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War Against Evil

Published on January 2, 2024

The Colorado Supreme Court’s action against candidate DJ Trump is the first shot in an American civil war. The political Left has finally managed to expose itself with its drive to destroy the election process and, with it, the United States of America. Once upon a time, America was a democracy, but now that is broken. Unless the Democrats are ready to abandon the country they are so set on destroying, it will eventually boil down to violence.

Having uncomfortable conversations and clashes suits a democratic society because it can lead to conflict resolution. But that is not the way of America any longer. Thus, criminals have taken over the country and the public media. James Howard Kunstler puts it this way:

“This is what you get from a regime that faked its way to power and now must strain to cover up its long train of crimes, abuses, and effronteries to common sense while running out of tricks to keep fooling even its own deranged followers. Somehow, the act of kicking a leading candidate off the ballot has finally registered as inconsistent with “defending our democracy.” Of course, the reckless abuse of law — “lawfare” — proceeds from the Left’s disrespect for boundaries and limits, which is exactly what law in principle concerns itself with.”

Is it going to be a civil war of one part of a population against another or a different kind of war? Mark E. Jeftovic wrote, “The next, worldwide conflict (“World War III”, in essence) will not be a geo-political struggle of the US vs China, or West vs East, or NATO vs China/Russia: it will be populations against their own governments.” Specifically, such a war in the United States should start against the FDA, CDC, NIH, the UN, and the WHO for starters. Much evil is found in the heart of these pro-COVID vaccine organizations.

“The old politics of right versus left, and Republican opposed
to Democrats have now given way to a new existential struggle:
Americans must choose between civilization—or itsdestroyers.”
Victor Davis Hanson

COVID Warfare

Wars are not only fought with guns and missiles. Hardly anyone sees that we are already in the middle of a World War, a COVID war, and it is broad-based and international in scope. It is a war against humans and perhaps people need to be shot for it to stop. The Brownstone Institute describes it well describing what happened with the attack using a laboratory-created bioweapon and then experimental genetic vaccines:

“We could know for certain that there had been a change in the matrix in March 2020 because, seemingly out of nowhere, all of this knowledge was deemed wrong. A new gaggle of experts was in charge, one day to the next. Suddenly, they were everywhere. They were on TV, quoted by all the newspapers, amplified on social media, and on the phone constantly with local officials instructing them on how they must shut down the schools, businesses, playgrounds, churches, and civic gatherings.

The message was always the same. This time is completely different from anything in our experience or in any previous experience. This time we must adopt a totally new and completely untested paradigm. It comes from models that high-level scientists have deemed correct. It comes from labs. It comes from “germ games” of which none of us are part. If we dare to reject the new teachings for the old, we are doing it wrong. We are the malicious ones. We deserve ridicule, cancellation, silencing, exclusion, and worse.

It felt like a coup d’etat of sorts. It certainly was an intellectual coup. All wisdom of the past, even that known by public health only months earlier, was deleted from public spaces. Dissent was silenced. Corporate media was absolutely united in celebrating the greatness of people like Fauci, who spoke in strangely circuitous ways that contradicted everything we thought we knew.

It was exceedingly strange because the people we thought might have stood up to the flash imposition of tyranny somehow vanished. We could hardly meet with others at all, if only to share intuitions that something was wrong. “Social distancing” was more than a method to “slow the spread;” it amounted to comprehensive control of the public mind too.

We are waking to the stupefying criminality of public life, to the immersive obvious bullshit of people in charge who don`t deserve your respect of compliance.”

“Millions are dead around the world and the most likely cause is an accident during a risky experiment in a laboratory.” Accident my ass. There was nothing accidental about the gain of function research. Nothing accidental with the intent to insert “human-specific cleavage sites” into coronaviruses. And nothing accidental about genetic vaccines that were lying in waiting so they were released in record-breaking time.

What was written above by the Brownstone Institute highlights the highly planned COVID attack on humanity and yet no one is behind bars for this cruel dastardly deed. And indeed, the pandemic was PCR test-driven. According to Brownstone the pandemic probably wouldn’t have happened without the test, which was never shown to be accurate. One comment I read online is, “Imprison these sociopaths, and this behavior will subside.” Fauci and Gates are free as birds and so is everyone else involved.

More Madness

And yet madness is loose along many dimensional lines. For instance, Zero Hedge reports:

Woke Democrats have caused an absurd number of problems for law-abiding residents in Portland, including a surge in violent crime, out-of-control open-air drug markets, and widespread homelessness. Parts of the metro area have been transformed into a third world-like state because of disastrous progressive policies. Now, the combination of failed policies has sparked what appears to be a public health crisis.

A highly contagious bacteria called “shigella” is spreading across Portland. This bacteria is common in countries found in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia regions.

On Biden’s behalf hordes, millions of invaders, including Muslim extremists continue to pour into the country every day. He is committing national suicide with his policies and this holiday season we are getting the first taste of what these extremists can do. They blocked New York and Los Angeles airports on one of the busiest travel days of the year. On top of this, 17 individuals on the FBI terror watch list were caught attempting entry at the southern border.

Millions of Woke liberals still lust to overturn the entire culture of the United States the same way as the Jacobins overturned it in revolutionary France, the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Red Guards in China, and Pol Pot in Cambodia. This of course could end with a violent confrontation between people who have culturally conservative views and those who want to destroy Western Civilization as extreme Muslims want to do.

It seems crazy to think and say that millions of Democrats want to destroy American civilization while Republicans are willing to risk destruction via continued warfare against Russia. But how many million doctors, health officials, and media people lustily joined the COVID attacks?

It does seem that most of us are underestimating the downside to civilization as we know it. However, people and even our children are feeling the threat of the future because the present is so full of lies and contradictions, war, broad attacks on the public from pharmaceutical companies with their genetic vaccines, and the media which is not in favor of truth or justice or anything anymore except continuing to support the mainstream narrative.

Economic Financial War on Humanity

In England they will arrest you just for slowly walking
down the street, for holding signs, for hanging banners
meaning peaceful demonstrations are not allowed any more.

The problems America is facing are shared all over the world especially when it comes to finance and economics. A recent book by David Webb sheds light on the threat the entire world faces. He published The Great Taking a few months ago and recently supplemented it with a video documentary. The Great Taking describes the roadmap to collapse the system, suppress the people, and seize all your assets.

This is a video from David Webb and not everyone will understand what he is talking about. In the end, I feel he is overly optimistic about how the world gets out of this mess. As Webb maintains this is at least 50 years in the making. Perhaps it goes back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve, a private banking conglomerate was born.

Webb makes a good point that even the rich are going to have a hard time meaning even those on top of the human heap do not know that what they are doing to the rest of us they are doing to themselves. Meanwhile, the super-rich are digging holes in the ground building underground shelters. I don’t think they are preparing for a Martian invasion.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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