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Published on March 21, 2010


Insecurity is something we feel but is something our minds seek to avoid at all costs since the feeling is so uncomfortable and difficult to bare. Though we can doubt and feel insecure on many levels of consciousness it is the heart center in our chests that has the ability to ache in a profound sense making us feel that our life is about to end – or having us wishing it would end just to get rid of the pain.

Dr. Christopher Hills, a master on the subject, taught that the green level security center represents the universal need in nature to gather from the environment well being, sustenance, love, energy, and all those things that makes life possible. We want to gather all that love, that sustenance, the energy in our relationships. Plants love to turn toward the light, they stretch for it, and so do we, unless we are stupidly listening to the medical industry, which is telling us to hide from the light and use sunscreens despite the hidden dangers of their chemical toxicity. It is the basic drive of green plants to reach for the light. For us humans it’s reaching for that Vitamin D and of course all those things in life that lead to security and wellness of being.

Security is basically the feeling of having enough, and insecurity is its opposite; that state of consciousness where we feel lack, where we get insecure with the perception of not having enough of what we want, or more specifically of what we really need. It is in the fourth brain or cardiac center that we best see the close correlation between consciousness and matter because the secretion of hormones in the brain creates the emotions we mostly identify with as “me.” This feeling me is different then the thinking part and we do have feelings about what we think.

The security center mixes all the signals in the brain – all the feelings and perceptions in our consciousness – into a feeling assessment of being – of feeling secure or insecure. The central location that processes this information is the hypothalamus but it also located energetically in our chest and is referred to in all the ancient literature as the heart center, which represents our capacity to feel. Feelings (not emotions) are actually high manifestations of intelligence and Einstein himself defined intuition as a feeling saying, “I think with intuition.” This is different than emotional intelligence and in my book HeartHealth is a chapter delineating the difference between feelings and emotions.

Pure heart or pure being is very different from the space of the thinking mind. One thinks, the other feels. Though in consciousness both mind and being co-exist, one is more fundamental than the other. Though emotions are something we feel it is our thoughts and the actions we take because of our thinking that hold so much destructive power to the vulnerable and more sensitive world of feeling and being. In this regard, as a civilization, we have failed beyond comprehension, allowing the worst and most selfish elements in our midst to take control, dominate and guide human destiny.

The primary reason I am writing this essay is that we are going to have some great and painful lessons that will test our levels of security to the max, if not to the breaking point. Life as we know it on Earth is going to become far more difficult, and really, five years from now if we are alive we will really lucky.

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We have created a world based on selfish egotism with psychopaths frequenting board rooms and government conferences. We have not built our civilization on higher levels of intelligence guided by an appreciation of the vulnerability of life.  Sensitivity to the things that really matter seems to have escaped cotemporary man. The world’s economic system is already crashing down hard on millions of people around the globe and it is only going to get worse, much worse before there is any chance of it getting any better. We have been seriously deluded and that is going to come crashing down on our security centers in the coming months and years.

Patterns of Insecurity (Fourth Chakra Cardiac Center):

· Expects confirmation from others
· Unable to enforce will
· Financially insecure
· Emotionally insecure
· Uncertain
· Miserly
· Hoarding of materials and/or knowledge
· Needs self-confirmation
· Wants to possess that which is loved
· Drives to obtain wealth
· Needs recognition from others
· Focused on self
· Proud of possessions
· Selfish with possessions
· Possessive
· Jealous
· Self-doubting
· Attached
· Envious
· Mistrustful of life
· Blames others for own failures
· Needs love and care



Produces fear, worry, and anxiety.

Produces boldness and a sound mind

Produces restlessness, fatigue, insomnia.

Produces rest, peace, and joy.

Produces indecisiveness.

Produces decisiveness.

Produces avoidance of others.

Produces love, confidence, fellowship.

Produces depression.

Produces thanksgiving and praise.

When we deepen our awareness through meditation, which brings one’s attention to a level of silence beneath the static surface of never ending thoughts, we can feel the heart and its feelings more clearly. Most people today are lost from the world of the vulnerability of being, lost to their own hearts, so strongly in the mind are they trapped. Most western-trained minds immediately think of the pump, that miracle muscle and yes, that is partly what is meant when the word heart is used. Much can be said about the physical heart and its central place and electrical magnetic influence on the body. However, beyond the physical is something even more important and crucial to health and happiness and a life lived without disease.

Personally I faced tremendous insecurity in my life and for decades struggled to master my heart center, which was throttled by my overly conceptual mind. In the end I was able to throw down my mind and step into the center of my being and live my life from there. When everyone around me seemed to be fine, fitting into society, I was an outcast struggling to make ends meet. After a fight with the medical board in New Hampshire, who accused me of practicing medicine (acupuncture) without a license, I pulled the plug on my attempt to join the mainstream culture in the United States and became a recluse and this kept my battle for security front and center stage for many more years in my life.

Deep in the nuclear core of my heart is a love of life and a love of love and that is what I followed. Some beings come here to earth with such a strong heart that no circumstance can beat it out of them and eventually I found that strong part of me, but it almost killed me to do so. They say that whatever doesn’t kill you actually makes you stronger and I had a lot of practice in this regard.

Our civilization has betrayed the essence of heart yielding a cold sterile world where the sensitivity and vulnerability of being are hardly understood; where doctors routinely betray these qualities of being during a  child‘s delivery and after, with vaccines loaded with chemical poisons.

Deep within is our pure being that has incarnated into this body and whether we like it or not this is the most important part of us, not our minds.  This being is ultra sensitive and has been picking up subtle impressions from the environment through the heart centre of pure feeling even before we emerged from our mother’s womb. The centre of the heart is maintained when a person is able to accept and deal with any pain, but the moment we begin to repress and deny we begin to separate from that which is absolutely central to our health.

The healthy human heart needs warmth, is warmth and can give warmth to others. The deeper we dive into the heart and open to its super intelligent ways the more balanced, coherent, and healthy our bodies, minds, and emotions become.


Well, I’m just peachy!  Everything is good except for how the world is ending. We are so screwed, it’s not funny. I tell my friends to get out of the market and they don’t listen to me. Everyone is in denial and really doesn’t have a clue.
– Steve Schachter L.Ac.

No matter how many people are suffering and being threatened in the world with tremendous loss people have developed the ability to wall themselves off from the pain of others but now the majority of us are being faced with the end of all of that. En mass those in the first world and the upper classes everywhere have gained their security at a great cost – other peoples suffering. The rich societies and the elite have based their lives on the exploitation of others. One of my oldest and dearest friends, and a great acupuncturist from Gainesville Florida, wrote me the above in response to my questioning how things are with him and in the States.

The pure heart stops all thinking, all imagining and just experiences things and people as they are.

Denial is simply refusing to acknowledge that an event has occurred. The person affected simply acts as if nothing has happened, behaving in ways that others may see as bizarre. In its full form, it is totally subconscious. It may also have a significant conscious element, where the sufferer is simply ‘turning a blind eye’ to an uncomfortable situation. Optimists deny that things may go wrong. Pessimists deny they may succeed. Denial is a form of repression, where stressful thoughts are banned from memory. If I do not think about it, then I do not suffer the associated stress of having to deal with it. However, people engaging in denial can pay a high cost in terms of the psychic energy needed to maintain the denial state.

To dwell on pain is one thing; to dwell on facts is quite another. In other words, to understand the facts is how you avoid similar pain in the future.– Elliot Wave International

Repression and denial are two primary defense mechanisms which everybody uses. Denial is one of Freud’s original defense mechanisms and it is really hard to live without denial of one kind or another unless one is centered in the great courage of the heart. It is just because real security eludes us that we find ourselves in denial, and of course we deny that we are not centered in our true beings, living in our minds as much as we do.

People hide their insecurity in many ways. The mind is full of self-defense mechanisms so most people are unaware of their insecurities, unaware of their heart and the very center of being. Many secretly live with the protective stance of, “If people don’t see the real me, they cannot hurt the real me. That’s why people guard their vulnerabilities but in doing so they live without the benefit of the wide open and radiating heart. People mistakenly believe that their vulnerability is a weakness that must be hidden but in reality the most vulnerable person is the strongest for they are not afraid to suffer, though of course this is most unpleasant.

So the truth is that most people in the first world today simply do not possess the strength of character to handle losing their jobs, their homes and the inflated lifestyles that many of us have enjoyed. People today care little about what is right or wrong.  So Americans, for instance, too easily tolerate their government’s policy of endless war. What people care about is what is going to make themselves happy and comfortable.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, things were different.  Family units were much stronger, people knew how to rely on each other and most Americans possessed enough morality and inner strength so that they did not freak out when things went from bad to worse. Peoples’ hearts were stronger before the advent of television, before life became as easy as it has been these past fifty years.

Many have filled their minds with literally thousands of hours of character-rotting entertainment. Now our families are falling apart, we’ve raised entire generations who expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter. Now the world’s financial system is literally coming apart at the seams there is little that can be done to prevent a total economic breakdown. How will most Americans and other middle and upper class people respond when they lose their jobs, homes and way of life?

When things breakdown around us and in our own personal life it is really going to matter whether we have been living awake (without denial) and centered in our hearts, or not. Those most on the fringe are already ‘going postal’ because they simply do not know how to handle these setbacks. When people get desperate, their true character comes out. When the U.S. financial system completely fails one day, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted will probably evaporate in a matter of days, but few even see what is coming over the horizon and are still in complete denial even though you can see what is coming now even in the mainstream press.

But the reality is that an economic collapse does not have to be the end of the world. The open heart is a force that operates to protect and promote health and its wakeful intuition can guide us to new pastures. The difference between an open and closed heart explains, in part, why one individual might suffer a relatively mild attack of a disease like ulcerative colitis, another gets chronically crippled by the same disease, and a third might decline rapidly from the first attack and go on to die from the same thing another recovers quickly from.

Many physicians and therapists have noticed that certain people have a strong will to get better. There are some individuals who can become extremely sick, and because of an exceptionally ‘strong will’ heal. And there are people who suffer from mild illnesses, who lack this will, and despite the best of treatment and care, languish inside of their illness. They will not show significant improvements, or if they do, will end up bouncing from one illness to another.

Simply put, it is the abandonment of the seat of feelings, the repression and denial of the heart that is at the center of much illness and disease. When we repress our heartfelt feelings we repress our beings and this is something impossible to do without paying a steep price in terms of mental, emotional and physical health. There is a quality of heart and pure being that can be called grace. The grace of the heart offers us a quality of being that is healing, animating, invigorating, supporting, nurturing, and comforting. The grace of the heart offers an inner tranquility and peace that the mind by itself rarely possesses.

This is why I wrote HeartHealth, which gives direct and practical instructions how to return to the center of our being. I suffered my bouts with insecurity during the good times, during the age of abundance when those around me enjoyed life as had never been enjoyed before. Now many who have had it good are having to face difficulties that will challenge them to their very core so anything that will help bring people back to their real selves, to their real feelings that exist at the center of the heart will help them negotiate all that is about to come. Sadly for many it is too late and the arrogant are not interested in such things as the vulnerability of being. They are too busy being right about everything and this disgusts me to no end in the field of Pediatrics and that is why I wrote the Terror of Pediatric Medicine. And that is why this year I will try to finish and publish Humane Pediatrics.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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