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One More Rape – One More Terror Attack – When Will It Be Enough to Wake Politicians Up?

Published on January 2, 2017

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Besides the Christmas and New Year’s terror attacks, there is some good news on the anti-molestation rape front. German police said on Sunday they had prevented a repeat of the assaults and robberies suffered by hundreds of women in Cologne a year ago. Last year, on New Year’s Eve, 1,000 Muslim men stood outside of a train station in front of a great Cathedral in Germany and molested and raped women.

Mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany and France, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy and child marriages. Refugees have also been responsible for a host of social disruptions, including jihadist attacks, a migrant rape epidemic, a public health crisis, rising crime and a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons for self-defense — and even to abandon Germany altogether. It has also turned Stockholm into the rape capital of the world.

It hurts to have to repeatedly hammer on the sexual violence story. Sexual violence against women and children is the ugliest form of terrorism that happens everywhere even in the sanctity of the home. There is a host of pictures on google that give a partial glimpse of the human devastation of rape, which has always been an epidemic among humans.

Recently though rape has taken on a religious dimension where we have Muslim men raping and enslaving white women with religious justification as part of the motive. Catholic priests continue their own rampage but it is not on the scale of Islamic sanctioned treatment of infidel women.  

Stay Calm

The German government pleaded for calm again a few weeks ago after the arrest of a teenage Afghan asylum seeker for the alleged rape and murder of a German student triggered fresh criticism of the country’s liberal refugee policy. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who invited an army of rapists into her country, of course warned against “rejecting an entire group,” even though these kinds of sexual attacks and violence are common place. She would rather stick to her ideals and principles than address the escalating violence against German women. She and most of the mainstream politicians are tolerating the intolerable.

Likewise, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the murder of the 19-year-old medical student should not be used to whip up hatred against all refugees. “We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them.” To him it was just another rape. “Such horrible murders already happened before the first Afghan or Syrian refugee arrived here,” Gabriel said.

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News of the arrest triggered strong reaction on social media with some people saying an ironic “thank you” to Merkel, whose open-door asylum policy brought a record number of migrants and refugees into Germany last year. A week later the heat was on Merkel again, from within and outside her own party following a Terrorist Act in a Berlin Christmas Market that left a now revised 12 dead and 48 injured. Most recently, we had the New Year attack in Turkey.

We can sing about peace but it is war we have between Muslims, Christians and Jews. It is an ancient war that will not finish until we have an end to all religious fundamentalism.

Europe Needs New Politicians

When will it be enough to wake politicians up? The answer is never. The present crop of politicians in Europe will not change so they need to be replaced, and they will be eventually. Geert Wilders, a popular member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) has some harsh words:

“The German authorities are dangerously underestimating the threat of Islam… They have betrayed their own citizens. Let no one tell you that only the perpetrators of these crimes are to blame. The politicians, who welcomed Islam into their country, are guilty as well. And it is not just Frau Merkel in Germany; it is the entire political elite in Western Europe.”

“Out of political-correctness, they have deliberately turned a blind eye to Islam. They have refused to inform themselves about its true nature. They refuse to acknowledge that is all in the Koran: the permission to kill Jews and Christians (Surah 9:29), to terrorize non-Muslims (8:12), to rape young girls (65:4), to enslave people for sex (4:3), to lie about one’s true goals (3:54), and the command to make war on the infidels (9:123) and subjugate the entire world to Allah (9:33).”

“We will have to de-Islamize our societies…. But it all begins with politicians with the courage to face and speak the truth.”

France is under Islamist siege. What is reality in France today? Violence is spreading. Not just terrorist attacks; pure gang violence. It instills a growing feeling of insecurity in hospitals, at schools, in the streets — even in the police. The media does not dare to say that this violence is coming mainly from Muslim gangs — “youths,” as they call the in the French media, to avoid naming who they are. A climate of civil war, however, is spreading visibly in the police, schools, hospitals and politics.

People are looking for solutions but unfortunately there is none that are acceptable to our sense of humanity, which leaves civilization in a pickle. The West actually supports and feeds terrorism meaning their governments are the biggest supporters of terrorism. Just look at their support and total acceptance of Saudi Arabia to see what I mean. It is possible to trace the cause of the refugee crisis to Western governments but in reality Islam has been attacking the West since the 7th century.

The elite of this world do not care how many people get raped day after day because they themselves are into rape on an entirely different scale. The mainstream press, owned by the super-rich, do not care about rape either for they are too busy raping the consciousness of the entire public with lies and constant distortions of reality.

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The head of the Islamic Education and Research Academy, Abdur Raheem Green, is a former jihadist who warns Muslims of a Jewish “stench,” encourages the death penalty as a “suitable and effective” punishment for homosexuality and adultery, and has ruled that wife-beating “is allowed.”

Multiculturalism with Muslims Does Not Work

The days of sacrificing the safety and security of citizens of the West for the sake of multiculturalism, are over. In order for multiculturalism to work, it must be a two-way street between people that share common values of respect of each other’s culture. Islam does not give itself to anyone in this regard not even to themselves, where we find Sunni and Shite in their eternal war.

Everyone needs to be against rape. Unfortunately, when it comes to infidel women you will not find this agreement among radical Muslims or among anyone who takes the Quran and associated religious works of Mohammed seriously.

The great majority of us do not want to see that we are at war with a merciless enemy has declared war on us. War has been declared on Western civilization. To accept defeat and docilely do what jihadists want us to do is just not acceptable. Muslims had Obama and Democrats like Clinton to defend their cause but in a few weeks, they will have Trump. Let us hope he will be tougher and more realistic in fighting the right wars against the right people.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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