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America Is Going Down With Its Bonds – Full-Scale Invasion of America – War

Published on October 10, 2023

The world is changing before our eyes. Red flags are popping up everywhere. The high-speed train to insanity will not stop until it is forcibly stopped by reality, and that will be a cruel day. It will be a time of collapse as debt and interest rates overwhelm us. Already, the implosion in long-term bond prices is among the ugliest drops in financial history. The Treasury bonds market crash can potentially rip the world’s financial system. In a world swimming in debt, interest rates are above 2007 levels, and we have twice as much debt now as we had back then.

Karl Denniger writes, “With a current US GDP of $23 trillion and a $2 trillion deficit, the implied inflation rate is 8.7% across the entire economy. A person would be crazy to lend you money at a negative real rate of return. Thus, it would be reasonable to expect that a one-year bond would cost you at least 10% interest in that environment. Today’s short-term rates are half that, and if the escalation continues, the lag effect (as you can see, the rate is behind the inflationary spending!) will shortly turn into a vertical rate ramp and make paying both interest and the desired programs of the government impossible.” You might want to consider this an interest rate doom loop.

Hundreds of thousands of people are dead because
of what should have been an entirely avoidable war had
someone been in charge on the West’s side that wanted peace.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says, “Providing assistance for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans.” This is probably the most insane, inhumane remark coming out of the United States, haunted by politicians so seriously out of touch with people’s concerns that they easily qualify as psychopaths.

However, after giving Ukraine 100 billion dollars, we can conclude it is not just McConnell, Republicans, or Democrats. It is the whole stinking collective lot of them who live and work in the Washington, DC, area, and there is no decontamination process strong enough to remove the stink except for a tiny group of Republicans. The rest are into the illusion of fake money wealth, which has been concentrated and pushed to its ultimate limit. The Fed’s policies of extreme credit market intervention of the entire economy have taken the Western world for a wild ride that is about to end.

image of McConnell explaining the #1 priority of the US right now

The delivery of US-made long-range missiles to Ukraine could lead to a nuclear conflict, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned. American media reported last month that the Biden administration had agreed to supply a “small number” of ATACMS rockets to Kyiv.

On Friday, Lukashenko said he believed that the “Americans are pushing the Russians toward the use of the most dreadful weapon” by providing Ukraine with long-range missiles. He was referring to ATACMS rockets, which would allow Kyiv to strike targets some 300km (190 miles) inside Russian territory.

There is no rigour within the cadres destroying America.
Their science is rubbish, the fruits of their work, demonic.
Elizabeth Nickson

GOP lawmakers could remove Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla. from the House. It’s another rare move in Washington, but it’s an idea backed by some GOP officials. Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb. said, “He shouldn’t be in the Republican Party.” This shows how nasty Republicans can be, wanting war and killing people so badly that they would eliminate Gaetz because he is getting in their way. Foul is the right word for most Republicans, and insane is the correct word for most Democrats.

Chuck Baldwin writes, “Biden is fighting this war in an attempt to protect his crime family’s international criminal conduct. Biden doesn’t give a hoot in hell about what the impact of anything he does has on the people of the United States—or on the people of Ukraine, for that matter.”

A few sane ones are doing their best to cut off funding for the destruction of the Ukrainian people. These same ones want to build up defenses at the southern border and not let anyone through. They are trying to stop the government in its tracks with a shutdown. Still, there is no erasing the insanity that led the country into severe debt that if fair accounting rules were applied, the United States of America would be declared bankrupt. The West has no such thing as fairness, honesty, or justice. And there is no real money left in the West, only debt piled on top of debt.

It looks increasingly like a world at war as fierce fighting and absolute terror overtake Israel and Gaza. We can only cry thinking of the men, women, and children cut down in mass. And now Gaza will be turned even further into a hell on earth—the misery in Ukraine with its 500,000 dead—the suffering of humanity is about to get worse.

Bob Moran Art UFO

However, the government has a cosmic credit card backed by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Treasury Department, yet the consequence is inflation which rapes the ordinary person blind. America’s population remains in a perpetual 50–50 deadlock, which prevents anyone’s votes from changing the status quo, and the status quo just happens to be perpetually frozen along lines that hugely advantage the rich and powerful. The situation is so bad that it’s an open hunting season on Americans gutted with genetic vaccines and various governmental institutions.

Americans are blessed with a government and media that has its people worrying about tyrannical enemies in Beijing and Moscow instead of tyrannical enemies at home. Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy has unveiled a sweeping plan to shut down federal agencies, including the FBI, and cut more than a million federal jobs should he win the presidency. It probably would be better to shut down the entire government and start all over again.

Ramaswamy’s initial proposal included shutting down five federal agencies: the FBI, the Department of Education, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. He said he intends to slash the federal workforce by half in his first year as president and further reduce it by 75% during his first term.

There is a full-scale invasion on America’s southern border, yet almost all of Washington’s politicians care about the Ukrainian border with Russia. Biden’s press secretary is forced to lie about the invasion to protect the American public from the truth that their nation is failing. Democrats are all in for suciding their country, yet more Republicans than we would like are joined at the hip to destroy 200 years of history.

Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that President Biden’s policies are “stopping the flow”
at the border and that he has “done more than anybody to secure the border.”

The military is not interested in defending America, and every official who has taken the oath to protect America from foreign and domestic threats is betraying their oaths. The most significant danger, besides the hun hoards crossing the border, are American politicians themselves. The world would be much safer if some aliens lifted Washington DC and moved it to another planet. Of course, the aliens would have to include the CIA. Still, there seems to be no salvation for anyone involved in running America. The present administration has created a situation already that, in all likelihood, there is no recovery from.

Besides some right-leaning media outlets, there has been a blackout of news coverage by the corporate press about the latest border crisis flare-up. Musk’s mission on the border yesterday was to show how X can be a powerful tool to share real-time coverage about what’s really happening on the ground that entirely bypasses legacy and dying corporate media outlets.

The Insanity and Viciousness Knows No Bounds

air vax image

Researchers have developed an airborne mRNA vaccine offering a vehicle to vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent rapidly. A team from Yale University has developed a new airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs. The technique has already been used to vaccinate mice intranasally, “opening the door for human testing in the near future.

Probably the only presidential candidate who would object to such a thing is Kennedy, who has recently decided to run as an independent, so disgusted with the Democratic party he is. And suppose he was assassinated like his uncle and father while Biden denied Secret Service protection. In that case, the president will be remembered without a doubt as one of the worst human beings in history. Politics could not get any uglier.

The Total Collapse Of Reality Could Be At Hand


Oh sure, this is a result of a regular brush fire.

“This issue of gender ideology, I think, has been so toxic for American culture. And it’s spreading,” said Ms. Mercedes Schlapp. “If we lose our children, if we become a genderless society, if we continue to create confusion here in America, it will be the fall of this great country,” she added. She did not say that America is already falling hard, but most Americans and almost all politicians do not seem aware of it yet.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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