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Where is Global Warming? Coldest Spring – 2016

Published on May 19, 2016

The United States federal government, the United Nations and governments around the world, including the Vatican; all maintain that global warming is true and real and that we are experiencing the warmest time in modern history.

According to the Guardian, NASA scientists found that April became the seventh consecutive month for record-breaking temperatures, and the third consecutive month to break that record by the highest margin ever, beating it out by 0.24 degrees Celcius. Thus, one would think it should be hot, at least warm this late into the spring. Record-breaking heat should be the common headline but what is actually going on outside our windows?

Record breaking cold and snow and destruction of crops from late freezes is what is actually going on. Should we be surprised? No because we have been warned by scientists that the sun is going quiet and that we are in the very first stages of what will eventually work out to be a new mini-ice age. Despite all of the hot air bellowing out of politicians and corrupt governmental agencies mouths it is cold out there and going to get colder. Astrophysicists are working hard on the development of a climate paradigm based on solar phenomenon, dispersing the illusion that it is healthy carbon dioxide gas, which is driving changing climate.

On May 16 we read from Bloomberg, “Did you hear the one about spring coming to northern Maine? Neither did we. The blast of cold air that swept through the central U.S. and Northeast over the weekend into Monday brought 4 to 7 inches (6 to 11 centimeters) of snow across the northern part of the state. A second cold front moving through the Great Lakes on Monday threatened to drop temperatures 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 17 Celsius) below normal from the Rocky Mountains to the central Appalachians through the middle of the week, according to the agency.”

Also on May 16, winter storm warnings were being given for higher altitudes in Colorado with 1 to 2 feet of snow predicted. Grand Rapids had not recorded snow on May 15 since 1973. The National Weather Service at Grand Rapids noted that 1973 was the only other year on record for Grand Rapids to report a trace of snow on May 15. Temperatures were forecast to be in the 40s during the afternoon, 20 degrees colder than normal.

On May 13, we read frost is on the way for parts of Britain as the warm spring conditions are replaced by a massive drop in temperatures. The fall – to below zero in some areas – will represent a marked contrast to the balmy weather of up to 27C that the UK has enjoyed over the past week.

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On May 12, the Washington Post reported that lows could dip into the 30s in the coldest parts of the D.C. metro region on the morning of the 16th, and a bit of patchy frost is possible. In D.C. the average temperature for the month, in its entirety, is running 4 degrees below normal. On Monday temperatures will be some 10 to 15 degrees below normal with temperatures falling steeply overnight.

On May 6 the forecast in Wyoming mountains was to receive 1 to 2 feet of snow above 8,500-9,000 feet. In China, it is snowing and a road is closed in Tennessee to North Carolina because of ice and snow.  It is May 6 and from Palm Springs, California we hear a spring storm brings winter-like conditions to the Coachella Valley. It is May 9th and in Montana there is a winter storm.

Does this Sound like Global Warming?

It was 39 F in Dallas on May 3, 2016, crumbling records from 1934. You have to go back to 1903 to find a colder May 3rd. Its 15 to 30 degrees colder than the norm in Texas. The weather men blame a high-pressure system but people who know better understand that this is what we would expect when sun spot activity decreases and solar output wanes.

The snow on the morning of April 28 was the first ever snow during the entire month of April in 19 years in Manchester England. This year is a cold spring for Manchester, with average temperature in April standing at six-Celsius degrees, four degrees lower than previous years. According to UK’s meteorological department, the last snow in April was in 1981.

On April 24, suddenly it started to snow in Czechoslovakia and in the highlands temperatures dropped to minus seven degrees, and to near zero in Prague. In Norway, it was snow chaos because in Norway it is not allowed to use studded winter tires after the first Monday after Easter. It is now three weeks after and snowing and the snow is causing major traffic jams because people are running on summer tires.

Since 1981, as a cold night has not been seen.” And because of this cold in Switzerland possibly the whole wine-grape harvest for 2016 may perish, due to frost.” “At these temperatures, a crop failure between 30 and 80 percent threatened us,” said Leonhard Kunz from the office Graubünden wine. Global warming would predict that growing seasons would be getting longer not shorter where we see agricultural damages.

The Cold is destroying our Food Supplies

As late as mid-May, we had snow that fell in some municipalities of western Serbia destroying the raspberry crop. With about 80% of the fruit harvest destroyed in parts of Austria at the end of April, the words ‘complete catastrophe’ have been used. In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen last week. €100 million Euro in damages for the fruit sector (without grapes) has been reported. Councillor Hans Seitinger said, “This is truly a unique situation, which has not occurred in the last 50 years.” Enormous snow and frost damage is “threatening the very existence of farmers in certain regions,” said Federal Minister of Agriculture Andrä Rupprechter.

Temperatures dipped below freezing in several of France’s prized central wine regions this week, striking both Burgundy and the Loire Valley. In the Côte d’Or, Chablis to the north and Côte Chalonnaise, frost arrived early on the morning of April 25 and again the next night and the morning of April 27, resulting in frost that damaged the newly formed buds.

At the end of April, we read that tens of thousands of homes in Austria were left without electricity and some residents had to be evacuated after areas of the country were hit by unseasonal heavy snowfall. There are also concerns among the agricultural businesses that fruit and vegetable crops could be lost in the millions due to frost. Experts warn the coldest day is yet to come, however, with temperatures expected to be as low as -10 degrees in some areas on Thursday – just days before the outdoor swimming pools are due to open for the summer season.

In Brazil the city of Urupema in Santa Catarina, was the coldest point, recording -4 ° C in the early hours of April 29. The last time the city recorded so cold was in September 2015, with -5.4 ° C on the 13th. Among the capitals, São Paulo recorded 11.8 ° C in the morning, the lowest temperature in 17 years for the month of April. Florianópolis reached a record low high temperature for the month, with 9.9 ° C, which had not happened since 1972. Meanwhile, Porto Alegre dropped to 6.8 ° C, not reached on this date since 1971.


“Policies based on climate alarmism, by their adverse effect on the US, EU and global economies threaten the health and well-being of most Americans and most other people worldwide. As my mother used to say, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Mr. Obama’s road leads to a legacy of misery for billions and to infamy for him for him personally,” concludes Frederick Colbourne.

As for Obama and his administration. Only fools trust what he says about global warming. The White House showed “bad faith” in how it handled an open records request for global warming data, a federal court ruled on May 9, issuing yet another stinging rebuke to the administration for showing a lack of transparency. For President Obama, who vowed to run the most transparent government in U.S. history, Judge Amit P. Mehta’s ruling granting legal discovery in an open records case — the third time this year a judge has ordered discovery — is an embarrassing black eye.

Orchestrating one-sided stories on climate change, fossil fuels, renewable energy and other environmental issues are being beaten into the ground by Nature who is dancing to a different tune than climate alarmists and governments. Their one-sided stories always leave out the sun as the main culprit of global warming. The sun warms the earth each day. When the sun cycles down into times of lower activity, we here on earth eventually experience that as global cooling. It is elementary physics but it is something that global warming climate change alarmists just cannot (do not want to) understand.

SSRC Director John Casey said years ago,” There can no longer be any doubt that the Sun has entered an historic period of dramatically reduced activity which will bring us many long years of deep cold weather. This was predicted by me and a few other scientists around the globe but of course we were not taken seriously because of the politics of global warming and the refusal of many media outlets to print or telecast alternatives to the now discredited man made global warming concept. According to national and international sources that monitor the Sun, what is happening on and in the Sun is nothing short of record setting, astounding, and at the same time worrisome. The solar wind is at its lowest level in fifty years. The surface movement on the Sun has slowed to record rates and according to NASA’s previous announcements is ‘off the bottom of the charts.’ Most telling is the current prolonged lack of sunspots between the normal 11 year solar cycles 23 and 24 which is about to set a one hundred year record for time without sunspots. NASA also has long since forecast that cycle 25 will be ‘one of the weakest in centuries.” All of these events in combination leave little doubt that a ‘solar hibernation’ lasting several decades delivering the coldest weather in over two centuries has in fact arrived.”

Dr. R. Timothy Patterson, professor of geology and director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre of Canada’s Carleton University, says: "I and the first-class scientists I work with are consistently finding excellent correlations between the regular fluctuations of the sun and earthly climate. This is not surprising. The sun and the stars are the ultimate source of energy on this planet."

Now after reading all of this do you still believe the experts and government agencies when they say that 2016 is set up to be the hottest year on record? Taken together, the temperature for January through March is supposed to be 2.07 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average. Should we be worried?

Special Note: Also absent in global warming reports is the increasing volcanic activity over the last few years, activity that will lead to massive amounts of sun blocking materials thrust high into the atmosphere.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would renegotiate America’s role in the U.N. global climate accord, spelling potential doom for an agreement many view as a last chance to turn the tide on global warming. At least someone in the political arena has his head on straight. The Christian Science Monitor said that the Paris climate agreements wouldn’t work anyway without a major transformation in the agricultural sector.

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