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Goodbye President Obama

Published on January 19, 2017

President Barack Obama holds a news conference at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. August 4, 2016. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Obama what do you think the next president of the United States should do to you for trying to undermine his legitimacy with fake allegations and “binding the president-elect hand and foot to prevent him from fulfilling his election promises.” You have said that Donald Trump was “unfit” to lead the country. How fit are you as a human being and president playing games with Russia risking so many lives with a war with them? The people of America just saved the world from you and your chosen successor Clinton.

Under Obama, the U.S. extended secret “special forces” operations to 138 countries, or 70 percent of the world’s population.

Putin, one of the most respected and popular men on the globe said recently about you, “People who order such fakes against the U.S. president-elect, fabricate them and use them in political struggle are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral restrictions whatsoever, and it highlights a significant degree of degradation of political elites in the West, including in the United States.”

As the Boston Globe put it, you are in part responsible for the, “confluence of events that represent perhaps the most profound political crisis that this country has faced since Watergate.” Most people are seeing what America now faces as being much worse.

Servando Gonzalez writes, “It is evident that one of Trump’s goals is to disassemble the New Gay World Order machinery the globalist conspirators have so carefully been assembling during the past hundred years. An investigation of Obama’s true place of birth may bring him to a long vacation in a federal prison and will automatically invalidate all his executive orders and maybe even his nominations to the Supreme Court.”

I truly hope that Trump is clear enough to put to bed one way or another the legitimacy of your presidency which does depend, it seems, on a fraudulent American birth certificate. Recently a police sourced forensic investigation concluded that you and your birth certificate are frauds. That is a criminal offense. You are guilty, you said so yourself that you were born in Kenya.

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If I was in Trump`s place (which thankfully I am not) the first person I would have arrested would be you. You have been a part of a system that has built FEMA Centers and wouldn’t it be funny if you ended up in one.

I hope a lot of things for Trump, Americans and the people of the world. However, we have all the reason to be doubting and scared because if he follows tradition he will be one more American president bringing American style violence to the world. Even if he does not intend that he is now going to be commander in chief of the American empire and the Deep State is going to go on no matter how much Trump huffs and puffs, unless there is an honest to God civil war.

In his final major speech in his post, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden issued a “call to action” to Europe and the U.S. to defend the “liberal world order,” decrying a growing impulse in the West toward “isolationism and protectionism.” One big difference between you and the next president came out in your final press conference where you defended the dishonest news media where he likes to smash and bash it. None of the people who distrusts the elite owned media trust you.

You are not alone obviously in wanting a one world government, wanting to enslave Americans and everyone else into a cruel world order. Half of America is rejecting that and so are Britain’s people and the French and the Germans and others are up in arms and turning hard to the right.

Progressives and liberals are not what they think

“Most of the world (the political left in particular) was blindsided by the results of the 2016 election. To say that some are having a hard time coming to terms with the words “President Trump” and what the next 4 to 8 years will bring, would be an understatement.”

“Those who told you that a Trump presidency was impossible were quick to remix their pre-election narratives, framing the Donald as something of a Hitler 2.0 and attempting to position themselves as leaders of a new resistance. Self-reflection is still off the table.”

Progressives and liberals are not what they think. They have taken their own liberal and progressive natures and turned to the dark side of the force because they cannot listen to any side other than their own. That makes them fascists! Just look at the climate change debate. There is no debate at all. No science but a lot of dummies totally ignoring the important role of the sun in climate change. Come on, that is like a gas station attendant ignoring that it is gasoline that makes most cars run—putting water in the tank instead.

Your friend Rep. John Lewis ignited a small firestorm when he told NBC that he didn’t view Trump as a legitimate president-elect. The swipe at Trump’s presidency caused Trump to denounce Lewis on Twitter. What do these people expect to come back at them? Public people, mostly liberals, progressives and especially Democrats are vomiting up anything that comes to mind about their favorite scapegoat, Donald Trump. I think these kinds of people are going to get from Trump exactly what they expect—for they themselves are creating the need for a dictator, and Obama and past presidents have legally paved the way for that. Just takes a signature.

Just imagine if all those who promise to wreck inauguration day keep their promises and go beyond to create a situation where martial law, that so many thought Obama would call, is finally called by Trump to stamp out the rebellion of all those who are against him in a traitorous violent way.

Islamic Sympathizer

You tried to get away with being a friend to Islam, being of Islamic background yourself. Now the much-needed backlash is arriving. In favoring Islam you are favoring the conquest of infidels everywhere. You are an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-white betrayer. You are ignoring the massive rape epidemic in Europe of white women by Muslims. Not a word from you on that. That will never be forgotten or forgiven.

Trump is a better human being than you are and that shows when it comes to dealing with aggressive Muslims who are out to destroy the West and rape its women.

You betrayed the American people. Your support for the war against your own people (war on drugs), your political positions on global warming lying to the public when it is cooling, your support through Obamacare for an insane killing machine, which is what modern medicine is. The list goes on. You’re a slick talker of that there is no doubt. Goodbye President Obama. Many of us would appreciate if we did not hear from you again and perhaps President Trump will help out a bit with that.

For anyone who thinks I am being a bit unfair in my goodbyes to Obama I say please look at the mountain ranges of unfairness being directed at Trump. Perhaps he we will be as bad as people are saying but he deserves a chance and he is standing on high ground on several issues. As far as I can see Trump is already a hero for his courage to confront the lockstep on vaccines.


I like what Mike “Mish” Shedlock had to say about who you would have liked to succeed you as president. “Although we do not know what Trump will do, we likely do know what Hillary would have done, and nearly all of it bad, especially on the warmongering front. I would rather deal with the unknown. Trump is likely to get at least some things right, and Russia appears to be one of them.”

I do hope President Trump comes to his senses on all issues related to women and homosexuals. This is where many politicians from the right fall off the cliff. Men should have no say in women’s issues and their rights. Same goes for homosexuals. Let them be free as everyone else.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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