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The Bitter Bite of Winter

Published on December 13, 2010

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Almost six months ago an Italian physicist was showing satellite photos of a diminishing Gulf current because of the oil disaster and now below you will see a video interview of an actual Earl of Sterling talking extensively about its collapse. This does not explain the early and bitter record-breaking weather in the United States but it is disastrous news for parts of Europe and actually perhaps the whole world, which is already in the middle of dramatic climate change—and now this.

Part Two

These next few months are going to be an LSD trip for humanity as it will probably get wild and crazy. Top physicists are still trying to tell us what is happening in the neighborhood, I mean in the heart of the solar system. They are saying we are going into a Grand Minimum of Solar Activity.Meaning it is not going to be very nice (to say the least) to live anywhere near the extreme latitudes.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, an astrophysicist and head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, stated that solar activity caused the climate change on earth. Abdussamatov contends, “Long-term variations in the amount of solar energy reaching the earth are the principal reasons driving and defining the whole mechanism of climatic changes from the global warmings to the little ice ages to the big glacial periods.” He predicts that earth will enter a “little ice age as early as 2014 and lasting as long as two centuries. The last one occurred between 1650 and 1850 and accounted for many crop failures, outbreaks of famines, and mass migrations.

While they are sunning themselves with global warming in Cancun, the local area has seen record-breaking cold. Cancun set a 100-year record low temperature date of 54 F. while negotiators from over 200 countries obsessed with global warming. Miami broke a record that had remained unchallenged since 1897. Temperatures dropped to 63 degrees, two degrees lower than 113 years ago. Fort Lauderdale, Florida breaks 169-year cold record: Fort Lauderdale broke a low temperature record of 42 degrees for Dec. 7 that had been in place for 169 years, said Dan Gregoria, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Miami.

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“In parts of Florida, hit Tuesday morning with a freeze not seen this early since 1937, some growers were already reporting severe frost burn and ruined plantings, reducing supply and driving up prices for winter vegetables,” says this article in the Wall Street Journal. With sweet corn “turning blackish green and slimy” and green beans wilting, prices have soared by up to 62 percent.

You want to see and experience what it might like to be living in the face of the beginning of a new ice age? See this above video about a Canadian town that almost had to declare a state of emergency because of the huge amounts of snow.

The heart of the lie in global warming propaganda campaigns is: “If the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide reaches 450 ppm, we’ll reach a “turning point in the damage curve,” says Professor David Archer. At that point, the earth would reach temperatures that it has not seen in millions of years. If we were to stop burning fossil fuels today, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide would begin to fall, and while the warming would continue for some time as the earth slowly caught up to the carbon we have already released, we would avoid the worst.

“Meanwhile climate negotiators labored through the night and into their final day Friday with a raft of issues undergoing intense bargaining, but with high hopes an agreement was within reach on small but essential steps to stem global warming.” Now why would they be doing that if outside their windows record cold was blowing against the windowpanes? Winter is breaking out this year in a big way, threatening many communities with record snow and cold Armageddon.

Is that what they are deliberately hiding from the public until it’s too late to see the white elephants stampeding through the room? Warming was supposed to be a long-term gradually-worsening threat and there was even the upside of great crop productions in Canada and other northern latitudes. Cold and snow can literally freeze human activity and human life to death quite quickly. “Death rates are set to soar “scandalously” this winter as a new Arctic blast batters Britain with temperatures on a par with Siberia. Experts predict a dramatic increase in cold-related fatalities as we suffer the bitterest winter in a century, causing 12 deaths every hour.”

Transportation is the first thing to go and that means food supplies are easily and quickly threatened. “The areas that were hardest hit are virtually impassable,” said Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske, talking about the snowstorm ripping through the midsection of the United States this past weekend. If energy fails, things turn dark and dangerously cold all too quickly.

No one doubts we are in the middle of dramatic climate change, so these pre-winter storms are ominous warnings of what can continue to come. If one storm piles on top of another this winter we will learn how cold hell can be. Everyone who has seen the movie The Coldest Day saw an ice age commence with the hugest granddaddy of a single powerful storm with icy temperatures so cold the air could freeze steel. It certainly was dramatic. One can bury most of a continent in snow quite easily without all the whistles and horns of a movie-created storm. Just roll out repeats of what certain areas are already getting and the story will not be pleasant.

Now who would have ever thought that I would become a weatherman reporting this news from the International Medical Veritas Association? And what does this have to do with medicine anyway? Well in Chinese Medicine cold is one of the main causes of disease. It blocks the channels and meridians and stagnates the energy. Environmental medicine becomes overwhelmingly essential in a severely poisoned and polluted world getting colder quickly. The name of the medical game has changed because of the massive destruction of the air, water, and food with thousands upon thousands of dangerous chemicals and drugs and a long list of heavy metals like mercury attacking us from all sides. What’s the government’s response? Clamp down on chelation of heavy metals. The landscape of medicine is changing quickly. Doctors of the future are going to have a completely different future.

Special Note: I thought this piece of information that follows will get you into the more practical side in terms of food availability and security.


Oregon-based Mountain House, a division of Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc., has confirmed reports of shortages in their freeze-dried food product line. Mountain House Sales Division Manager Melanie Cornutt said it is true that larger distributors and dealers are receiving limited stocks of inventory, and that Mountain House is unable to provide freeze-dried foods in #10 cans to smaller distributors due to significant global demand. A  #10 can is generally purchased for larger camping groups or for emergency food storage, as it holds approximately six pounds, or 13 cups, of food with approximately 10-25 servings per can.

I recommend to my readers who are interested in increasing their food security to purchase a good supply of Rejuvenate, the superfood that I use because it tastes so good and is so fantastically formulated. In a separate testimony I will talk this week about observing what it has done in the past two weeks for my 15-year-old son, who was looking to gain some muscle mass. The effect I saw was one like you would expect to see when feeding a dry plant with water. In two weeks he had grown in every way and I was astounded. Now imagine having this as your emergency food—how can one go wrong?

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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