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Is the Right Wing Ready to Break Off?

Published on August 30, 2012

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Is the right wing of the world financial systems ready to break off, plunging the world economy to its death? We are a world system, a huge jumbo jet flying at 35,000 feet and the pilots [the government] has announced turbulence ahead (but they are not telling us to buckle up—so I am). Though most of us are still sitting in our seats and are comfortable—if the right wing suddenly falls off there will be not a second before everyone is screaming and the plane heads down to disaster.

Two weeks after writing this essay the mainstream press was warning—Euro Crisis Revving Up – Fasten Your Seatbelts. But August has brought little in terms of movement in any direction toward anything. We have had a quiet few weeks and no wonder, all the European politicians are away on their summer holidays—but they are coming back from their yachts and their talk about the debt situation is anything but pretty.

The financial world doesn’t seem to be experiencing major rumblings right now. The situation is like an active volcano that goes quiet before it really blows its top creating a false sense of financial security—when we should be more alarmed now than ever. From all indications the next financial crisis will unleash devastating economic destruction.

In the case of the world financial system the right wing is Greece (which is only the very tip of the wing) and Spain, which is the broad body of the wing. If they break in the months ahead the rest of us are going to go down hard with them. That is the world system that is firmly entrenched, so this time around what happens to our brothers and sisters in Europe is going to matter very much to us. Unfortunately this is not a complete model because Italy is the other wing and Japan and China threaten to break engines and the fuselage both.

The news I am reporting on brings substance to the seriousness of the moment and the danger that lurks right before our closed eyes. A financial panic is in the offering and is very different from a regular stock market decline. During a panic there is widespread loss of faith in the entire financial system. That happened in 1907, which was used as an excuse to create the Federal (nothing federal or public about it) Reserve System.

These are scary times though we cannot succumb to fear. I am using a certain type of statement that uses the imagination as a tool of communication to capture images that speak loudly. These images are not meant to scare but to be conveyers of important information that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention and taken in.

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United States Government Debt Growth and a Picture of the End

What is amazing is how the powers that be can keep things looking normal as a financial tsunami threatens. We are all living on borrowed time because the world as we know it has been propped up by mountains of debt and it is about to come crashing down. Governments can defy gravity for only so long; the sheer weight of debt is going to have its way with all that we have built with it. Below is a graph that shows in another way the danger of the moment.

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Prophets of Economic Doom

Below are the words of warning of intelligent men who know what they are talking about. They should be listened to. At this point the only thing we do not know is exactly when the wing is going to break off. That it’s going to break off is approaching a level of probability that is certain. We can clearly see the cracks on the wings spreading, visible cracks that only the blind cannot see.

“Things get wackier by the week,” says Doug Noland. “My proposition has been that once a credit crisis comes to afflict the ‘core’ [gravitating from the ‘periphery’] the deleterious consequences tend to be irreversible. As such, with Spain now engulfed in full-fledged financial, economic, political and social crisis, the overall European debt crisis has turned interminable.”

“Policymakers and market participants alike appreciate what’s at stake,” Noland said. Do you? Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News, “We’ve had Lehman, AIG, MF Global, PFG, the latest [trouble] is Knight Capital, which lost $440 million overnight. This just shows that it’s not safe for investors to keep their money in the system.”

Greyerz, who is founder and managing partner at Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, also said, “We are being warned that we should not keep the main part of our money there [in the financial system] because the risk that you will be totally wiped out is massive.

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The Americans obviously have their own problems so what are the smart people who have money doing? “The real money is quietly running away into the safety of Geneva bank vaults.”

The International Monetary Fund has called for more action in Europe as the crisis is destroying global growth. They are now crying for printing/counterfeiting of massive amounts of money because they know if the central banks don’t do that the entire world economy will fall off a cliff into a stupendously catastrophic depression, which cannot be avoided no matter what they do. We live in make-believe land hoping that the big white boys with ties can save the day, but it just is not going to be that way.

In an unusually forthright statement, the IMF insisted that, “Further monetary easing and unconventional support would ease tensions as other policies are implemented and take effect.” That’s code for print money like mad!

The Greek crisis was merely the warm-up act for the main show: the default of Spain and its much-denied departure from the euro. And then Italy will come dead center in the crosshairs of investor’s rifles but there they can always sell the Coliseum to the Huns.

Gary North says, “The ECB is the only European institution that can conceivably bail out the PIIGS [Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain]. It can do this only by debasing the euro. Inflation is the only option. There will be no fiscal union, except one that is imposed illegally. In any case, it cannot come before the end of the year. It is unlikely to come by the end of 2013. But the eurozone’s banking system does not have until the end of the year. It must have a bailout now—one large enough to carry the banks and governments of Spain and Italy through the recession.”

Meanwhile near-bankrupt Greece is fast running out of cash while it waits for its next installment of aid from international lenders, a deputy finance minister said last week, sounding the alarm on the country’s precarious financial position. Greece’s European partners have repeatedly promised the country will be funded through August, when it must repay a 3.2 billion euro bond, but the details of the funding have yet to be disclosed. In the absence of that money, Greece would run out of funds to pay everyday public expenses ranging from police and other public service wages to pensions and social benefits.

The hounds are closing in, meaning the money is running out and certain people are just getting tired of papering over bad debts with more paper that becomes more worthless as everything spirals out of control. The Huffington Post weighed in on this one saying, “The European Central Bank on Thursday stared a recession and financial crisis in the face—and decided to do absolutely nothing about it. It was a page right out of the Federal Reserve’s playbook, which on Wednesday stared a slowing economy and high unemployment in the face and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.”

We are reaching the watershed moment—the only way to escape a hellish deflationary collapse and a depression that will rip apart the world order and most of the people in it is to continue to do something like print up lots more money—trillions of it! It does not matter, though, what they do—financial Armageddon is coming. Yes they can delay this for months more but only if they print.  Such printings though are proving to save the day for less and less time.

Monty Pelerin says that, “We are in the latter stages of the debt death spiral where debt and interest payments can only be made by adding more debt. This process has a sure ending. Like the flush of a toilet, the spiral goes faster and faster until it finally ends.”

Graham Summers says, “We are facing a crisis in Europe that is far, far worse than 2008. It is so bad that, before it ends, it is quite possible that we will see the entire western financial system collapse and a new system put into place.

Richard Duncan says, “Our civilization would not be able to handle such a transition from an expansionary, credit-based economy where goods and services were readily available into a paradigm of credit contraction, supply shortages and destitution and this is what is coming. There is no way to prevent it—only to defer it until a later date—and that day will soon be upon us.”
How soon? Pretty soon! Real soon! Soon enough!!! The longer the party lasts the drunker the system will be when the financial tidal wave hits and the system goes down. Where will you be when that happens, eating at MacDonald’s? Where will you have your money, in the bank?

Not Convinced?

If there was any doubt on anyone’s mind about what I am summarizing in this essay, know that that one of the most influential bankers from one of the most influential families in Europe has now bet against the recovery of the euro. Lord Jacob Rothschild, from the Rothschild banking mob has wagered $200 million against the European currency—the euro—and with it he is basically expressing his strong belief that the euro will collapse and so will the eurozone.

Lord Rothschild is a member of the dynasty that has, at least in part, ruled the world through powerful banking institutions. It is the same family that has made a killing many times before. During every single major financial crisis they have consolidated power, and it looks like they intend to continue that family history.

According to NBC, Lord Jacob, one of the elders of the Rothschild family “has taken the position against the euro through RIT Capital Partners, the 1.9 billion pound investment trust of which he is executive chairman.”

No Good Ideas

Simply spending money on empty buildings or non-essential projects may look good for GDP, but does not really help the overall economy:

Descrição: Descrição: china ghost town

“(DailyMail) Zhengzhou New District residential towers: Soaring property prices in China and high levels of investment has fueled the construction of up several new cities with no one living in them.”

Jeff Thomas writes about the 11 steps a financial and economic crash will track through before everything that we know is destroyed. Jim Rogers, a billionaire who made the bulk of his fortune with progressive George Soros when they partnered in running the Quantum Fund said recently in a CNBC interview, “People need to stop spending money they don’t have. The solution to too much debt is not more debt. What would make me very excited is if a few people went bankrupt or a few people started paying off their debt. We are going to have financial Armageddon anyways, when the rest of the world is not going to give these people any more money.” He went on to say, "The Americans and the Germans they want to do everything they can to hold the world together until after the next election. It’s going to be bad after the next election."

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