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Uncaring Administration

Published on December 21, 2014

It is hard to find out what the American government cares about in a positive sense. When you look at the activities of the EPA, CDC, FDA and other governmental organizations we can see clearly that caring about their fellow Americans is not a priority. The list is long but just for starters its exactly what we can expect when our government and its agencies attempt to create money and wealth out of thin air. How can we trust counterfeiters?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a complete ban on the oil and natural gas harvesting practice in the state last week because a 184-page report, conducted by the New York State Department of Health, cites potential environmental impacts and health hazards.

The report cites the dangers of methane emissions from natural gas drilling in Texas and Pennsylvania, which have been linked to asthma and other breathing issues. Shallow methane-migration underground seeps into drinking water, and that concentration of the chemical was six times higher in homes located closer to natural gas wells. Ethane was 23 times higher in homes close to fracking sites as well. Residents near active fracking sites reported having symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, nosebleeds, and headaches according to studies.

Howard Zucker, the acting state health commissioner who helped spearhead the report, addressed the ban with Gov. Cuomo in Albany said, "I asked myself, ‘would I let my family live in a community with fracking? The answer is no."

Nevertheless, Cuomo and Zucker’s critics were quick to blast the ban, which they say will cost the state millions in jobs and energy. For some money is always more important than people.  Dean Skelos, the Republican co-leader of the New York State Senate, said “The decision implies that at least 30 other states, Senator Schumer and the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency are wrong about the health impacts and do not care about the well-being of millions of American citizens.

The American government is besotted with poison and making sure Americans consume as much of it as possible. They have made sure that American’s water is fluoridated even though studies show fluoride causes cancer. They inject mercury into as many people as possible during the flu season and pretend it is safe when every scientist knows it is not. They cry about carbon dioxide, which is actually safe, but do not warn people about the mercury coming out of America’s coal fired smoke stacks never warning people not to live downwind. Instead of closing down and jailing the executives from Monsanto, they allow the company to corrupt the food people eat while poisoning the environment with their dangerous pesticides.

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The United States government cannot even take care of its own nuclear forces without risking accidents and worse. The admission by the Air Force and the Pentagon’s civilian leaders that the nuclear force is suffering from years of neglect, mismanagement and weak morale is dangerous. The Associated Press wrote last year about an unpublished RAND Corp. study that found evidence of "burnout" and hopelessness among missile crews and other members of the ICBM workforce. Trusting the world’s safety on burned out staff who are responsible for nuclear weapons is over the top when it comes to safety and caring about not only people but also the entire human race.

At a time when experts around the world fear that a post-antibiotic era is on the horizon, the government stands by with its hands in its pockets allowing doctors and industrial farms to continue to use antibiotics by the ton. The list goes on and on. From underreporting the dangers of radiation from Fukushima to allowing dangerous medicines to be sold by the pharmaceutical companies to fighting endless senseless wars, Americans have a government to truly despise.

Marijuana arrests are the engine driving the U.S. war on its own people. Nearly half of all drug arrests each year are for marijuana-related offenses, the overwhelming majority of which are for personal possession. Many of those who are arrested are saddled with a criminal conviction that can make it difficult or impossible to vote, obtain educational loans, get a job, secure housing, or adopt a child. The government and the mean law enforcement armies care not that marijuana is the safest most useful drug in the world, alleviating suffering and helping people relax in a crazy world that the government itself creates.

So what lessons have we learned through all our experiences with government? Looking around at what continues to happen and what is about to happen it is obvious – nothing. Our government officials and policymakers continue to operate under the presumption that they are gods, not subject to the laws of this world nor consequences to our actions in the natural world. Despite creating such immense devastation, public servants go home and sleep well at night, never even suspecting that their actions will boomerang back on their own children.

The idea that America is a democracy and that its leaders represent and serve the will of the people is a sick joke. The people of Washington DC voted, through democratic process, to legalize marijuana in the federal capital. How does the government respond? By decree, they refuse to allow it. The American government has overthrown a democratically elected government in the Ukraine as it has in many places around the world.

Who loves the American government except the fifty million Americans receiving food from the government and all those millions who work for the government?

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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