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Finger Pointing our way to Nuclear Suicide

Published on October 29, 2016

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The world is full of people pointing fingers at others while they remain blind to their own failures as well as the lethal nature of many of their ideas and concepts. The human mind exists on seven levels but the conceptual level of intelligence is a bitch because most people confuse their concepts with reality.

The how and whys of what is leading to nuclear war are numerous. However, the terror of a nuclear exchange can never be justified by any reasoning or concept. Doctors and healthcare practitioners should be out front with warning their patients about the threat to men, women and children everywhere. 

Reality is quickly catching up with us and if I am going to do some finger pointing myself it is with this, just to be clear about the cause of most of the problems on earth. They say that 67 humans own as much as 4 billion. This is the greatest and most terrible form of terrorism in the world. There is no concept but evil that covers the reality of the richest people and all the organizations and acts they perpetrate on humanity.

This is all very serious. These people are leading us to the end with a world war and a nuclear destruction that can be visited on all. For every one of us alive today this is the most dangerous time. Not even the Cuban missile crisis can compare to what is happening in the world today.

Did you know that just one SS-18 missile, in an apocalyptic nuclear strike, could wipe out 75 percent of New York for thousands of years, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, warns. He explains that the SS-18 missiles could carry nuclear warheads with payloads of up to 20,000 kilotons, Dailystar reports.

It is a thousand times more than powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Roberts says at maximum payload, a direct hit on New York is capable of killing 4.5 million people, injuring another 3.6 million and send radioactive fallout covering over 600 miles.

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There has never been a time and situation more to be feared than now. The western media is playing a bad game with all our heads and it is obvious that these super rich that sit on top of everyone have their underground bunkers all ready for the nuclear war that they are preparing for.

Most of the essays on the elite and what they are doing is buying up or building underground bunkers carved out of bedrock to escape civil unrest and natural disasters. What they have not been saying is this is the only way they can safely think about nuclear war and destroying the rest of us. These are the sickest people on earth, the elite (top .01 percent) and the politicians that serve them.

MN Gordon, writes, "In practice, over the last 40 years the deception of funny money and rapid credit creation is what kept the illusion of growth and prosperity alive.  But over the last 8 years that illusion has been shattered by the following realities: Oceans of red ink.  An over indebted economy.  A debauched currency.  A debased culture.  A despoiled political process.  Criminal leaders.  Budding civil unrest.  And much, much more."

On Utopia the Collapse one can read a massive amount about the build up to war and that, "Politicians – they are the ones who start the wars. They are the ones who bankrupt the country. They are the ones who pass unfair trade deals that destroyed both the manufacturing base in America along with the Middle Class. They are the ones who appease special interest and favor big business over the individual tax-paying consumer. They are the ones who bail out the banks. They are the ones who lie to you to get elected. They are the ones who raise your taxes. They are the ones who fail to regulate the recklessness of Wall Street. They are the ones who deficit spends beyond what budget constraints should allow."

Reports of Impending War

Reports of impeding war are everywhere but no one is paying attention. From what I read a vote for Clinton is a vote for massive suicide via a nuclear war with Russia and possibly China as well. According to the Washington Post, the bipartisan foreign-policy elite recommends the next president show less restraint than President Obama. Acting at the urging of “liberal” hawks brandishing humanitarian intervention, read war, the Obama administration attacked Libya along with allied powers working through NATO.

Europe on war-footing: Britain sends tanks, drones and 800 troops to Estonia as part of the biggest military build-up on Russia’s borders since the Cold War. A German think tank published a 28-page document is aimed at a professional audience and is written in political and military jargon that couches the annihilation of millions of human lives in matter-of-fact terms, as if dealing with the solution to a technical problem. The Russian president issued the chilling warning that the world is in "grave danger."

Fears of World War 3 starting at any moment have gotten so bad that even Russian officials are stockpiling necessities and advising others to do the same — in case there is a nuclear war. In fact, while NATO and Western leaders talk excitedly about a possible invasion of Europe by an aggressive Russia, many in that country believe that an attack might be coming from the West. One Russian official even thinks that a nuclear war might break out between the United States and Russia before the American presidential election.

Of course, to NATO and the Americans it will all be Russia`s fault but it is not Russia that has provoked war and invaded countries like there is no tomorrow. The Pope has acknowledged WWIII has already started, it just has not turned nuclear. 

Human Rights Violations and the Greatest Hypocrites on Earth

The United States has for the first time abstained from voting against the annual U.N. resolution calling for an end to its economic embargo against Cuba. "After 55+ years of pursuing the path of isolation, we are choosing to take the path of engagement," Ambassador Samantha Power declared, adding that the abstention "doesn’t mean that the U.S. agrees with all of the policies and practices of the Cuban government", including "serious human rights violations".

What about the rights of all the drug users who are in jail in the United States and how about the companies who profit from massive prison populations who make sure they keep coming to their doors? How about the rights of men, women and children to drink water unpolluted by fluoride and rights of parents to have their children remain vaccine free. The list is endless.

There are a lot of insane people on our planet, sociopaths and psychopaths and a lot of people who share many of their traits. Time Magazine reports that research shows many US presidents have had psychopathic traits. I will have to write an essay dedicated to lying after Time Magazine recent essay about why liars keep on lying. Basically, each time a person lies it shuts down a part of the brain that is associated with the heart, not the physical organ but the heart chakra that sits on top of the emotional and spiritual heart.

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My first book is about this and basically I discovered that when we lie (infidelities) the heart closes because the heart can only stand the truth. That is why when people cheat on their spouses their partners can feel something wrong even and especially because nothing is being said.

Psychopaths are people who have permanently and completely shut down their hearts. Politicians are a class of people who lie so much they do not even know they are lying any more. The newspapers are owned by the elite and they are not news organizations anymore but great lying machines whose purpose is to manipulate the minds of the public.

In the twisted minds of the elite perhaps a nuclear war, which would create a nuclear winter, is their answer to global warming. The CIA director said chemtrails is an attempt to ward off global warming and we all know how insane geoengineering is. Only problem is that we, this very year, are facing rapid global cooling and the most recent reports are devastatingly revealing as they are destructive to harvests. We even have record ice formation in Greenland.

I am again asking people to pray and as I recently published, directing peoples` attention to love. What else do we have when faced with so much evil. All other issues pale in front of the complete destruction we potentially face even with a limited nuclear war.

What to Do

Medically speaking it would be wise to stock up on iodine, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and on medical marijuana, which are all protective, up to a point, with radiation contamination. Same goes for magnesium, which helps just about every physiological process in the body and in our cells.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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