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On The Beach

Published on January 6, 2014

New radioactive ‘plume’ rising from Fukushima Nuclear Facility, now blanketing U.S

A public health official detected increased radiation levels on a California beach showing radiation levels at approximately 500% of normal levels. On the beach is exactly where you do not want to go and it looks like the further from the Pacific Ocean you are the longer you are going to live. But for all those who do not believe radiation is dangerous and for all doctors and patients who believe that the kind of radiation they use for cancer treatment and standard diagnostics including x-rays is safe I recommend a holiday in the Northern Pacific.

I hope to God that people who read this paragraph will understand what it is saying and what this video is showing us and what Michael Snyder was saying last week, “The west coast of the United States is being absolutely fried by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the mainstream media is not telling us the truth about this.” Most models display that the western coast and the middle belt of the U.S. will get the brunt of the radiation.

“Absolutely fried” is quite an imaginary number leaving everyone free to fill in the blanks? But this health official walking around on the beach is showing the story. We know what they will say for now is what they say on the site with the above video. Look hard at the list that Snyder provided. Look and then run or be cool with your fate or start a detox program that never ends. Remember the closer you are to the west coast the higher the radiation levels will go sooner but it will go up around the globe eventually. Super bummer but that’s what you get for being part of a stupid suicidal race.

The video shows some real numbers on the beach:

This video has drawn the attention of public health officials. Since being posted last week, the short video has increased public concerns that radioactive material could be landing on the local coastline after traveling from Japan as a result of the 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

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Counts per minute is a standard way for Geiger counters to measure radiation, but it does not directly equate to the strength or its hazard level to humans. Those factors depend on the type of radioactive particles and isotope and if you swallow a particle or breathe one in it’s a totally different story that you don’t want your children to participate in.

North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone FDA Refuses to Test Fish for Radioactivity ... Government Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe

Things do not have to get worse at Fukushima for us to say goodbye to life as we know it on planet earth. I would say the next ten years in the northern hemisphere is going to be brutal FOR MORE THAN SEVERAL REASONS. Record breaking cold and wind chill are giving high latitude dwellers something to worry about as the sun diminishes according to normal cycles and as volcanoes continue to explode causing even more cooling. Intense heat does grip certain parts of the globe but the trend is into extremely fierce winters.

The radiation contamination will turn ugliest on the west coasts of north and Central America first, but through the years the concentrations will rise and move further east and of course south. The only thing I can think of spoiling this deadly image are high flying particles of plutonium that have gotten everywhere and God only knows when one will settle down into your lungs.

Insane human scientists and governmental officials have supported the creation of plutonium on earth and just 50 miles west of San Francisco is a huge underwater plutonium dump of this material from the devil—a gift from our lovely government that of course has everyone’s best interest at heart. Many people vote for and applaud governmental officials for all their good work and if you trust them and their declarations that nothing is dangerous I wish you luck.

Meanwhile the Department of Health and Human Services has just ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, the compound that protects the body from radioactive poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents, to be delivered before the beginning of February.

Move east and probably as far south as you can if you can afford to move anywhere. Begin to bring understanding to one’s children for if they want to have a chance at anything like a normal life on a toxic planet they will have to take defensive measures for the rest of their lives. That goes for adults as well. People are already dying in increasing numbers but most will say that “we have to wait and see”. Even the American eagle is dying as are other species in the Pacific region. In the next few weeks I will publish extensively on how my Natural Allopathic protocol, provides substantial protection not only for radiation exposure but for the cancer it brings.

Experts at Canada’s Vancouver Aquarium say they are puzzled by what is causing thousands of sunflower starfish, or sea stars, to die in the waters of Vancouver Harbor and Howe Sound. What is even more startling is the way the creatures perish — by quickly dissolving in a phenomenon the aquarium has dubbed Sea Star Wasting Syndrome. “They have disintegrated, and now there is just goo left,” says research diver and taxonomist Donna Gibbs.

Since Fukushima death rates have been headed up and we saw that right away with the very young and in fetal deaths. Now we are seeing that in broad areas of increasing mortality for unexplained reasons and I bet you big bucks that this flu season will see much higher death rates but not because the viral bug is any stronger. It is we who are weaker and that’s how it goes with radiation. Cancer comes eventually but the angel of death can come sooner through the flu and obviously other disorders as well.

Fairewind’s Arnie Gundersen discusses sources of radiation the Japanese government is not taking into consideration when assessing the risk to its people and the rest of the world.

A little fear at this point is appropriate unless you do not believe in fear. People who do not believe in fear or do not know anything about the wisdom of fear know nothing of courage either. Yes too much fear can be the mind slayer, as Heinlein said so many years ago, but to use fear as an excuse to not communicate and share openly — I don’t think so. I believe in courage because I know fear and am not afraid of her. When we are afraid of fear (no one likes it) then fear has power over us—but heroes know something else.

Viral mortality rates are rising. Social safety nets, traditional & bureaucratic, are fraying as fast as are community & private reserves. Health officials in England are investigating a sudden rise in death rates in the elderly, particularly among women. Around 600 more people – mainly elderly – have died every week so far this year compared with the average for the last five years, official figures show.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, shows death rates from these stomach illnesses, collectively known as gastroenteritis, have doubled over the past decade. Hepatitis C deaths are also on the rise according to the CDC. Cancer causing viral infections such as HBV/HCV and HPV are responsible for up to 20% of cancer deaths. Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030.

A team of Chinese scientists published a study in the Science China Earth Sciences journal showing that the radioactive plume crosses the ocean in a nearly straight line toward North America, and that it appears to stay together with little dispersion.

Arnie Gundersen recently said, “These hot radioactive releases (not physically hot, but radioactive hot – meaning they contain radioactive fission products) have been occurring for the entire 33 months following the triple meltdown. The difference now is that the only time we visibly notice these ongoing releases is on the cold days with atmospheric conditions cold enough to condense hot vapor into steam.”

“There have been a number of unsubstantiated rumors going around about “new problems” at unit 3. Information is always better than rumor. We pulled the reactor data for the last week for unit 3. Temperatures are within expected and historical levels. Xenon 135 is monitored as an indicator of fission and is consistent at levels well below anything that would indicate anything outside of normal for the state of unit 3. The steam at unit 3 is a long ongoing problem and is not a new issue.”

We have to worry about what is happening and has been happening and what is destined to happen in the future as the relentless radiation continues to contaminate year after year. I had put a call into Fairewinds when writing about what was published by the Turner Radio site and others and got his dependable view right after publishing yesterday the information that again shows that radiation is continuing to seep, not just into the water but into the sky. Most of us are fooling ourselves about the increasing danger of radiation contamination and I suggest a read of radiation symptoms. RADIATION IS NOT SAFE NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

One reader wrote me saying, “Given your conclusion from a few hours ago it is time to retract this story. Fear causes people to do foolish things that can kill (many on the west coast of the US overdosed on iodine and required medical attention). Please be responsible and if you have concluded that there is no new fission going on than retract this story.”

I decided not to retract because although there might be no new fission there certainly is old and continuing fission because there is fission every day from the remnants in the reactor and that is the point I took from Arnie Gundersen. He was saying the building is not going to explode because of something new but the continuing steam is more than enough to worry us and now earthquakes have been registered in the local area leaving increasing fears about the stability of the Fukushima plant.

Special Note: From the beginning of the Fukushima nightmare I have relied on Arnie Gundersen and his wife Maggie and their Fairewinds organization for reliable information about this disaster. I noticed when writing this, my #51 essay on Fukushima, that Fairewinds is in need of funds and starting this month I will begin to tithe money to them each month and I will ask my readership who can afford to send Arnie money to send what they can. We need Arnie and his wisdom on nuclear issues!

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