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American & World Doom Loop into Hell

Published on October 30, 2023

We are headed toward global and domestic armed conflict. It would help if you looked around to see what’s going down. Fear and denial are our enemies right now. Americans should be paranoid because their government is their enemy, as it is to most of the world. The elites have seized control of America and most of Europe and have no intention of relinquishing their wealth, power, and control, so expect the worst.

The same can be said of the state of Israel, which completely betrayed its people by wholeheartedly signing up for Pfizer’s experiment. How many Jewish men, women, and children were killed in the most nasty medical experiment in history? You would think that they would have learned something from the Nazi medical experiments in the concentration camps but no. Something is wrong over there; I wonder what it is.

Eight-year-old Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, who was featured in a
2020 Israeli commercial promoting COVID-19 vaccinations for children,
died last month of sudden cardiac arrest. Israel, a “lab for Pfizer,” showed
a significant myocarditis safety signal soon after introducing the shots.

Reports confirm that the Jewish government failed the men, women, and children on the border of Gaza as the military was pulled out before the attack. Looks like another 9-11! The entire story is too horrid to tell. It seems like the Israeli government has gotten into the habit of sacrificing its people. They gave Hamas a free pass into Israel so they could slaughter and take hostages. Again, we can expect the worst, even in America. The American media is reporting on Gaza as thousands are bombed and starved out of existence. It is already a massacre, but now the long-awaited ground invasion has started; expect an absolute horror show. And now we have a war-mongering new speaker of the house who thinks America is good and its enemies evil. Some things never change.

Politicians are doing their very best to prove to the rest of us that they are the worst breed of human beings. They have taken the word peace out of the English language. What is coming to America and the world is their fault, though the power brokers behind them hold the primary responsibility. Look to London City for that. Rothchilds anyone? The Military Industrial Complex? How about the chemical and pharmaceutical complex?

COVID vaccines already proved
there is a world war against humanity.

The New York Times just printed, “Experts say that the short and long-term cardiovascular risks of COVID-19 are becoming clearer three years into the pandemic. Yet we read from the Kennedy Foundation The Defender, “Freedom of Information Act emails obtained by DailyClout show high-level officials at the White House, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatricians knew COVID-19 vaccines were linked to myocarditis and death, yet doubled-down on vaccine mandates.” It is truly amazing that no one has gone to jail and that they are continuing to promote genetic vaccines.

Vasko Kohlmayer writes, “Instead of holding the world together, America’s political leadership has, in fact, inflicted wholesale chaos, death, and destruction in many places across the globe. It has attacked and invaded sovereign nations, shattered societies, created instability, and caused the deaths of millions.” This essay started and continues below is mainly about America, whose government loves war. No one should be comfortable with what is happening now, and it is perfectly sane to fear what is coming.

Tom Friedman uttered his dire warning in the New York Times on Thursday last:

“I believe that if Israel rushes headlong into Gaza now [unilaterally] to destroy Hamas — it will be making a grave mistake that will be devastating for Israeli interests and American interests.”

“It could trigger a global conflagration and explode the entire pro-American alliance structure that the U.S. has built…I am talking about the Camp David peace treaty, the Oslo Peace Accords, the Abraham Accords, and the possible normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The whole thing could go up in flames.

“Unfortunately, the senior U.S. official told [Friedman], Israeli military leaders are more hawkish than the prime minister. They are red with rage and determined to deliver a blow to Hamas that the whole neighborhood will never forget.”

We now know they did not listen to Friedman’s advice as the invasion has begun.

Shoppers are being forced to wait as long as 40 minutes
to buy basic essentials like baby formula and body wash as major
retailers lock up products to counter skyrocketing rates of theft.

Meanwhile, Americans reacted with disbelief as Joe Biden went for yet another beach vacation despite the world teetering on the brink of full-scale war, despite Americans still being held hostage by terrorists, and despite the announcement of record numbers of illegals pouring into the country.

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, said, “The White House fool, his insane neoconservative regime, mindless European puppets, and whore Western media have convinced Russia that there is neither intelligence nor reason to be found in the Western World and Russia has no alternative but to prepare for war. I have long warned that this was the conclusion toward which our irresponsible leaders were driving the Russians. What this means is that the slightest mistake, the slightest false warning can now ignite nuclear Armageddon.”

Around the world, there has been a deafening silence over excess
deaths from governments and the mainstream media, who not so
long ago were entirely fixated on the daily death toll from COVID-19.

Robert Card is responsible for killing at least 18 people and injuring several others. This is a relatively common occurrence in America, but you will never hear that such deranged people were on a dangerous pharmaceutical or not. The pharmaceutical companies easily get away with murder, but those on their drugs do not.

Debt Death Spiral Is A Hand

Politicians should have known that debt, once it passes the Rubicon from extreme to just plain madness, destroys nations. Just ask the former Spanish, British, or Dutch empires. Ask the Yugoslavians of the 1990s, a historian of Ancient Rome, or a merchant in modern Argentina. Neither party will fix the deficits. Neither party will do anything about mounting debt. No one will do anything about anything because the political system is broken and inhabited by demented men and women.

The beaten-up can kicked repeatedly down the road is about to go over the cliff and take the dollar with it because artificially low-interest rates have encouraged even greater borrowing, resulting in more accumulated debt. The time bought by this tactic is now ending as interest rates have begun to return to levels better, reflecting the heightened credit and counterparty risk of the federal government’s debt mountain, which is rapidly approaching $34 trillion. America is rushing toward a tipping point because as the debt rises, so does the interest expense burden from carrying that debt. It is a doom loop already well advanced, and the world is caught up in it.

John Leake writes, “It’s because our system of constant, out-of-control credit expansion can only be justified by a state of constant and dramatic conflict. War is the organizing principle of our financial system and political economy—war against emerging infections, diseases, war against all of the world’s bad guys, war against climate change, war against each other.”

Chaos is at hand, but most will be taken by surprise. The situation is much worse than anyone thinks. What can Americans expect with men like this Senate Leader above running things in the government? Actually, the whole lot of them should resign or prostrate themselves and beg forgiveness for being so stupid about manmade global warming as winter comes crashing hard into the states in October. They are all cowards! Americans think they can elect someone who will make a difference. It is just an illusion of democracy.

The Arctic blast currently being experienced in Canada and the United States isn’t done with the U.S. just yet — far from it. The first half of Halloween week promises to deliver a widespread temperature crash, with only Florida spared the freezing point. The crash will be almost instantaneous, with temperatures falling 20 degrees or more in mere hours if not minutes.

The FOX Forecast Center has said: “The cold air invasion has already begun and will reach its maximum extent on Tuesday and Wednesday, as more than 240 million Americans feel the chill.” The first polar plunge of the season will impact “about 70% of the nation,” said Ian Oliver, FOX Weather meteorologist. And a 104-year-old low-temperature record was just broken in Canada’s B.C.

As winter begins so early, will they double down and pretend it’s the warmest moment in modern history? The first winter storm of the season is dumping snow across parts of the nation and, in part, will reach Cuba and Miami. Half of Russia is already covered with snow. Before winter starts in two months, we will already be tired of winter. So much for all the hot air.

The global warming scam is another war
on humanity, on us carbon-based beings.

Climate change and zero carbon policies are the biggest ripoffs in human history. The prime minister of Canada is in China talking about zero carbon, but that is ridiculous since the Chinese are putting new coal-fired energy plants online almost weekly and have invested heavily in coal infrastructure.

Perhaps the enormous embarrassment of climate change will change the political dynamic, but I doubt it. Carbon Dioxide is a “particularly ridiculous choice as a pollutant,” says atmospheric scientist and Emeritus Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT. Our civilization is truly fucked if the media and politicians think they know better than the best scientists we have. No good or even half-good synonym exists for this widely used four-letter word.

It does look like some people are coming to their senses. U.S. data show that only 2% of kids and 7% of adults have gotten the new COVID-19 shots.

Arrest Them


“Recently, I wrote about a “World Gone Mad,” I now understand that my title was a gross understatement. Madness indicates psychotic behavior, but what is going on today, while most assuredly psychotic, is also intentional, completely planned, and implemented with full consciousness by evil forces. To make matters worse, the pathetic masses are taking sides, fomenting hate, supporting their chosen masters, and tearing apart all that is right, thus allowing this insane tyranny and carnage to continue unabated,” writes Gary D. Barnett.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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