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Difficult Times & Criminality of the Law

Published on September 2, 2010


It is a difficult time in the world, a difficult time to be alive and remain well. Many believe they and the world we live in are well but they hide behind mountains of denial that block all view of the valleys of reality. Scott Peck begins his famous book The Road Less Traveled with the words, “Life is difficult.”

Peck was writing during the golden age of the first world when things were good though the handwriting was on the wall. Previews of what is happening have actually been around since the Bible was written. The Four Horsemen are riding hard down life’s lanes and it’s only the strong, well-prepared and lucky souls who will avoid being trampled.

Some of the things that are destroying our civilization are hundreds of years old and some, like the ancient dynasties and bloodlines of many of the elite, go back thousands of years. The Rothschild and then Rockefeller families perhaps dominate the most recent hundred or two years having come onto the world’s playing board with huge financial muscle and power. Certainly there exists a shocking number of people on this planet who enjoy profiting from the poisoning of it and its inhabitants.

It is profoundly sad to discover that doctors and dentists are part of this group, having been mentally enslaved by the inhumane designs of the richest people and the most powerful corporations. Monsanto will be remembered down through the ages as utterly inhumane, having successfully dominated America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds, but what pharmaceutical companies have done, followed right behind by the petrochemical and chemical industries, will define the definition of human evil, arrogance, ignorance and foolishness. They have all literally gotten away with murder and there seems to be no end in sight to this criminal behavior.

Against Law

Most people do not know that many laws are actually put on the books and kept there for the purpose of creating crimes and criminals. This is one of the key methods used by the rich, powerful, and well-positioned people in the world to push their agendas on the masses who have no choice but to accept their fate. These laws are unjust and those who administer them are criminals. It’s bad enough when countries go to war for no good reason but even worse is when a country’s leaders go against their own civil populations by creating ridiculously unjust laws that merely produce more criminals.

For example, drug laws are criminal laws. They are cruel laws and they breed cruel people who do dark and dirty things. In fact they are worse than cruel. These laws undermine the very fabric of society by destroying civilization from within. Drug laws are weapons of social mass destruction. They are also highly hypocritical, stupid and destined to fail except in their ability to destroy lives and cultures. They are also insane laws because they make the safest drugs illegal and the most toxic and nasty drugs available at pharmacies on every corner.

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Drug laws destroy the integrity of the judicial branch of government. Judges sit smugly behind their desks branding human beings as criminals for having health problems. Addictions are not immoral and punishable; they are often brought on by the pharmaceutical industry and the addictive drugs that are prescribed. Drug laws turn judges into dispensers of injustice – not justice.

This is the best collage of clips that have been assembled to suggest that Obama is breaking the law. Certainly he could not be doing this alone. There were plenty of accomplices to this act of treason on both sides of the aisle plus in the courts. One really has to wonder about the legitimacy of the people in power and the people who make the laws if the law can so easily be trampled upon.

As the World Turns

The mainstream media manages to lie to us and hide from us the fact that this planet is in big trouble. There are certain institutions that are in control who are pushing us to our collective ruin, yet many of us are blind to what is happening.

But soon we will become aware of the millions of tons of food that are not going to be around during the next 12 months and the hundreds of millions (on top of the one billion who are already starving according to the UN) who are going to go hungry. In Russia alone this summer over 30 million tons of wheat has been lost and all the fish protein coming from the Gulf is probably poisoned, though the FDA says it’s safe even without having done legitimate tests. A few million tons of grain have been lost in Canada from floods and the list goes on and on around the world due to the more than weird weather.

The world’s largest rice exporter, Thailand, is facing major losses to its next crop of rice as well as a water crisis because of the worst drought in nearly two decades. Thai Rice Mills Association president Chanchai Rakthananon said on Tuesday that rice output for the next crop cycle ending in August could fall to as little as two million tons from a previously forecast five million tons. China’s mid-season and late-season rice crops face increasing threats from pests after widespread floods this summer made conditions ideal for insects to breed, the Ministry of Agriculture said in late August. Losses are calculated to be 800,000 metric tons.

At least half a million metric tons of grains have been destroyed in the Pakistani floods and in the meantime one third of India’s food reserves rot in the open because there is a lack of adequate storage space. Millions of tons of food sit unprotected in the open. And to top things off, strains of the fungus Puccinia graminis – mutant cereal killers – are on the loose, putting most of the world’s wheat in danger. Four newly identified strains of this deadly grain fungus were reported this June at a meeting of the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) hosted by Cornell University and held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The experts concluded that the evolving pathogens may be an even greater threat to global wheat production than the original TTKSK pathotype, more commonly known as Ug99, which was discovered in southwestern Uganda in 1998. But the United States government says don’t worry, there is no problem, so go back to your TVs and stop fretting.

According to award-winning Australian science writer Julian Cribb, there are warning signs of an impending disaster that will dwarf the financial crisis. In his new book The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do To Avoid It, he warns that looming scarcities of water, land, nutrients, oil and fish will leave us unable to feed ourselves within 50 years. This is really pathetic considering the present shortages and the fact that a billion on earth are already starving. Forty million Americans can no longer feed themselves and are now on food stamps and prices are starting to shoot up again.

International food prices have risen to their highest level in two years, fueled in part by a drought in Russia that lifted the cost of wheat, a U.N. agency said Wednesday. The Rome-based U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said its food price index shot up 5 percent between July and August. Where are people going to get the money to eat when income levels are heading down as food prices head up?

Medicine Continues to do Violence against Humanity

Watch out for medical monsters; it’s the beginning of flu season again in the north. In the southern hemisphere in Australia they are banning this year’s flu vaccine because it’s throwing children into convulsions, but the Americans really are hungry to try it out on American’s babies. Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has suspended the use of the H1N1 vaccine over fears that the shot is linked with a 300 percent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy among children and young people over the last six months. See a discussion on how many people really die from the flu.

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a ruling that vaccines are not to blame for autism even though they are – in great part at least. The media of course fell all over itself to make sure the word got out. Dr. Wakefield has much to say about the pharmaceutical companies. “In the Merck trial in Australia, Merck revealed how they were determined to deal with doctors who dissented from the use of Vioxx, or considered Vioxx unsafe. And those internal memos talked about how they would discredit them and neutralize them and the last internal memo to be read out had the following line, referring to those doctors, ‘We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.’ Those are their own words. So sometimes it appears that it’s corporate policy rather than conspiracy theory, but that is the environment in which doctors work and operate and the problems they face if they confront drug company policy. So in answer to your questions: Is there corruption? Is there distortion? Is there manipulation? Absolutely.”

The Watchdog Institute, a nonprofit investigative journalism center based at San Diego State University, found that waivers signed by parents who choose to exempt their children from immunizations for kindergarten enrollment have nearly quadrupled since 1990. California allows parents to opt out of some or all shots on the basis of personal beliefs, be it religious objections or distrust of the medical establishment. A growing number of people around the world are becoming increasingly suspicious of vaccines and for very good reason.


“Watching economists and media analysts react to breaking economic news is a bit like looking at a flock of pigeons flying over the New York skyline. A true wonder of the urban landscape, the flocks can include hundreds of individuals who show an uncanny ability to stay in tight formation as the group quickly zig-zags between buildings. What may be even more remarkable than their ability to fly randomly while maintaining cohesion is the flock’s refusal to stick to any particular direction for very long, and their determination to fly feverishly without actually going anywhere. Sound familiar?” writes Peter Schiff.

Even the Federal Reserve is publically acknowledging that the ship of state in the United States is slowing, which probably means a massacre is soon going to happen in the stock markets and then who knows, perhaps even the bond market will tank, spreading panic winds throughout the world. Most astute writers have noticed that we hit the iceberg two years back and nothing was done to seal up the hull so we are still going down. Mostly people though are still hopeful that things can continue on as they have been for the last fifty years. The chance for that is zero.

Winter in August


Yes you got it. It’s snowing already in Norway and Switzerland, and in Southern Germany it feels like November already. The west coast of the United States is also unusually cool. It is time to get your antenna out and feel the earth, feel the climate. Even lowly insects can feel changes in the earth before us humans but if there ever was a time to feel things out it’s now.

Special Note: We have just had the biggest toxic disaster in human history in the Gulf of Mexico and another one from all the fires with radiation and heavy metals released from the foliage and soil in Russia. We have a medical system that is woefully impotent to deal with the increasing Toxicity Syndrome (name of my next book) from which people are suffering because medical officials are concerned with viruses, not radiation, chemical poisons, polluting pharmaceuticals or heavy metals. The Age of Treason: 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity is a good page you can go to for a brief view of the staggering disaster on our hands in toxic terms. It does not matter today if you are an allopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist or naturopath, every healthcare professional has to be trained in the best ways of treating Toxicity Syndrome if they sincerely want to help more than hurt.

As thousands of pounds of oil washed up on the Florida coast BP and the government have been in official denial saying there is no oil. Last Friday, though, the Coast Guard said that an oil slick roughly a quarter of a mile long lurked just 50 to 60 feet off of the beach at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Then on Saturday a BP spokesman finally acknowledged the slick, saying that the company had “spent considerable effort to get people to concentrate” on cleaning it up. Reports of toxicity in people’s swimming pools are starting to come in from the Tampa area.

The problems began for the Scheblers a few weeks after the April 20 blow-out. “Our first clue were rashes we both got early in May. Both my husband and I couldn’t get rid of the rashes and had to get cream from our doctor,” Schebler noted, “I never had a rash in my life.” Then, on “July [23], my husband Warren mowed the lawn. It was hot so he got in the pool to cool off afterward. That afternoon he had severe diarrhea and very dark urine. This lasted about 2 days,” she revealed.

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Hi Dr. Sircus, Well I’m still here thanks to the knowledge you have taught me via your essays and books, while I was having my H/A I quickly covered my chest with the magnesium oil, which I’m sure helped minimize damage to my heart tissue while I was driven to the hospital, once again thank you. Kind regards, David Stone.

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