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Projected Hate and New Forms of Rape

Published on November 16, 2016

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House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called Bannon’s appointment to the Trump administration “an alarming signal” that Trump “remains committed to the hateful and divisive vision that defined his campaign.” Here is just the tip of the iceberg of the projection of hate that comes out of democrats mouths with ease.

They hate Trump, hate that he won, hate that he does not buy into liberal progressive neocon ideas though some are already worried that he will sell out to the established order. Some believe that if does buck too hard against the establishment, which is fully against him, he will be assassinated.

When we accuse someone of hate the chances are we are the one`s experiencing hate. However, when we project hate onto others we are usually unconscious of the fact. Using the hate word is politically correct. It is supposed to humiliate yet it usually backfires exposing the real source of hate.

Using the hate word is also designed to cover up the real issues that are motivating people. It is not like there is any lack of hate in the world but most people have real feelings that are more personal and vulnerable than hate. Let us not mistake anger for hate for anger has its value where real hate destroys the person that hates.

Senator Ron Paul jumped into the middle of the fray saying, “When people lose, they look for a scapegoat or they try to caricature people, and I think [Bannon is] a human being,” he said. “I think they’re making him a scapegoat and a caricature of something they want to be their enemy, and I don’t think any of it’s true.”

“I’ve met him. I don’t believe him to be a racist. I don’t believe him to be someone who characterizes people on race, gender, religion, you name it,” Paul said. “I think he ought to be judged by how well he performs.”

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Analysis of Hate

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Hate is an impression of strong and pointed disliking to the point where you just want to eliminate the other. Hate in the heart initializes the fire of revenge. Hate leads to heartlessness. With couples love is sometimes transformed into hate when spending too much time with too many misunderstandings, quarrels and failure to compromise. Hate ruins life so the feelings of hate should be minimized with extra care and love between loved ones and family. Hate propagates over time just as jealousy sows the seeds of hate.

We hate to see anything about ourselves that we do not already know and we will get very angry if someone insists on communicating anything to us that we do not want to hear. Meaning we hate to listen to anything that confronts us with ourselves if that mirror is not to our liking.

People tend to hate differences wanting everyone to be like one is. Religious hate can be often reduced to simple differences like my way is the only way kind of thing. But with Islam there is a holy anger boiling up in millions of people who just do not want their women raped and their countries destroyed.


Anger has a lot to do with either the expression of power or the helplessness we experience when we are confronted with other peoples’ power and their abuse of it. The biological or evolutionary view of anger is one of preparing the entire organism for rapid response to threatening situations. With anger, the blood flows more quickly as heart rate increases and the rush of adrenaline generates the pulse necessary for vigorous action.

Anger shows a ‘strong’ displeasure about something.
Reject not anger for it is expressing more than we imagine.

What that displeasure is about is very important. If we get angry because we are not getting our way it is one thing. If we are unhappy with another because they are not doing what we like, or things are not going exactly according to our personal plan, we have the smallest self-letting off steam. But we have the kind of anger that is aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy.

Special Case of Muslim Hate – Islam as Rape Culture Religion

In the same article that Pelosi is quoted from above they talk about the increase in hate crimes against Muslims. In 2015, there were 257 anti-Muslim hate crimes. In 2001 after the World Trade Center attack they were 481 incidents. John Cohen, an ABC News contributor and a professor at Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, as well as a former Department of Homeland Security official says, “That more we are seeing people turn to violence or destructive behavior in furtherance of an ideological agenda.”

Bannon is being accused of painting a “dark and paranoid picture” of Muslim Americans and of identifying Islam as a religion that sports a rape culture, especially when it comes to their preference for raping and enslaving infidel women. Is there any truth in these allegations? Well the Germans are believing and this past week have launched a massive crackdown on the domestic radical Islamist threat, German police launched dawn raids in 60 different cities on about 190 mosques.

What if we were to change our perspective and start seeing that the rise of the right in Europe and in the United States is being given rocket fuel by the truth that Muslim men do have it in for our women and are in fact raping them, especially in Europe, in disgusting numbers with high preferences to gangrape and even beyond to a new form of rape where a mass of men attack and sometimes rape a mass of women.

Most if not all established institutions are not paying this any attention and for that there will be hell to pay. Read my lips. You cannot trust a rapist and you cannot trust people who cover up rape for whatever reason. And you cannot trust any Holy book that makes certain kinds of rape ok and if you cannot figure out which one that is—know it is the book that talks about the treatment of infidel women, who are at best meant for one thing and that is the pleasure of Muslim men. Non-Muslim women seized in a jihad can be bought and sold as sex slaves for Muslim men, as the Islamic State ISIS is doing.

We have never liked to talk about rape and child sexual abuse. The Roman Catholic Church does not like to either but what is happening in Europe forces human beings who care about their humanity to finally look at the pure ugliness that is upon us.

To look directly at how ugly Islamic men can get just look at ISIS. You will not like what you see yet the Democrats as well as the establishment Republicans could care less about the women. This is proven by the point that they will not even talk about it.

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It is like a husband walking into a room where he sees his wife being raped yet he picks up the phone to talk about Trump. A real man with a real heart would pick up a two by four and whack the rapist on the back of his head and ask questions later. Russian men are not wimps meaning they know what to do when their women are attacked. When men who have no respect for the law, because the law does not deserve it, well delivered consequences and retribution become the order of the day.

It is not only angels that get to protect our women it is our women themselves who should lift a hand (or gun) to protect themselves. Obviously being a man I think we sometimes need men angels in living flesh, men who love rather than abuse their women. Angels of course do not pay attention to local laws especially when the law and law enforcers become corrupt. Men have to take action when the law is not present just like women have to play nurse and doctor when the kids get sick when there is no professional to take care.

I challenge the sanity of men and women who ignore the rape of women. Men who do so directly contribute to rape yet they smile staying busy, as they do, thriving on projecting hate onto others. For women like Clinton and Chancellor Merkel in Germany, there is only their absolute betrayal of their feminine sex. I seriously doubt heavens gates with open to either.

Merkel must be the ugliest, meanest lying politician found anywhere. Her most recent offering to a better world is to offer to work closely with Trump, “on the basis that shared values, such as democracy, freedom, respect for the rule of law and people`s race, religion and gender are respected,” with the overbearing implication being that Trump cannot be expected to respect these concepts. If one looks at what she has done to her own country by bringing in a million Muslims who are destroying the rule of law and the freedom of women to walk down the block safely one can see that her ugliness extends way beyond her skin to the core of her being.

Special Note. Despite the euphoria that is presently being felt by Mister Trump’s supporters, the fundamentals that plague the US economy remain present and not only is it impossible for him to reverse the pre-existent slide toward economic collapse, it’s not even a part of the agenda.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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