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Scientists Put Global Warming Into Deep Freeze

Published on March 11, 2010
Warn Of The Coming Ice Age

In June, 1974, Time Magazine unleashed a mountain of evidence to support what scientists – at the time – suspected was the onset of a coming ice age. Characterizing it’s evidence as “telltale signs everywhere“, the article went back three decades to summarize statistics and events which pointed towards global cooling.

Newsweek Magazine conducted it’s own investigation about a year later, concluding that evidence supporting a coming ice age had “begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists (were) hard-pressed to keep up with it all.”

When average temperatures over a 100 year period were found to have risen about ahalf-degree Celsius, the global cooling drum beat faded in lieu of a new worry – Global Warming. Environmentalist, looking for a way to connect man-made pollution to a more substantial argument, blamed CO2 emissions as the culprit for changes in the earth’s climate. The drum beat of Global Warming grew louder and louder until the turn of the century – when climate data began defying weather model predictions and climate trend forecasts.

As cold climate data rolled in and continued to roll in, Global Warming proponents went into damage control mode. The term “Global Warming” was dropped in lieu of the more ‘scientifically correct’ term “Climate Change”. Of course, a bridge was needed to explain this change of tactic and one was provided by suggesting both were occurring at once.

Now, the argument for a coming ice age is gaining ground – and this time, scientists have real, tangible, physical evidence to support it. What’s more, scientists do not have to rely on computer models to predict it. They have real world history, sound science and endless statistics to back it up.

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But wait. Didn’t we see irrefutable proof that the Arctic ice caps were melting? Indeed we did – and although scientist now see the Arctic ice caps recovering, we have recently learned something else. The south pole accumulated MORE ice at almost the same rate the north pole lost ice. Global Warming apparently likes some parts of the world more than others.

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