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Keeping Warm This Winter & During the Next Ice Age

Published on December 11, 2013

a man splits logs for the pile

It is already the ice age of the human heart and now we will enter another kind of ice age, the kind that changes things on the surface of the planet. It’s about to get very cold. How do I know that? I have been writing about this for years but two factors are coming into focus.

First, the sun is at its most diminished rate of activity in 200 years, according to NASA and we are at a solar maximum so it is downhill (only going to get colder) from here. The second extraordinary factor, which is rearing its ugly head in the atmosphere, is global dimming. Scientists are well aware how heavy air traffic blocks some of the sun’s rays due to the exhaust pollution from the planes and they know what all of these powerful volcanoes that are going off in many parts of the world will do to world temperatures.

This year will go down on record as seeing the most volcanic eruptions in modern history. As of December 5, 2013, we are already at 83 and hear about new eruptions every week. The number of volcanoes erupting across the planet has been steadily rising from just 55 in 1990 with the average eruptions per year being somewhere between 50 and 60.

This is the latest big one to go off:

After a relatively calm period, a large vulcanian explosion occurred at the volcano this morning (04:30 GMT). VAAC Darwin reports an ash plume to 38,000 ft (12 km) altitude drifting 50 nautical miles to the NW. I guess that puts us at 84 but whose counting?

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With violent climate change we find selected parts of humanity lashed against the wheel of life. Trees are being ripped from their roots and the same is happening to peoples’ lives who are losing everything. Imagine what will happen to humanity if it gets colder. Certainly the most informed and intelligent people are going to do well when conditions worsen, as this appears inevitable.

It’s Cold Out There

Winter is coming on for the folks up north and it is best always to be prepared. The first cold snap killed at least 10 including . 3 in California.  On the ground it already feels like the ice age is upon us but it always feels that way in the beginning of a long hard cold winter. So it’s a good time to think about the cold and the smart ones have already prepared their houses.

Heavy snow and unseasonable cold is in the forecast for many parts of the States. By Saturday afternoon, the weather-related tally of significant events had included: a record-low temperature of 42 degrees below zero in Jordan. If you have not heard it before hear it again that record low temperatures always means global warming is the cause. I would like to see Al Gore and his friends explain why Antarctica just set record of -135.8 degrees ! On Monday, the coldest U.S. temperature was a relatively balmy 27 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in Yellowstone, Wyoming.

According to Ryan Maue, PhD Meteorologist at, “overnight, temp anomalies get worse — larger areas of 40-50°F below normal. Sorry folks but these kinds of patterns before we are even officially in winter do not look good for global warming scarecrows.

The U.S. National Solar Observatory, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and astrophysicists across the planet have reported for years that low sunspot activity may result in a sustained cooling period on Earth. No one alive has been around to see solar conditions at such lows.

NASA notes:

Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715. Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the “Little Ice Age” when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past.

During the Maunder Minimum and for periods either side of it, many European rivers which are ice-free today – including the Thames – routinely froze over, allowing ice skating and even for armies to march across them in some cases.

Agence France-Presse reports:

For years, scientists have been predicting the Sun would by around 2012 move into solar maximum, a period of intense flares and sunspot activity, but lately a curious calm has suggested quite the opposite.

According to three studies released in the United States on Tuesday, experts believe the familiar sunspot cycle may be shutting down and heading toward a pattern of inactivity unseen since the 17th century.

Not everyone is so ready to brave the cold like those who train with it as a form of therapy for increasing endurance and strength. The significance of wood heat as an energy resource can be seen during a drive through small towns or down country lanes: The long lines of piled firewood in the yards prove that heating with wood remains a viable option. But what you will not see as you drive is something very interesting to warm your toes in the cold long nights ahead.


Until recently most people did not know that you can now sleep, not inside your far infrared sauna, but on top of it on special devices in the comfort of one’s own bed. They are called BioMats, and are approved medical devices that heat you from the inside out with far infrared light. This raises core body temperature making one’s immune system considerably stronger and comes in handy when fighting colds, flu and even cancer.

These BioMats treat or help you treat just about every ailment known to mankind. You don’t want to have a flu and not have a BioMat but another important point to these devices is that you can turn the heat off in the house at night and just heat your body. It is nothing like sleeping on a heating pad. The BioMat does not get very hot to the touch but when its light interacts with all the water molecules in your body you will feel the encircling warmth.

Treating what ails you, while you are sleeping, with money that was destined to one’s heating bill, makes sense. Believe me it’s impossible to get cold sleeping on a BioMat! You can even buy a queen and a king sized unit and get the whole family warm. Consenting adults should know that the BioMat is a wonderful place for lovemaking to happen on.

The BioMat

The BioMat is one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure to own and work with though my protocol does not stop here when it comes to employing light frequencies for curing the most difficult diseases. Bioresonance therapy is coming to the world of medicine in a big way. President Putin in Russia uses it and so will most people in the future.

The point though of this essay is the cold winter and preparing for it. In Chinese medicine cold is one of the main causes of disease. Low body temperature, because of insufficient iodine/thyroid function and because of exposure to cold damp conditions, threatens our health with heat being the answer and cure to cold conditions.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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