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Published on July 28, 2014

Hot, Hotter or Really Cold?

It has been hot and if you believe certain people and institutions, it has never been hotter. One almost has to agree with them for they shout it out in the mainstream news every week. It is hot except where it is cold, colder than ever. We are living on a warming planet that is getting colder at the same time. If you can understand that, you are ahead of the pack. The way the official media is dishing it out, when it is warmer than usual, we have to wonder and doubt because hidden in the not so public news is global cooling.

The Huffington Post printed, “The globe is on a hot streak, setting a heat record in June. That’s after the world broke a record in May. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration[1] announced Monday that last month’s (the June, 2014) average global temperature was 61.2 degrees, which is 1.3 degrees higher than the 20th century average. It beat 2010’s old record by one-twentieth of a degree.”

Why didn’t the Huffington Post inform the public that more than 2070 cold records were broken in 7 days leading up to July 21st. This compares to only 367 record warm temperatures records. Record cold numbers are much higher than the amount of record warm temperatures.

Interesting that in April 2014 the Huffington Post published an article entitled ‘The Great Lakes Are Still Almost Half Frozen, And It Could Affect The Environment For Years’. The article noted that ice coverage on the lakes remained unseasonably thick – the second highest ice-cover for that time of year since recording began in 1973.

NOAA Records Summary-20Jul2014

If you look at the official governmental record above, you will notice that 28,677 Low Max Records were set in last 365 days. A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been. Only 13,294 High Max records were set. That is over a 2:1 ratio.

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NOAA is previewing more potentially record-breaking cold headed for the Deep South. This week we should expect well below average temperatures across the Plains and Midwest. “Following in the footsteps of the record-setting cool air mass in mid-July, a second blast of air with polar origins will invade the eastern U.S. to close July,” says the Washington Post. “This taste of September…should produce temperatures 10-20 degrees below normal across a large swath of the eastern U.S. by early Tuesday.”


Despite no global warming in 10 years and recording setting cold in 2007-2008, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC) and computer modelers who believe that CO2 is the cause of global warming still predict the Earth is in store for catastrophic warming in this century. It does not matter to them that the sun is in a cooling cycle or that reports of record breaking cold are coming in every day.

Dr. Nils‐Axel Mörner has a new paper out (his 589th)[2]. For 60 years, Mörner has been tracking the coastlines near him. He shows that the real sea-level rise in Northern Europe is less than 1 millimeter a year since 1890. This is less than the 1.6mm trend in 182 NOAA tide gauges, and far below the estimates of the IPCC reports.

We are in the final death throes of rigorous, objective science. The truth in media has died a hard death and this is evident in many areas including medicine. The owners of the mass media do not care about truth, justice and the safety and well-being of the public. Obviously, we are not told everything. Those who watch TV and use the mainstream media as a guide are willingly deceived.

This report states that there have been “three big, steep falls in solar radiation in the last 400 years. The first was in the 1600s. It led to the depths of the Little Ice Age, and the Maunder Minimum. This was the coldest period during the last 400 years. The second fall is around the time of Napoleon and it preceded the second coldest period in the last 400 years, called the Dalton Minimum. The third fall occurred recently, starting in about 2004. This recent fall is as big as the fall in Napoleon’s time, almost as large as the fall in the 1600s but it seems to be steeeper than either of those falls.”

The frigid Bering Sea at the Arctic Ocean’s door has gotten colder and icier in recent decades. That is according to scientists at the Alaska Climate Research Center who reviewed 33 years of sea ice records in the Bering Sea, the body of water between Russia and Alaska where the ice melts each spring and begins forming again in October.[3] The amount of floating ice in the Arctic’s Bering Sea – which had long been expected to retreat reached all-time record high levels in March 2014, according to US researchers monitoring the area using satellites. The US National Snow and Ice Data Center announced that ice extent in the Bering is the highest seen since records began.

Prof. Don J Easterbrook has shown that global warming is dead for now. Penguins are putting on extra coats because there is record cold and ice in Antarctica. The global sea ice in January 2014 was 17,932,000 km², which is the highest ever recorded during January in the satellite era. Antarctica has 90% of the world’s ice and had the most sea ice ever recorded in September 2013.

[1] NOAA on June tempertures: b

[2] Nils‐Axel Mörner (2014) Deriving the Eustatic Sea Level Component in the Kattaegatt Sea, Global Perspectives on Geography (GPG). American Society of Science and Engineering, Volume 2, 2014,‐

[3] Recent sea ice increase and temperature decrease in the Bering Sea area, Alaska; G.Wendler, L.Chen & B.Moore; Theoretical and Applied Climatology; Received: 1 April 2013 /Accepted: 10 September 2013;

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