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YouTube Censors the IMVA

Published on November 19, 2010


On the 17th of November, the IMVA’s YouTube account disappeared from the Internet and anyone traveling to one of our many videos on medical and health concerns was told that we ourselves pulled the plug. My 15-year-old son, whose email address was registered on the account, received no notice from YouTube and certainly he testified that in no way did he request an end to our account. He also informed me that YouTube is almost impossible to contact, though he tried on a pitiful form they provided, so we are left with little option but to put our videos on a more private and professional system, which we will do today.

YouTube—a video sharing website and subsidiary of Google prohibits the posting of videos that violate copyrights or depict pornography, illegal acts, gratuitous violence, or hate speech. It seems that their terms of service also include, secretly, the elimination of helpful health and medical information or anything that might upset someone high up in government or industry.

Recently, LivingFuelTV, a producer of weekly health shows, complained that its entire account was disabled after it produced a show about how breast cancer can be prevented. Within hours of posting the show on YouTube, the entire LivingFuelTV health education channel was down, with a general message posted stating the company had violated YouTube’s “Community Guidelines.”

The breast cancer prevention content was focused on diet and lifestyle as a form of prevention and touched on the fact that too much medical radiation such as mammography can increase the risk. “We were stunned our health education videos were taken down and without warning. October is breast cancer awareness month and our breast cancer prevention video was declared inappropriate by YouTube?” Repeated calls and emails for three weeks from Living Fuel and its attorneys to YouTube and YouTube parent, Google, have not been returned.

We at the IMVA will not waste our time trying to communicate with such a company who obviously has joined with pharmaceutical and governmental interests that seek to harm men, women, and children through the denial of correct and truthful information. My friends suspect my video on sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and its use in the treatment of cancer was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Google has been criticized for various instances of censoring its search results, most notably in cooperation with the government of China. In the United States, Google commonly censors search results. Censorship is “the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society… has been a hallmark of dictatorships throughout history. In the 20th century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television, and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas. Freedom from censorship is the exception in the world. The rule historically has been, and continues to be, repression and suppression of disfavored ideas.”

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I was surprised how calmly I took the censorship. But if we meditate on the harm that comes when people and companies manipulate information, we should be more than concerned. Censorship distorts the truth that distorts people’s minds and even their hearts. We are living in an age where people with money and power seek to control and make people into cows and sheep through a direct manipulation of the information that reaches their brains.

My mentor Christopher Hills wrote, “The worst expression of aggression is the calculated use of the imagination to enslave men. Psychological warfare is the armed use of the imagination by men who know that what people think about themselves is what they become. Thus, there can be no greater aggression than to consciously manipulate and promote unsuspecting men and women into seeing themselves as something they are not, in order that they may be exploited.”

There is no place to run and hide from the dark forces that occupy our planet. We have little choice but to stand up tall in the sun and fortify our minds and hearts with love and light. It takes courage to communicate truth because there are people who hate the truth and will do almost anything to trample upon it.

Some of my staff are upset and feel that we are just becoming calloused to all the injustice going on in the United States—like it is just the way it is and you can do nothing about it. Well I know what I am going to do about it. I am going to continue to step up to the plate and hit the ball deep into centerfield with continued confrontations of the pervasive sickness in medicine and government.

I don’t want to be made into a martyr and certainly I am not that courageous; I don’t want to be taken down or forced to leave our planet because I have six children with half of them being quite young. If it weren’t for them and my lovely wife I could be like Timothy Leary whose book Design for Dying suggests we have a great party before we leave our beloved earth. But some of us reach a point and place in life where we have no choice but to do the right thing for the right reasons.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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