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The Deliberate Debasing of Humanity

Published on November 8, 2010

Part One: Financial


The medical elite have resumed their offensives against natural medicine. At the same time the most elite private bank in the world just decided to print 600 billion odd dollars, creating a lot more counterfeit legal tender funny money for the American government to misspend and be cruel with.  It is all about money and power, after all, and about abuse by the modern day kings and queens, emperors, pharaohs, dukes, princes and princesses ending up on top as they usually do. The rich have never been richer and the middle class is being crushed in order to sustain them at the pinnacle of power and wealth.

Things are finally getting into the open though and there are just certain kinds of people who cannot stand up to the light of day preferring the darkness as they do – in their domains of manipulation and deceit. In the medical area, for instance, vaccination rates are going down, meaning that more and more well informed (via the Internet) parents are seriously doubting the official pharmaceutical story, enough to keep four percent more kids away from those sharp needles loaded with nasty substances.

In its annual State of Health Care Quality report, the National Committee for Quality Assurance revealed that vaccine rates are falling sharply among high-education families.

Mike Adams,[1] the Health Ranger, puts it right, “This trend infuriates the vaccine industry and all the shills who push vaccines, of course. Despite all their high-dollar propaganda, expensive advertising, and vaccine booths in airports, Walmarts, and grocery stores, more and more people are coming to realize that many vaccines are dangerous for children, and the seasonal flu vaccines in particular offer absolutely no scientifically-validated benefit whatsoever. They are pure quackery and nothing more. The really interesting thing about this trend is that parents with a higher education are consciously choosing to protect their children from vaccines. Remarkably, the vaccine industry insists that “they’re the stupid ones” because they don’t believe the vaccine propaganda.”

Beginning of Economic Warfare

Today we hear that international leaders and countries are finally fingering the United States government and the Federal Reserve Bank (there is nothing federal about it!) for pumping more cash into the struggling U.S. economy. From global economic powerhouses around the world, officials doubted, in chorus, its usefulness and warned it would probably spark a fresh crisis.

China, Germany, Brazil, and France all voiced reservations about the move, in which the Fed plans to inject another 600 billion dollars (422.5 billion euros) into the economy. Through a process known as quantitative easing, the Fed will buy up U.S. Treasury securities in a bid to get more cash into the hands of companies and consumers by making long-term borrowing cheaper. That’s what they say at least, but obviously if they wanted to get the cash into the hands of consumers they would give the money directly to them and that’s the last thing our modern day banking goons (very nice word to describe very nasty people) want and will do.

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What the U.S. is doing might make sense for the United States but for other countries there is a price to be paid as the dollar slumps, hitting their exports. The Fed hopes its action will boost demand and so get the U.S. economy back on track, reducing the worst unemployment in years, but that’s a lot of hay being thrown out onto the airwaves. What the money is really intended to do is prevent the collapse of demand and the collapse of the American government and its military along with it.

Brazil, which has already warned of the dangers posed by a “currency war,” was blunt. “Everyone wants the U.S. economy to recover but it does no good to inject massive amounts of money into the economy because that will not get growth moving again,” Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega said. “The only result is a devaluation of the dollar so that the United States becomes more competitive in international trade,” he added. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned that the Fed measures would not work and would only create more problems.

James Richard writes, “Here’s the bottom line on money printing, or QE [quantitative easing] if you prefer. If nothing happens, the whole thing was a waste of time. If inflation takes off, the Fed will have to choose between holding bonds and letting inflation get worse or selling bonds and going bankrupt in the process. Since no entity goes down without a fight, the Fed will naturally hold the bonds and let inflation take off. Do not ask about the exit strategy from QE; there is no exit. Disasters sometimes sneak up in small steps, each of which appears unthreatening at the time but which cumulatively spell collapse. The Fed is leading the United States to ruin in ways that are claimed to be well intentioned and benign when viewed in isolation but which take us finally into a locked room reminiscent of the Sartre play ‘No Exit.'”

The trend is clear: we are headed toward a monetary disaster that has a good potential of leading to a hyperinflationary crisis. The ‘when’ is more difficult to predict. Timing a market is much more difficult and risky than predicting and investing in a trend. Therefore, while the end scenario appears more and more certain, the how and when we get there remains to be seen,” writes Frank R. Suess.

According to Harry Schultz, “Deflation is the biggest worry now but it will turn into hyperinflation soon.” How soon? I believe even Uncle Harry will not be able to predict. But, as he explains further, “We are posed at a heart-stopping moment in economic times. Hyperinflation seems impossible when there is not much inflation in most economies. But hyperinflation is a monetary event, not an economic one, and it will happen overnight, not via a general uptrend in inflation data.”


Suess continues, “America has, against all odds, decided to push yet a little harder on that monetary accelerator in hopes of escaping the debt trap, another housing disaster, another financial system collapse, the public’s wrath and loss of power. At this point, it appears that this approach may allow us to escape those threats for a little longer, but at the end of the road waits a monetary crisis. And, logic tells us that as you push on the accelerator, you will reach the end of the road more quickly.”

The Automatic Earth weighs in, “What’s 1 in 7 Americans relying on food stamps? What does any of it mean anymore? 17% U6 U.S.  unemployment? 4 million 2010 foreclosures, many of which are based on at least shaky, and pretty likely illegal, papers? If that doesn’t have enough meaning to move media attention away from rallies to restore whatever it is that apparently needs restoration, what will? 1 in 3 on food stamps? 40% jobless? Tent cities around every major city? $25 trillion in quantitative easing? Yeah, the markets had a knee-jerk upward reaction. And that is all anybody needs, or so it seems. Hyperinflation is sure to follow, or so they say. Then again, they said the same when QE1 occurred. Didn’t happen, though. Will it this time? Will gold rise to the stratosphere? They’re not all that dumb, and they’re not making the grand mistakes some folks claim they do. They’re robbing you blind in plain daylight, and, as they go along, they’re making you believe that it’s in your best interest. It’s all nothing but a high-stakes game of pick-pocketing.

Bill Bonner of the Daily Reckoning said, “The financial world held its breath. It waited. It watched. Ben Bernanke was hunched over… sweat on his brow… easing on his mind. Commentators, economists, and the public wondered if he could really create new money… new wealth… out of thin air? If this were true, it was a giant step forward for humanity, at least equal to discovering fire, creating Facebook or blowing up Nagasaki. Jesus Christ multiplied loaves and fishes. But He had something to work with. The Federal Reserve multiplies zeros… creating money—out of nothing at all. If it can really do the trick, we are saved. The legislature can go home. It no longer needs to worry about raising taxes or allocating public resources. Government can now buy all the loaves and fishes it wants. And give every voter a quart of whiskey on Election Day.”

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