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Dangerously Cold, Snowy and Icy

Published on January 7, 2015

Grand Canyon-1Jan2015

A snow-covered Grand Canyon is beautiful to behold. People in the U.S. began the New Year by digging out from winter storms. Typically, warm regions, like California, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, are all seeing snow. Record low temperatures across the U.S. southwest brought a rare winter storm to Arizona, blanketing the Grand Canyon with snow on New Year’s Day.

This week a dangerously cold arctic air mass moved across the U.S. Just how cold will it get? In Chicago, the wind chill will make it feel as if its 23 degrees below zero. That is downright balmy compared to parts of the upper Midwest, where forecasters are predicting wind chills of 50 below zero. Sounds like all that hot Arctic air that is melting the icecap, in many people’s imaginations, is actually cold after all and the ice is back big time to prove it.

It was actually easier to talk about cold climate change last summer, when winter came extremely early to the northern hemisphere. It was also easier to talk about the coming ice age in the fall when it was already winter. Now that its winter, when it is supposed to be, things should seem normal, but they are not. It is colder because we are living through cold climate change not global warming.

Last winter was intense and this year the promise is of the same though because winter started months early it is going to be a long winter. It is interesting that major media channels are billing this week’s cold winter blast as a first taste of winter. I wonder where they were these past few months when winter arrived so prematurely.

Reports from around the world tell us that climate change is intensifying and in the northern hemisphere, it is snow, ice and more extreme cold. Authorities in Israel have urged residents to prepare water, dry goods, emergency flashlights and batteries, warm clothes and blankets, a radio with batteries, a fully charged cellphone and spare battery, and a generator, in addition to checking gutters and tree branches that could fall during the storm that is hitting them this week.

We are living in a cooling world because we revolve around a cooling sun and because many cooling activities are happening earth side because of dramatically increased volcanic activity, continued commercial air traffic (global dimming effect), the loss of ozone in the stratosphere and because of the insane spraying (contrails) of the atmosphere for arrogant purpose.

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Humankind knows no limits. In Western states, water providers, ski areas and power companies interested in hydroelectric generation have all injected silver iodide droplets into winter clouds for decades. A 2003 National Research Council report called "Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research" sharply criticized the core idea. Although human activities can clearly affect weather, "there is still no convincing scientific proof of the efficacy of intentional weather-modifications efforts," the committee wrote in the report. Geoengineering is like nuclear engineering; both have humanity in trouble.

Intense Winter Conditions

Record cold in Hawaii – Coldest January 5 in more than 120 years. The mercury fell to 57 F Monday morning at Honolulu Airport, breaking the previous record of 58 for that date set in 1893. Hilo’s low temperature of 59 on Sunday broke the record of 60 set for that date in 1999. And a low of 57 degrees at the Lihue Airport on Kauai on Monday tied a record set in 1993.

“Yesterday’s high temp in Phoenix, Arizona, was just 46,” says reader H.B. Schmidt. “This is a record minimum high for the date, beating the previous record of 47 set in 1906 – six years before the territory became a state.” In metro Atlanta, wind chills below 5 F (-15 C) are expected. Even in Cordele in South Georgia, the wind chill could hit 8 degrees (-13 C).

The website Ice Age Now reports (and translates) on the headlines from Bulgaria:

“Unprecedented” – Snow and ice block the Central Railway Station in Sofia, Bulgaria. Snow hell in northwestern Bulgaria – Six-foot drifts block more than 1,000 cars. The U.K. already colder than during “a good chunk of last winter.” Romania – Temperatures to plunge to -25C giving them their coldest New Year Eve in the last 50 years.

The weather in this and many other places in the north have been very cold, especially during nights and mornings. Temperatures in Romania will drop below -15 degrees, and even below -25 degrees (-13 F) in isolated areas. Daytime highs will be mostly negative, generally between -10 and 0 degrees, forecasters convey.

In many areas, snow depth reached 69 cm (more than 2 feet). Vehicles stranded. Power outages. Food shortages. Schools closed. Life in the cold is more difficult than in the warm. With all the technology of the 21st century at their disposal, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their power leaving them to endure what it would be like in a pre-industrial winter.


Tucson, Arizona – 1 Jan 2015 – Courtesy Jerry Clark

Be Prepared

“The air will be beyond painful, reaching dangerous and life-threatening levels in the Midwest and Northeast for those who spend a significant amount of time outdoors without proper protection,” said Frank Strait, senior meteorologist for Treatments for cold and damp conditions is important not only for doctors to know but every parent needs to be armed with useful medical tools to be used in cases of overexposure.

Personally, I recommend everyone get a BioMat, which is a medical device that not only keeps you warm at night, when you are cuddled up in bed, but it also treats and comforts people suffering from all diseases while they sleep. There are many ways to prepare ahead of time for the cold but read my lips about keeping warm with infrared technology.

The Pope is going to weigh in on climate change and it will surprise no one if he comes in on the side of the global warming crowd. If he does, he will repeat the foolhardiness of early Popes who also ignored the central role of the sun in the solar system.

James Howard Kunstler writes, “I don’t know how anyone can trust the statistical bullshit emanating from our government reporting agencies, or the legacy news organizations that report them. Yet the meme has remained firmly fixed in the popular imagination.” He was talking about finance and economics but he could have been talking about global warming.

Kunster continues saying, “No one — with the exception of a few “doomer” cranks — wants to believe that industrial civilization is in trouble deep. The staggering credulity this represents would be a fascinating case study in itself if there were not so many other things that demand our attention right now.” One of those other things is global cooling, which will have its own cooling effect on human activity thus the economy.

It is summer in Antarctica, and naturally the ice is diminishing, but only because it is colder can we see record ice as the graphs below show. People and organizations, who are still insisting it is global warming we are now facing, are in for some well-deserved trouble.

Antarctic Sea Ice Breaks Record High for the Day



Food Shortages

Many have been on alert for the diminishing food stocks and now we read of a panic in Russia over buckwheat, which is running in short supply. A poor buckwheat harvest has seen Russians across the country bulk-buy the grain amid the national economic crisis. What is happening there will spread around the world as the already shortened growing season diminishes grain and other agricultural products. No matter how much deflation hits the world economy we are going to only witness inflation in food prices.

Food security is vanishing from the world as ideal agricultural conditions of the past half century disappears. 2014 saw the extension of a historic drought across the US West. Croplands withered or were fully abandoned. Water rationing was enforced. Well tables dropped. The price of many vegetables and meats have skyrocketed. California’s agricultural output is critical to feeding the rest of America.

“The cold (this week) put wheat crops in danger in parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kansas,” says the Associated Press.

Global Warming Gone Forever

“We’re now well into the second decade of the pause (in global warming),” said Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Two years ago he said, “If we don’t see convincing evidence of global warming by 2015, it will start to become clear whether the models are bunk. And, if they are, the implications for some scientists could be very serious. ” It is 2015, unbelievably, and all signs from the winter of 2014-2015 are blowing global warmers out of their mentally created sweatboxes.

Two years ago, UK’s Mail Online published that data indicated that we are heading for a mini ice age to rival the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the Thames in the 17th Century. Based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data, issued two years ago, without fanfare by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997. Global warming addicts still see the rising trend when there is none.

A painting, dated 1684, by Abraham Hondius depicts one of many frost fairs on the River Thames during the mini ice age

Climate scientists were telling The Mail two years ago “that, after emitting unusually high levels of energy throughout the 20th Century, the sun is now heading towards a ‘grand minimum’ in its output, threatening cold summers, bitter winters and a shortening of the season available for growing food. Solar output goes through 11-year cycles, with high numbers of sunspots seen at their peak.”

Many astrophysicists have weighed in on what is happening in the sun and how that will effect growing and living conditions on earth. This is all science, and even though global warming fanatics, and all the people they have hypnotized into believing in it are not interested in real science, I will be publishing Cold Climate Change – Preparing for the Next Ice Age, sometime soon this winter.

My book will present over 200 pages of hard information about what is actually happening with climate change. This is important and practical information and includes things like 23 Low-Tech Ways To Stay Warm Without Wasting Energy This Winter. This makes sense for winter in general but with a mini ice age upon us, even before we know it, preparing for the cold becomes more vital.

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