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No Shortage of Climate Idiots

Published on December 21, 2023

What we witness at every climate conference, including the one just ending, are retarded politicians and bureaucrats coming together to waste the world’s time and money and to further pollute the world with all their private jets and yachts. The latest attempt was deemed a total failure, but at the last minute, they celebrated because holy words about fossil fuels were mentioned.

The New York Times wrote that nations at the climate summit agreed to move away from fossil fuels. These were mere words, but many people get overly excited with the word level of reality. In reality, global coal consumption reached an all-time high in 2023, and it’s heading higher, not lower.

The cry of the day is that we must phase out of fossil fuels entirely without a back door. Yet, China, India, and Indonesia are putting the peddle to the metal to build coal-fired plants, thus providing inexpensive energy to citizens. So, no matter what Western politicians and their media say, there will be no phaseout of fossil fuels.

If you read this carefully, it means Western politicians are traitors. They have sold out to China. It just so happens that almost every modern technology requires oil, natural gas, and coal to function.

It is all a waste because the basic assumptions are off, so the pollution issues are not addressed. These people are mentally compromised and severely deluded because we live in a cooling world, not a warming one, and in a world where almost 3 billion people are using more coal than ever. And those 3 billion plan on using much more coal, not less, so no matter what they say and do at these conferences, nothing will put a break on much more pollution, which is the killer, the real problem with petroleum and coal.

Though many climate factors are playing out simultaneously, today, we see Arctic cold reaching down to the tropics and Vietnam and Thailand. In another sign of global warming that does not exist, North Korea just experienced its lowest December temperature in decades.

Oslo’s brand new fleet of electric buses has been paralyzed, according to reports — their
batteries aren’t functioning in the cold. Last April, the city took delivery of 183 new
electric buses at a cost of 100 million euros, with the aim of becoming “emissions-free.”

“Nothing puts the prosperity and future of all people on earth, including all of the citizens of OPEC countries, at greater risk than fossil fuels.” Do you believe this? The real risk of fossil fuels is in the killer pollution, not in CO2 or global warming. Coal is dirty; there is no way around it, but much of modern civilization depends on it.

Thank God For Carbon Dioxide

At the heart of climate dementia is that carbon dioxide, the life-giving, nurturing basis of all life on earth, is evil when it’s one of the best medicines to promote health and healing. It is also one of the best medicines to help the body neutralize the pollution doctors do not want to focus on.

We all have to decide who and what we believe in. But the truth stands outside of our belief system unless we guide what we think by facts, by truth. Truth is not what the media or governments are about, so only fools look to them for truth. How often must the press say that 2023 is officially the hottest year ever recorded when it is record cold we are presently dealing with?

Do you think politicians are honest about climate change? Are they open and honest about anything? My new book and hundreds of years of medical science sustain the fact that governments, politicians, and the media (elite money behind them all) are uneducated baffoons when it comes to carbon dioxide.

This book makes me the world’s number one expert on carbon dioxide and bicarbonates, and you can be, too, if you read it carefully. However, most doctors show little interest because it is not a mitochondrial poison as most pharmaceuticals are.

Snow and Cold Dominate The News As Winter Bites Well Before Winter Begins

Snow Cover in early December! Europe hasn’t seen a snow cover like this since 2010—60% is white! The image above was from weeks ago. It is getting so cold, and winters are so long that governments will eventually need to declare winter a four or five-month season. America, Canada, Europe, and Russia are into winter, a fact of life in many areas, even two months ago. It is cold, frigid, and snowy for this time of year. It is so cold that it seems the Arctic has moved down to include all of Russia in its grasp.

Temperature Anomalies (light pinks indicate anomalies some -30C below the seasonal average). Extreme cold has set in across the majority of Russia’s 17.1 million km² territory, making this the third consecutive year that the country suffered a big early-December freeze: -61.1C (-78F) in Delyankir on December 8, 2021, and -61C (-77.8F) in Oymyakon on December 12, 2022. Half of the weather stations in the vast region of Yakutia (3.1 million km²) reported sub -50C (-58F) readings last Monday.

Blizzards swept across swathes of Russia last Friday, carpeting Moscow in one of the biggest snowfalls in decades and sowing chaos on major roads where truck drivers battled with more than 20 centimeters of snow and strong winds. Meteorologists have said it is the most intense snowstorm to hit Moscow in six decades. There is so much snow accumulating in the northern hemisphere this year that one can already begin to imagine the problems a mini-ice age might bring. However, ski resorts across Europe are celebrating a dream start to the season, reports the Telegraph.

China Was Destined to be Next, India Too

Chinese authorities warned of heavy snowfall, blizzards, and plunging temperatures in most of the country this week in what could be one of the coldest December snaps in China in decades.

Temperatures have tanked across northern India last week, with freezing lows descending into the region. Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, dropped to -2.6C (27.3F) last Thursday morning. In Qazigund, a low of -2.2C (28F) was observed, while in Gulmarg, thermometers bottomed out at -2.5C (27.5F). Looking ahead, director MeT, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad says that the minimum temperature is expected to dip further in the coming days. Extreme cold waves are increasing across India “despite global warming,” a recent IITM study has indicated.

On December 20, many weather stations in China recorded their lowest temperatures for any month. The record-breaking sites include: Yunzhou with its -33.2C (-27.8F), breaking the old all-time record of -31.9C (-25.4F); Qingshuihe with -29.7C (-21.5F), busting the previous low of -29.4C (-20.9F); Yangqu‘s -27C (-16.6F), breaking -26.8C (-16.2F); Baoding‘s -23.3C (-9.9F), felling the old record of -22C (-7.6F); and Shunping with its new low of -22C (7.6F), breaking the -21.6C (-6.9F) benchmark. Again, these are the coldest readings ever posted in books dating back more than a century in some cases.

In England

Provisionally, to December 6, the Central England Temperature record shows 1.9C (35.2F), which is -2.6C below the 1961-1990 average. It is worth noting that 1.9C (35.2F) would be England’s 41st coldest December in record books dating back to 1659, tying with the December of 1807, 1916, and 1886.

Guatemala’s Lowest Temperature In Over 30-Years

Wednesday’s low of -5.6C (21,9F) registered at Labor Ovalle, Quezaltenango set the benchmark, but vast areas of the country froze, as confirmed by Guatemala’s Institute for Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology. Guatemala is in Central America!

Got To Love These Guys

UN delegates are being served “slabs of succulent meat” while lecturing the world to stop eating it. The UN climate summit in Dubai has been serving gourmet burgers and other lavish meat dishes to elite attendees while they lecture the rest of us to stop eating meat altogether.

Al Gore, the man who had massive hallucinations about Arctic Sea Ice disappearing, says that people having access to information outside of mainstream media sources is a threat to “democracy” and that social media algorithms “ought to be banned.” Yes, he said that. Gore commented during an appearance at the Cop28 climate change hysteria conference in Dubai.

John Kerry, the special presidential envoy on climate matters, announced that the United States has “proudly” committed to not building any new coal plants and eliminating existing ones entirely. “To meet our goal of 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, we need to phase out unabated coal,” Mr. Kerry said in a December 2 statement. “We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phaseout worldwide, building stronger economies and more resilient communities.”

In 2022, coal power construction starts, new project announcements, and plant permissions “accelerated dramatically” in China, according to a February report (pdf) by Global Energy Monitor and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), which noted that roughly two new coal power plants were being permitted per week in China.

Translated, this means by 2035, your fearless leaders will try to smash its economy and freeze its citizens with energy poverty. “In a fake attempt to portray global unanimity on climate change, the United Arab Emirates negotiated a “phaseout” of fossil fuels. John Kerry is singing hallelujah over nothing,” writes Mish.

There Will Be No End To Carbon

The attack on cheap energy is indeed an attack on modern civilization. The Net Zero agenda is to deliberately deindustrialize (and thereby impoverish) the West while China and other countries unashamedly continue to capitalize on the enormous economic prosperity of fossil fuels. None of this has anything to do with saving the planet and everything to do with demolishing our standard of living, demolishing our economic prosperity, and transforming the former middle class into a neo-feudal peasant class.

“Forcing people off the energy sources they need to live safe, prosperous lives would bring unimaginable devastation. In the developed world, it would involve actively making people much poorer. And in countries still developing, it would entail putting a stop to the climb out of absolute poverty. Despite all the pomp, formality, and official-sounding proceedings of COP28, the world’s governments have no right to subject the rest of the population to such devastation,” writes Connor O’Keeffe.

The Dutch government’s announcement last year that it was planning a 50% cut in nitrogen emissions by 2030 sent shockwaves through the countryside. The farmers weren’t just pushing back against Dutch regulatory overreach. They were fighting “elites,” who they claimed were using climate and environmental scaremongering to impose a radical agenda. Some see CO2 emissions and global warming as an excuse to steal private land.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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