Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome E-Book

Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome E-Book:

Treatments for Nuclear and Chemical Nightmares

The main and most immediate point this book makes is to teach you to heal yourself of the effects of radiation exposure whose levels are increasing significantly all over the northern hemisphere.

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Book Description

This book is about how to survive in the nuclear, heavy metal and chemical hell we have created on earth. This information is especially important for parents because radiation triples or more its effects during the growth phase of cells. Fetuses in the womb are very sensitive to radiation just as are bone marrow cells since they are the fastest growing cells in the body.

Nuclear particles have both chemical and nuclear attributes and when such particles actually get inside of us we need to assist the body to eliminate them. If radioactive particles are not bound and flushed out of the body, they will terrorize our cellular environments year after year until we become sterile and succumb to cancer. There is nothing more urgent in the field of medicine then us getting a handle on the best ways to eliminate heavy metals, radiation contamination and other toxic poisons from the body.

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