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Death and War

Published on October 15, 2012


“Cross-border artillery and mortar bombardments have become daily events. Last Friday, I went to the scene of the bloodiest incident so far, when a Syrian mortar bomb landed outside a family home in the Turkish town of Akçakale. By malign chance, a mother, her six daughters and a female relative happened to be outside, making dinner under an olive tree, when the weapon exploded beside them. They were, quite simply, cut to pieces. When I arrived, a severed human finger, covered in flies, was still lying on the ground. Three of the girls survived with critical injuries; the mother, three daughters and the visiting relative were all killed. Since then, hardly a day has passed without the Syrian army firing shells or bombs into Turkey, or vice versa. If another family dies in similar circumstances, the Turkish government will come under immense popular pressure to respond with full force. If the Akçakale killings were to be repeated, I would not be surprised if Turkey retaliated with a strike by troops as well as artillery, possibly accompanied with air power,” wrote David Blair for the Telegraph.

Blair is indicating that they are a hair’s breath away from all-out war. Most of us are exposed daily to an increasing diet of bad news from around the globe, so bad that we get used to it and it does not seem so bad at all. I seem to never get used to it and for some reason my heart broke over this news and the tears came uncontrollably. I remember once when the same thing happened when I saw a Palestinian father trying to protect his son from live fire and failing, right there on TV, which I hardly ever watch anymore.

For me most of the major governments of the world are based in evil because their very nature is to climb up a steep ego slope into obsession with their own existences and expanding sense of power and lust for it. Having been born American has given me a bad taste for the Anglo-Saxon mindset of conquest, war and enslavement.

Violent Humanity


A year ago I published a long essay on human violence and how that all boils down to violence on the most personal level in the family. Things never seem to change with us humans in certain regards. Violence has always been with us but the situation is now deteriorating to the point where we will see explosions of violence and explosions of war and terror against the peoples of the earth.

The list of countries and cities disintegrating or unraveling because of violence, economic and political turmoil, lack of food and civil unrest is growing at an accelerating pace. Detroit was just declared a war zone and the police are advising visitors not to enter.

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I am afraid that we are going into a new Dark Age where violence will grow exponentially again as it has before. The police and security forces around the world have trained heavily this past decade preparing for civil violence and disobedience. Governments have long known where this is all going and have been playing their cards to their best home advantage.

Ninety percent of parents cannot even utter a cry of protest as the pediatric doctors inject vaccines laced with dangerous heavy metals like mercury and aluminum and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. How many Americans understand and complain about the violence of water fluoridation?

“Remember, the media can’t sell advertisements if no one watches/reads. And no one likes to hear good things. Ever wonder why 90% of the 11 o’clock news is horrifying? The headlines need to scare the hell out of you. Otherwise you won’t turn it on, or buy the paper, or subscribe to the magazine, etc., writes The Daily Crux. Are most people really just like the Romans watching in their coliseum?

Things are getting seriously out of hand all over the world though many places remain calm and untouched by world events. When we calculate looming food shortages and horrendous price increases, radically changing climate, impending financial and economic collapse with revolution and government oppression, worldwide pollution and toxic poisoning of populations, we see that literally millions and then billions will be hard pressed.

The final crisis is coming and when it does, the economic, social and geopolitical clock will be reset permanently. The advanced industrialized world is going down hard. Already many millions of lives are destroyed, hundreds of millions of other lives are stunted, social organizations are crumbling, productivity is low, and we have a failing infrastructure, environmental disasters, “severe” climate change, and a threatening financial/economic collapse, despite all the good news from the public media fantasy factories.

And that’s not all

Description: Global water use has quadrupled in the past century. This trend is NOT abating.

The Global Water Crisis Will Shake Humanity to Its Core

Description: Most of the world's major river basins face high stress levels

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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