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This Winter’s Impact on Human Activity

Published on March 12, 2015

IHS Global Insight, an economic analysis firm, estimates Massachusetts alone suffered roughly $1 billion in lost wages and profits, as storm after storm pummeled the region, delivering more than 8 feet of snow in roughly a month. Retailers and restaurants were among the hardest hit, as customers held off on big purchases or chose to stay at home rather than enjoy a night on the town.

A survey released this week by Massachusetts business groups representing those and other industries reported sales dropped an average of 24% and payroll dropped about 7 % among their small businesses members. Car dealers and real estate agents complained the poorly timed storms—many of which hit on or around weekends—were disastrous to business. In addition, with the exception of the region’s ski resorts, many hotels, transportation companies and other businesses in the travel and tourism trade say they have struggled too.

During the worst of the storms, assembly lines shut down, work orders were delayed or canceled outright and treacherous roads and iced-over rail lines hindered transport of finished products. Estimates for its overall economic impact have been pegged at anywhere from $15 billion to $50 billion.

U.S. wholesale inventories unexpectedly rose in January as sales recorded their biggest decline since 2009, pushing the number of months it would take to clear warehouses to its highest level in more than 5-1/2 years. Economic growth in recent months has been slowed by harsh winter weather as well as a now-settled labor dispute at West Coast ports and weak growth in China and Europe.

Today it is impossible to have an intelligent communication with most climate change and global warming public officials, whose living depends on it getting warmer. Science nor common sense matter as long as governments and the media can continue to convince the public about something that does not exist. Media organizations have become experts at this proving over and over again that this can be done. We fight wars and kill millions because of this. However, so bad is the misuse of the words global warming and climate change that the State of Florida has banned their use. (Of course, the global warming (climate change) scarecrows complained bitterly).

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The Sunshine State is not the only U.S. state that has attempted to "outlaw" climate science. North Carolina, Louisiana and Tennessee have all passed laws that cast light on the untruth of climate science in boardrooms and classrooms. The reality of climate change due to human activity has not been widely accepted by scientists who know that the sun dominates temperatures on earth. In addition, climate change has always been with us and we are seeing repeats of weather patterns that have been seen, experienced and recorded before.

The people who are most responsible for the global fraud of global warming must think we are idiots, and perhaps many of us are. However, those of us who have been alive for many decades and have experienced climate can feel in our bones, without being told by anyone, what is going on. In the present, we are experiencing what others have in decades and centuries past. The world is not ending but global warming is–except in stubborn minds with vested interests.

Belief that human activity contributes to climate change, 2007-2014 (

Looking at the above widely used chart, it would seem that approximately half of all Americans do not believe in global warming. Take a look yourself and decide what the graph shows. It is surprising to see one site that displays this same chart to say, “A huge majority of Americans—more than four out of five respondents (81%)—understand that human activities contribute to global warming.” A Bloomberg poll found that 54% of Americans do not see climate change is a major threat.

A Yale site said, “Our prior survey research has found that only one in ten Americans (9%) correctly understands that there is a scientific consensus about human-caused climate change – i.e., that nearly all climate scientists are convinced that human-caused climate change is happening.’ This is understandable because there is no net human caused global warming because it has been cooling for almost two decades.

Scientific American has lost the ability to be scientific on the issue of climate change. They publish, “In 2014, the vast majority (87 percent) of scientists said that human activity is driving global warming, and yet only half the American public ascribed to that view. And 77 percent of scientists said climate change is a very serious problem. In comparison, only 33 percent of the general public said it was a very serious problem in a 2013 poll.” Why do I make this comment? For the same reason the words climate change are being disavowed in certain states. It is a meaningless phrase because not only does climate change every day but it also can mean global cooling. However, it is never used this way even though we are suffering through cooling because of low solar activity.

Human Size Icebergs In Cape Cod. Photographer Dapixara. Wellfleet, Mass.

Photographer © Dapixara. March 9, 2015.

I can remember growing up on Long Island and going to college in Boston and living in Portland Maine and we knew the occasional fun of a big snowstorm. What is happening today is not fun. The historic winter of 2015 has left giant chunks of ice on the Cape Cod National Seashore,

What is happening is not just happening to Americans it is a worldwide affair. States of emergency are in effect in parts of Europe as I write this. In Bulgaria for instance we have four days of ongoing heavy snowfall in the southwestern region of Bulgaria Rhodopes have caused serious damage. According to the Department of Energy, electricity cannot be exported to around 600 villages. In many villages there is no bread and public service.

Rescuers found frozen to the bus stop a 65-year-old Sabahattin Azis. The man came out of his home on Friday night, when the abundant snowfall began. After not returning the next day, neighbors organized a search in the area, but because of the deep drifts failed to find him. The man’s body was found today in a clearing the road.

Rescuers have pulled a trapped bus with 25 English tourists near Velingrad and 40 car racers are overwhelmed by nearly 3-meters (10 feet) of snow in Belmeken. The alpine base is inaccessible, with drifts sometimes reaching five meters (16 feet).

The most critical situation is in the municipality of Ardino, where food is running out. The roads there are closed and there is no electricity. No electricity, no water. Rescue teams are ready to supply with food, water and medicines to destitute villages.

A state of emergency was declared in the Municipality of Obshtina Mineralni in Haskovo region, announced the regional administration. The majority of the municipality is still without electricity and water. In the municipality Stambolovo, the majority of villages are without electricity and water. More than 50,000 households were without power in Bosnia and more than 30,000 in Serbia.

“It’s official,” says “Capracotta and Pescocostanzo, Italy, are the snowiest places in the world! The data is scary.” 256cm (8.34 ft) of snow Capracotta (which lies at 1,421 meters in the province of Isernia), 240cm (7.84 ft) in Pescocostanzo (which lies at 1,395 meters in the province of L’Aquila): These are the two new records for snowfall in a span of only 24 hours, although in reality all this snow fell in about 18 hours on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

The colder it gets and the more snow that falls the more desperate the cause of global warming becomes. Global warming scaremongers have picked the wrong cause because what they are fighting against is diminished activity on the sun and record number of exploding volcanoes.

It really is unwise to fight the sun but they do it anyway and get away with it because the media is owned by the kings of global warming, the elite and their siblings like Al Gore. They get away with it also because we let them because many people just believe what they are told. Paul Watson, (Co-founder of Green Peace) wrote, “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true,” and to a certain point he is correct. However, in the end the truth will win and be obvious except to the people who do not want the truth and would rather die and then live with the truth.

Near Future Forecast

We still have VERY cold in store for the United States in general, says Joe Bastardi over at Weatherbell Analytics. Europe, too. Bastardi is predicting that yet another period of cold – and more snowfall – will descend on New England and the Midwest beginning around the 20th of March (or even a few days sooner) following the current warmth, and that that this may last into mid-April. Those 20 days could rival the past 40 days, relevant to the time of year. More record lows are on the way. Bastardi dismisses out of hand global warming as a CO2 driven phenomena for good reason.

With the Pacific Decadal Oscillation now in its cool phase, solar activity the weakest in more than 100 years, and the prospect of a major climate-cooling volcanic eruptions, means actions to limit CO2 emissions should be shelved and preparations made for an extended period of global cooling that would pose far more danger to humankind than any real or imagined warming predicted by today’s climate models.

Sea ice in the southern Hemisphere continues to be near-record high levels.

That looks like an awful amount of ice in a place where the king of global warming (Al Gore) said there would not be any by this year. However, you will hear and hear again how we should fear warming in a cooling world. Also in the news, “A very unusual snowing forced the closure of the Mexico City – Puebla City 150-D highway,” says reader Jesus Eduardo Herrera Flores. “Keep in mind that this is located around 19° N and that we are 8 days away from Spring.”

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