dastardly deeds and that includes destroying the lands of the migrants.  

In Europe, the issue that is defining events today is not vaccines but refugees. “Europe faces an existential crisis. Current European leadership and European leading elites have maneuvered Europe into a situation that will spin out of control and result in a vicious circle of violence,” writes Tyler Derden.

The Burning Platform has a lot to say about the hordes of Muslims invading Europe. “There are many verses in the Koran about jihad, and all jihad rests on two massive pillars; War and Deception. Our Western “leaders” – and their many sheep-like followers — are incapable of realizing that this deception and violence practiced by Islam’s prophet can only lead to deception and violence performed by its followers … no matter where they live. They are not like us. They won’t become like us just because they move here. Be very afraid of the Muslim who strives to follow Islam with his whole heart, soul, and mind.”

High Price to Pay

The bottom line to the whole situation is suffering; a tidal wave of human suffering that is destined to only get worse. There is no solution to the rising problem because there is no solution to our lack of humanity though many deluded people and politicians think their morality and left leaning ideas are the solution. They are not and many women are being raped because of their false ideas of what is right and wrong. 

No matter how many people are being hurt and how many people are turning to the right in their desire to protect themselves, their families, their culture and even their homelands there are those who dig their feet in and refuse to change. "There is a clear position that we stand by: humanity and solidarity. We will not change our position now," said German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, speaking recently after a meeting with European leaders in Paris.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said a meeting of left-wing politicians made progress on a common progressive front to tackle the migrant crisis and called the rise of extreme-right forces the "real threat" to Europe. He is a funny one to say that presiding, as he is, over the destruction of his own country. He, like so many politicians of all persuasions tend to ignore what the people think and feel and certainly politicians of every stripe have a long list of rationalizations that justify ignoring “we the people.” 

Left Right Extremism


Politicians are like a plague on earth and the first thing they usually do is ignore the people even if they are leaders of a democracy. Governments themselves are the greatest threat; they are the enemies of their own people. In this case, centralist and left leaning governments in Europe are ignoring the security concerns of their people, which are governments’ principle contract with their people.

Left leaning morality is actually supporting the rise in the far right because people of right leanings are being forced to extreme measures to protect themselves from government; and from Islamic invaders that were invited to come, but have no intention of integrating and making peace with a new culture.

Merkel says Germany is a rich enough country to host desperate people and has a moral obligation to shelter those in danger, has staked her reputation on her management of the unprecedented influx of refugees. Even as voters turn out against her policy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood firm on her refugee policy insisting on inviting more Islamic people into her country. Such pigheadedness is leading to a strong rising for the hard right. How hard and how right remains to be seen, but the challenge and determination to protect their culture and families is strong and being provoked to the extreme. 

Hard Right for Europe’s Future

The Islamic State suicide bombings that killed 28 people in Brussels underscores the "great urgency" facing Europe to prevent more extremist atrocities, US Secretary of State John Kerry says. How can they prevent more extremists’ atrocities? The right wing thinks it knows the only practical answer and that is to get rid of all Muslims from their shores. If a rapist comes into one’s home, the answer is the same.

One woman wrote, “Clearly all the do gooders here haven´t done their homework. They should take a trip to Sweden some day and see the gang rapes happening there in broad daylight, the beatings, destruction and theft. Until it comes to their door, they´re too busy parroting the propaganda from TV and can´t see the insidious agenda behind any of it. Unbelievable. Sure yes bring them all in, why not; destroy our traditions and cultures, sure, to hell with our ancestors and all they worked for.”

Pope Francis on Sunday spoke out against the "rejection" of refugees as the European migrant crisis saw its latest desperate scenes on the Greek border with Macedonia. The pontiff used his Easter address to urge people to offer "welcome and assistance" to those fleeing war and poverty.

Sorry to say the Pope is terribly naïve asking people of good heart to welcome into their homes those whose religion demands they never integrate, and worse, do violence to them simply because they are infidels. Mike “Mish” Shedlock said poignantly, “Any person who still favors letting Turkey into the EU, a move that would give nearly 80 million Muslim citizens open travel throughout the region, has serious problems thinking clearly.”

In the wake of the ISIS attacks in Brussels, Poland’s Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, cancelled Poland’s agreement with the EU to accept Syrian refugees. “We can’t allow for events in western Europe to happen in Poland,” said Szydlo. “This change of heart is good for everyone except German chancellor Angela Merkel,” concludes Shedlock.

However, Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowskisaid said that Poland will be ready to "review the applications" of those refugees whose identities are confirmed, who are declared as posing no security threat and who are willing to come to Poland. He expressed doubt as to whether 7,000 such refugees could be found.

Austria on March 30 moved to further tighten migrants’ access to the country by placing tough new restrictions on asylum eligibility and making it easier to reject asylum seekers at the border. Austria — which last year received one of the highest asylum claims per capita in the EU — was no longer "obliged" to accept all requests because the migrant crisis posed "a threat to public order and national security", Mikl-Leitner said.


Meanwhile, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged governments around the world to let in more people from Syria, as the global body tries find new homes for almost half a million people who have fled the war-torn country. Perhaps humanity and the cultures of these countries could endure such an influx if these refugees agreed to renounce their aggressive religion. No one though, has dared to think of such a thing.

After watching this video one can easily think that even if the refugees did renounce their religion it would not change things so this option is actually out. For peace to rain another option is that Islamic people should be relocated to other Islamic countries but that would not work for Muslims are not at peace with each other. Does the world want to see a rise of a new Hitler for the entire European Union who exterminates the Moslem hordes? Alternatively, do Europeans just do nothing and let their societies be destroyed and their women raped?

There are no nice words to say at the end of such a story. We have f–ked ourselves royally. Certainly, we have allowed our politicians and the ruling elite to bring us to this point. So much for democracy, principles and morality. 

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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