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Freedoms Lost – Underground Survival – Catastrophe & Upheaval

Published on January 13, 2011

2011 -2012
Part One


Pale Horse of Death

This is a real picture at the huge Denver Airport and some of the things I will get into in today’s post are outrageous and unbelievable. I usually stay away from the esoteric and from all the conspiracy theories and even from chemtrails because I have never seen one down here in Brazil, but that does not mean they do not exist. This horse certainly does exist and so do some very strange things at this new airport.

2011 has gotten off to an ominous start with birds dropping from the skies and massive amounts of fish turning up dead in both North and South America and no one has a certain explanation. We also have bumblebee die-off in advanced stages as well as bat communities being decimated. Now for the third year in a row we have crab die-offs on Britain’s shores, Germans ordering hundreds of pigs slaughtered after tests showed a cancer-causing chemical dioxin at very dangerous levels, and people dying from the cold and the floods and we now the BBC is reporting that Bangladeshi police have used tear gas and water cannons against angry investors after the stock market incurred huge losses. Trading on the Dhaka Stock Exchange index was halted after it fell by 660 points, or 9.25%, in less than an hour.

Meanwhile back in the United States the economy is so bad people are getting pre-declined credit cards in the mail and if the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” people are finding it necessary to call and ask if they mean you or them. The insanity of what humanity has been doing is catching up with us fast. Well what should we expect when over half of the world’s population subsists on less than $2 a day, while the 200 richest individuals own more wealth than 41 percent of the world’s population?

Sounds about fair don’t you think? One can only wonder what kind of mental attitude this inequality breeds in these richest individuals and their families. Certainly they must be modern-era scrooges who are not overly fond of the masses. In the United States it seems clear which direction the elite will go. They have built their underground shelters and cities.

Does any human being really need that much money? Will we ever have anything closely resembling fairness or justice on this planet of ours? “It is a reflection of how one-sided today’s class war has become that Warren Buffet has quipped that ‘his’ side is winning without a real fight being waged,” writes Prof. Michael Hudson.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

There are many outrageous people and things happening on our planet—evil does lurk—but most of us have our heads in the ground and really do not want to look or see the forest from the trees.

Before we go too much further into the treacherous territory of life’s current and upcoming events let’s talk about intuition, feeling and intelligence. First let’s mention that the well respected Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has deciding to accept a research report that claims to show the existence of extrasensory perception.

Extrasensory perception is a fancy word for intuition and it is helpful to remember that Einstein said, “I think with intuition,” and I wrote a chapter about this in my HeartHealth book. It is time for us literally to put out our intuitive antenna and take a feeling or extrasensory assessment of what is going on and what we personally need to face in the coming months. Even lowly insects have this capacity as do all of the animal kingdom who feel disasters approaching.

A New Food Crisis Takes Hold

A surprising drop in the U.S. corn and soybean crop sent grain prices surging to their highest levels in two and a half years Wednesday, the 12th of January. The price increases stoked concerns about higher food prices and tighter supplies of feedstock for food and biofuels. World food prices had already hit a record high in December, jumping above the 2008 food crisis levels and developing into an “alarming” situation, according to a report released in the beginning of January by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Everyone but my newest readers have noticed I have been warning heavily about food shortages and now suddenly the story is breaking increasingly into the headlines. Please note that March corn futures jumped 4% in one day to settle at $6.31 a bushel. Soybean prices jumped 4.3% to $14.15 a bushel and this is only the beginning of an explosive rise that seems to be a terrible agricultural tragedy for most of humanity. Please note that March corn futures jumped 4% in one day yesterday to settle at $6.31 a bushel.

Bloomberg News reported: The world may face social unrest including food riots in April as grain prices increase, said Philippe Chalmin, an economic adviser to the French government. “Around Easter we could start to see food riots.” The United Nations warned last week that millions of people are now at risk as Global wheat stocks and soybean fell by millions of tons each.

Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, further warned this past week that rising food prices are a threat to global growth and social stability.” We are just “one poor harvest away from chaos”. There is not much room for further weather problems in terms of agricultural production. The news is starting to scream out that record high food prices are going to bring on a global crisis and it will.

Everyone who can should be stocking up on survival foods and other things like magnesium oil, sodium bicarbonate and iodine. Rejuvenate is my favorite all-in-one combined nutritional survival food that doubles as one of the best medicines and health foods I have ever consumed.

Nuclear Deception

This video was suppressed for nine years. It is the U.S. Coast Guard’s aerial footage of the World Trade Center complex just a few days after 9/11. I believe that one of the reasons that this and many other videos were suppressed until now is that when you view it, you can’t help but think nuclear. The totality and thoroughness of the destruction is terrible to behold. Look at the below picture of nuclear destruction from Japan from an above ground burst. At the World Trade Center there was total oblivion in a small area from what would be an underground burst at the foundational hearts of both buildings. It really is the only thing that makes sense. Now really, will the real terrorists in the world please stand up?


There is no conspiracy about Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it’s a different story when one starts to speculate about anything that’s not covered by the mainstream press. Lately I have been watching several videos from former governor Jessie Ventura who was the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, and a former Navy underwater demolitions expert.

He is the host of a TV show and his presentations are dramatic and captivating though some doubt his motives and his choice of using a station owned by Time-Warner through its subsidiary Turner Broadcasting, who also owns CNN and HBO. It does seem like the elite (and the supposed extra terrestrials) are deliberately leaking information that you would think they would want to be kept secret, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that even with an awareness of things it does not make much of a difference.

For me Jessie looks like and has the feel of action movie star Steven Seagal. Not everyone of course responds well to the drama but even some of his detractors take his materials to be mostly true. He has an important film on the Gulf Oil disaster and cover up that one should see as well as films on FEMA detention centers and many other things. For the uninitiated his materials are like a slap to the face, so hard does he tackle mainstream reality. To those of us who are already mind hardened to the strangest truths and theories it is still hard not to be affected. Again we cannot totally know the motives of the airings of these films on the airwaves but Jessie is not fooling around.

Let’s Go to Mars and Get Out of This Place

Today, for people like me and others who communicate and broadcast to the world, there is no shortage of strange events and things to report on. We live in a strange world inhabited by strange people who are crazy and to a certain extent I mean all of us. Some of us, like my cousin Dr. Robert Zubrin in the below video, think the answer is to go to Mars and it really is too bad the financial world is crumbling, making that little more than a pipe dream. Personally I found my Mars here in Brazil and it is here that I am building my above-ground Sanctuary retreat and survival center.

I saw this video today and there is a family resemblance and some of his genius I guess rubbed off on me as we were growing up together, but my mother never saw or recognized that. He really was a smart boy but I think he wasted his mind on science fiction dreams that we were both enjoyed immensely when we were young. I do remember clearly from 50 years ago his visions of fission reactors and space ships with sails using light to propel ships through the solar system.

There She Blows

Life is going to blow our assumptions right out of the water and you can believe me when I say most people are totally blind about the assumptions they make and the price of being wrong. Assumptions are one of our basic ego processes, and when they get shattered we tend to shatter. We build much of the edifices of our consciousness on assumptions but in the end, if they crumble, an average person (TV couch potatoes for instance) will go down like the World Trade Towers. But the cause is not from above (like the planes hitting the top floors) but from below, like in the foundations being blown out at the roots of the structure. In this case it’s the structure of our consciousness and our ability to cope and understand that we need to deal with next.

Rich or poor it does not make a difference when we are challenged beyond our capacity to respond. Assuming that life will go on as it has these past decades is perhaps one of the greatest assumptions most people are making today. The mainstream news media feeds this almost universally-shared assumption, so when this greatest of all bubbles bursts, there will be hell to pay.

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