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Political Freak-Out

Published on November 17, 2016

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You know I never thought I would enter politics but I have, at least by writing about it. It is a glorious time to be watching politics these days because so much is happening. What happens in politics, I am realizing (after 64 years), is important because these are the people who largely decide our long-term fate.

We have every reason to be nervous because the mainstream of political power both here and in Europe are freaking out as their voting public is turning against the horror show they have allowed to go on for decades. If you include the ruling elite in this, which we should, since they pull the puppet strings on the politicians, then the foulness of action has been going on for almost forever.

The ruling classes on our planet have pretty much done all the wrong things putting us squarely into the mess we find ourselves in today. This essay is not for anyone who believes everything is fine for I am not about to do any convincing. The worst does not have to happen for us to see it on the horizon as a probable future. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt in our world. Don`t you think that will crush us and our children sooner than later?

People who want to pretend, deny and go as far as hallucinate about reality should not be allowed to participate in a democracy. Like getting a driver’s license there should be some minimal requirements that should be quite high, so high that it’s only a highly educated—open—public that votes, leads and decides.

Dreams of a highly intelligent, sensitive and open to truth groups of individuals should be deciding our collective futures but this hardly describes the elite who are running this world through all the governments they control.

There are no Democrats in this category because there is hardly a Democrat who is really open to look at anything but what they already see. When I say open that means open to listen. Being open to listen entails being willing and able to see someone`s position that is different than one`s own. Democrats cannot do that. Just bring up the topic of climate change. You will see what I mean. The big test for the Democrats is coming from Nature not Trump so they better watch their backs.

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I say no Democrats and that breaks the laws of general semantics but let’s see if one of them gets on TV and says sorry but the world is cooling off alarmingly and global warming was all a big mistake/scam. Then we will know there is one Democrat. Think that will come anytime soon?

I will ask that question again but first provide the information that in a good part of Asia it is 50-degree F below normal and that blizzards are striking hard all over the northern hemisphere. Global warming is piling up on the streets in the form of snow! Do I have to remind you that it is only the middle of November?

In the warmest year on record winter is striking hard three weeks early. Of course, this is not a scientific issue only politicians have the wisdom to hash it out. It should get really interesting as the globe cools and the snow drifts build this winter if President Trump himself has to not only withdraw American money from all climate agreements, but has to become a weatherman and tell the public what is happening in real time because American news (elite owned) will not.

Nature herself is going to destroy the Democratic mind as well as the political party which dared to lie about what is going on in Nature. That includes the press which deserves the worst civilization can throw back at it. The American press has surely earned itself the title Ministry of Propaganda.

As early as this winter, which in the middle of November is already hitting hard, human thought and belief systems as well as repulsive intellectual corruption will be crushes by the ice-cold beginning of the next mini ice age. That will be no small event with every level of civilization destined to be affected.

Sick Politicians

It is interesting writing about politics but it is has not been fun to watch sick American and European politicians risk all our lives threatening us with a war with Russia, and even China. How about calling them war criminals conducting crimes against humanity? Who are we kidding but ourselves when we think everything is all right and going to be fine.

These people, criminals or just criminally insane are the ones who are crying about the bad people who are raising their voices from the increasingly loud and more powerful right. These (today) mostly Democrats of the left and the middle are crying like seventh graders attacking the newly rising right with sticks and stones as well as with words but always with the same words because there is no substance to their words.

We know what they are calling Trumps selection of chief advisor. They are old names, judgments, ways of just shouting people down with the minimum of effort but this has painted the established order into a dark corner which compels people to start resisting by electing others.

Things are cooling off fast yet politics is heating up and heading for the overthrow of the politicians of the present order but there is no assurances that the new right in Europe and America can navigate their ships of state in the middle of a crisis that no one will be able to control once it really settles in.

Amazing the amount of time the insanity has gone on and most of us are guilty of riding the tiger enjoying the best we can the time given us to prepare and get our house and family in order. Well not all of us are prepared in fact few are. Imagine yourself in today`s Venezuela and you can see what is probably right around the corner coming soon into most people and countries lives.

In the below chart we see the sudden strong increase of ice in Greenland.


Everything the alternative economists and financial people are saying about a coming financial and economic collapse will be made worse by rapid onset of the exact opposite the ruling elite is saying is happening. Rapid onset of global cooling and the onset of a mini-ice age is going to be hard on our modern civilization that is already totally exhausted struggling with tall mountain ranges of debt. 2017 will be a wild year and it has already begun.

The below chart shows the rapid change of surface temperatures over land.


Too much Trump on the brain is not going to help but hopefully the right man was elected to lead Americans and the other right wing parties of the world into intelligent decisive action when the shit literally hits the fan. It is going to be hard. We have to be smart and that is hard in a world so full of deception and outright evil.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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