The key to avoiding long-term harm is to help the body deal with the chemical and heavy metal assault. When exposure is acute it is important to treat from the very first moments when one notices foul smell, taste or has flu-like symptoms. Activated charcoal is a remedy for acute toxic exposure.

Though doctors will never admit it, sodium bicarbonate is the first and best medicine to reach for when facing either acute or chronic toxicity. If its powerful enough to clear the kidneys of uranium toxicity and powerful enough to both mitigate the toxicity of chemotherapy, while giving chemo a chance to dig deep into the nastiest tumors, you can bet your life that it will help with every type of toxicity. (See chapter on why EVERY cancer patient should use bicarbonates.)

Clay is very important to have on hand for medical, environmental and nuclear emergencies as well. Clay baths are a strong way of removing heavy metals from the body and would increase our chances of survival if exposed to nuclear fallout. In addition, edible clay can be ingested everyday and is effective in removing toxins through the process of elimination and should be used by anyone suffering from chronic exposure. The Science of the Pure, the secret of clay, is that the pure has a great attraction to poisons, to the impure just like a sponge has great attraction to water. Clay begins healing in the alimentary canal and provides the foundation of successful detoxification and chelation treatments.

Metal chelation is a complex and serious matter. It is a fact that you can end up in worse health after chelation than when you started if you are not well-informed and do not proceed carefully under the care of a competent health-care practitioner. Mortality from cancer was reduced 90 percent during an 18-year follow-up of 59 patients treated with calcium-EDTA. Thus, I do recommend glutathione EDT suppositories for serious detox and chelation.

Magnesium, iodine, selenium and sulfur also are important for detoxification and chelation.