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Winter in Summer

Published on September 18, 2014

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Our recent early season cold spell was one for the record books! It’s still summer, but a blast of wintry weather dumped up to 20 inches of snow in parts of Wyoming and sent overnight temperatures last week plummeting into the 20s in some areas. It was the earliest snowfall on record for parts of Wyoming and southwest South Dakota.

As the world gets warmer, climate gets colder. As the world gets warmer we have shorter cooler summers and wildly cold winters. As the ice melts at the poles we have more ice than ever. Welcome to the world of global warming that never was.

In Madison, WI records from 1902 and 1916 were easily broken with cold. The 3 to 5 inches that fell in Cody, Wyoming, is the city’s earliest recorded snowfall since records began in 1915. The previous recorded earliest snowfall in Cody came on Sept. 12, 1970. “Near an inch of snow at Rapid City. This is the earliest recorded snowfall going back to 1888.”, Nobody alive today saw snow this early in Rapid City. Temperatures hovered around freezing in Denver, forcing many gardeners to wrap their plants for protection.

Canada is being decimated with winter coming right at the end of summer. There were a lot of standing crops in Montana that were hammered by last week’s heavy and deep freeze. The snowstorm that blanketed southern Alberta flattened wheat and barley crops just as farmers were getting ready to harvest. Canola crops didn’t fare well. Harvest was either shut down or slowed significantly across the Canadian Prairies last week as an early preview of winter-like weather barged into the region. Crop damage assessment will be delayed as frosts, freezing weather and snow across Alberta during recent days cutting into this season’s crop yield.

“The loss of quality of the wheat can be a huge hit,” says Matt Sawyer, who farms north of Calgary near Acme. Especially hard hit are the animal feed crops near harvest, not yet cured on the stalk, get soaked, snowed on, or frozen in the field, making them dangerous to use it as feed for livestock. Oats, barley, millet and wheat, as well as any of the other grain crops and then most hay types simply cannot be used for feed because they then become nitrate toxic and in some situations prussic acid toxic, too. Bad weather like we are getting with regards to harvest time becomes a nasty harbinger nobody needs, whether they are a producer or a consumer.

In Antarctica Record Ice Formation

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Above: Most current sea ice data for the South pole shows heavy ice pack surrounding the entire continent by several hundred miles in all directions.

The formation of sea ice around Antarctica every year is one of the biggest seasonal events on Earth and what is happening this year is nothing short of “Amazing,” says sunshine hours website. Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometers covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent.

“Day 256 has broken the day 255 all-time record by 110,000 sq km. And the daily record from 2013 was broken by 230,000 sq km.” This comes on top of yesterday “breaking the record set in 2013 by 48,000 sq km.” They are talking about how fast ice is forming at the southern pole of our planet. ANTARCTIC sea ice has expanded to its greatest coverage since records began in 1978, continuing to confound climate scientists and proving even more hazardous than usual for shipping in the Southern Ocean.

There is now an area covered by sea ice which we’ve never seen from space before since satellites went up thirty five years ago. Researchers are of course arguing that the increase in sea ice does not negate the reality of global warming. But this year’s cold and ice records at the end of summer in the north and the end of winter in the south are going to shatter the perception that our planet is warming. This is the third year in a row a record has been reached and there has been a 1.5% increase each decade since records began in 1979.

This Winter

“It’s still summer, for crying out loud! If this is any indication of what our winter will be like, we’re in for another long one. Fall officially starts Monday, Sept. 22, and it would be great to have a long one this year with warm, sunny days. Sure, the nights get a little chilly, but those fall days make the season our favorite one of the year here in the Southern Black Hills” states a report in the Custer County Chronicle.

One does not have to be a trends forecaster to read the tea leaves about what to expect this winter. The old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold winter. Al Gore also, because you know when it gets warmer it gets colder. Every record breaking cold is evidence of global warming for climate fanatics.

2014 has been a cool year for the USA as this graph shows:


This winter the game is going to be up and a lot of people are going to freeze, especially in Europe because they are playing games with their gas supplies from Russia. The cold this winter will freeze our blood without enough money and energy to keep us warm. That’s the truth every winter but for Europeans who might have the money they might not have the supply this year.

The astounding number of recent volcanic eruptions is adding to the global dimming effect, which weighs heavily in favor of global cooling. The familiar sunspot cycle is shutting down and is already in a pattern of inactivity unseen since the 17th century when it turned really cold and a number of people starved. World temperatures have been generally declining for about 10 years even while CO2 was continuing to rise rapidly. Now the threat is not a continuation of long-term cooling effect but year over year massive declines that will decimate agricultural sectors that already are under threat from severe droughts.

Solar activity is at a 20 year low. We are now facing an extremely low period of solar activity over the coming years and decades. Global warmers beware, the vast amounts of new ice at both poles is going to reflect a lot of solar warmth that should have been absorbed by increasingly open sea waters. Now the reverse effects are in progress and thus we have ‘polar vortexes’ blasting down from the rooftops of the world.

Humanity is going to be blindsided this year by the cold. The climate scare about global warming is not occurring, accelerated sea level rise is not occurring. What is occurring is a constant fear-mongering about something that is not happening. In my recent essay Eating Good and Keeping Warm in the Next Ice Age I say they lie and never stop lying, which is exactly what they are doing every time they publish another article on the global warming.

Food Prices

“Did you know that the U.S. state that produces the most vegetables is going through the worst drought it has ever experienced and that the size of the total U.S. cattle herd is now the smallest that it has been since 1951? Just the other day, a CBS News article boldly declared that "food prices soar as incomes stand still," but the truth is that this is only just the beginning. If the drought that has been devastating farmers and ranchers out west continues, we are going to see prices for meat, fruits and vegetables soar into the stratosphere. Already, the federal government has declared portions of 11 states to be "disaster areas", and California farmers are going to leave half a million acres sitting idle this year because of the extremely dry conditions,” writes Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog.

A withering drought has turned California rivers and reservoirs to dust devastating the agriculture business in the country’s top farming state. Though warmer than usual there, cold is going to strike a stake through the heart of agriculture in many other regions. Floods also are a part of violent climate change and are destroying crops. Prices are on the way up and will continue until the price will mean the difference between who lives and who does not.

The point I am trying to make strongly here is that few to none are factoring increasing cold into their calculations of the danger we collectively face. The winter of 2014-2015 could be the one that is remembered for a long time. A time when drought, flooding, cold, war, pestilence, financial collapse and depression all converge to show us that reality is a cruel master.

Special Note: I live on the northeast coast of Brazil at exactly the point closest to Africa in all of the Americas. The sun comes up here first and it’s a clear run down the South Atlantic down to Antarctica. Normally considered semi-tropical we have little variation in temperatures between winter and summer. It is always warm in Joao Pessoa, that is it was until this year. Everyone has been amazed at the cool weather that has never been evident here before. I can imagine easily the growing cold in Antarctica cooling more the wind and waters that run up to our strategic geographic point without any land mass to interfere.

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