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CO2 Medicine & Bath Bombing Your Way to Health

Published on January 28, 2014


Ladies, you are looking at the power of carbon dioxide medicine. This is the same woman before, after one year and after two years of daily application of a carbon dioxide gel that is applied directly to the face. What this will do to the skin this will do to one’s internal tissues when CO2 levels are increased and wait to you see what it does to a person’s toes if they have diabetic foot disease.

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is generated and delivered to skin tissue and it results in intensive oxygen release from blood vessel. It activates erythrocytes to supply more oxygen to dermal cells and therefore, activates cell metabolism. Natural biological functions of the skin can be maximized and all kinds of skin problems can be settled at cell level.

Key Functions of CO2 Gel Mask:

Moisturizing – Brightening – Revitalizing -Firming – Skin Radiance – Soothing

There are many beauty products that make a lot of promises but this one, I predicted in my book Sodium Bicarbonate, ahead of time like a theoretical physicist. This effect is already known in the beauty industry and it has important applications in medicine. Interestingly, the beauty industry employs lasers set to the frequency of carbon dioxide to bring renewed beauty to the skin.

My wife did not believe that the above woman transformed herself or that it was the same woman. Another said to me that the before picture looked like the mother of the stunning young woman to the right. No doubt, professional makeup and special lighting are on display but the fact remains that CO2 is serious medicine. Not only is it used in emergency rooms but also CO2 is an essential food, not only for plants but also for us. We simply do not work right when CO2 and bicarbonate levels are low in the blood. 

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Look at what this same medical power applied to the feet. Diabetics especially want to know about carbon dioxide medicine. The following show treatment effects of CO2 medicine for diabetic foot. Carbon dioxide footbath therapy was developed as a means for healing diabetic foot and other ischemic ulcers. (See my books Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and New Paradigms in Diabetic Care for more information about magnesium treatments for diabetes.)

Diabetic foot lesion before CO2 footbath treatmentOne month after treatmentThree months after treatment

This is before then one month and three months after treatment. The only treatment that comes close to helping diabetic foot like this is magnesium therapy, which combines beautifully in baths with sodium bicarbonate and CO2 medicine therapies.

Among the most severe complications associated with diabetes mellitus are the deep tissue lesions of the foot known collectively as "diabetic foot." Until recently, the lack of an effective therapy for diabetic foot has led many patients with such complications down an inexorable and tragic path toward amputation of the foot.

In my upcoming book Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy we see that oxygen delivered at higher concentrations gives the same effect. The secret to this is that oxygen and carbon dioxide are twin sisters or two sides of an interesting coin. Less oxygen is delivered in the face of carbon dioxide deficiencies while healthy CO2 levels insures plenty of oxygen gets delivered.

My book Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment tells one side of this amazing medical mystery.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Second Edition E-Book

Bath Bombs

In addition to this gel there are what are called Bath Bombs that can be added to a person’s bath that can be crucial in helping a person recover from diseases including cancer. The same Japanese company that makes the gel for women makes a tablet that you put in the bath and one soaks in the CO2 right from the bath water. It is like loading up the tub with sodium bicarbonate but in this case it is sodium bicarbonate but mixed with citric acid, which breaks down the sodium bicarbonate into CO2 micro bubbles, which is much more absorbable then sodium bicarbonate. CO2 permeability through cell membrane is 25 times more than O2.

The good news is that you can make Bath Bombs yourself or buy them with a variety of good smells for delicious medicinal baths. Treatment using natural carbon dioxide springs was common in Germany long before treatment with artificial CO2-enriched water began in Japan. But if you go to any of the many Bath Bomb sites you will not find a word about the medical effects.

C02 water bathing helps reduce pulse and high
blood pressure score, improves venous blood returning
to heart, and increase of peripheral blood flow.

Why does it Work?

Most of the CO2 in the body is in the form of bicarbonate (HCO3-). Therefore, the CO2 blood test is really a measure of your blood bicarbonate level. The normal range is 23-29 mEq/L (milliequivalent per liter).

If the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower
than normal, then this leads to difficulties
in releasing oxygen from haemoglobin.

Some background medical information is quite revealing about the power Bath Bombs and sodium bicarbonate baths (as well as oral administration), as well as rebreathing retraining, all of which help restore blood CO2/bicarbonate levels to normal.

Some of the diseases that are related to low CO2 levels are:

The official story is that Carbon Dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas with a slightly acidic taste.  It is a “waste product” of the metabolic process in humans and is also consumed by plants during photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere and makes up approximately 0.03% of the atmosphere. 

Through the years I have laughed at the detractors of using sodium bicarbonate to treat cancer knowing that they had not the slightest idea of what they are talking about. Medical Grade Carbon Dioxide USP is utilized in critical care areas of the hospital!  The medical uses of carbon dioxide include the following but be sure to add cancer and diabetes to the list:

  1. Inflation gas for minimal invasive surgery (laparoscopy, endoscopy, arthroscopy) to enlarge and stabilize body cavities for better visibility of the surgical field
  2. To increase the depth of respiration and help overcome breath holding and bronchial spasms during various procedures
  3. To stimulate respiration for various reasons (i.e. chronic respiratory obstruction removal, hyperventilation, etc.)
  4. To increase cerebral blood flow during some surgeries
  5. For clinical and physiological investigations

Carbon dioxide gas protects against tissue damage in the operative field in open-heart surgery. Carbon dioxide insufflation into the abdominal cavity results in the reduction of oxidative stress. Without CO2 we would all die as well as everything else on earth. So why on earth would anyone want to tax a good thing?

Carbon Dioxide Good or Evil

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gaseous waste product from metabolism. That is what everyone thinks. Waste means toxic but everything is toxic, including water, in the allopathic paradigm where the dose makes the poison in everything. CO2 is a waste product that we need. It is essential for life. It comes from living life and it goes back into creating life.

Al Gore is a phenomenon who runs around blubbering about carbon dioxide and why it is such a big problem. He is exactly wrong. NASA knows how waste can be turned to food and obviously, God knows about this too.

Carbon dioxide gas makes plants grow. It is a life gas not a death gas. You can treat cancer with it because increased systemic concentrations of pH buffers leads to reduced intratumoral and peritumoral acidosis and, as a result, inhibit malignant growth of cancer.

Meanwhile Gore is dancing on a 24-hour online global broadcast. “We are putting 90 million tons of carbon pollution in the earth’s atmosphere every day as if the atmosphere were an open sewer. The accumulated amount of manmade CO2 and global warming pollution now traps as much heat every day as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs going off every day.”

A UN panel of climate scientists recently found with 95% certainty that humans are responsible for the earth’s warming temperatures, up from 90% certainty six years ago. They concluded that only a rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions could possibly reverse the global warming trend.

Notice these people are in doubt. Forget what the actual numbers are because they vary from computer to computer depending on what kind of assumptions scientists are making. NASA says that carbon dioxide is actually having a cooling effect in the upper atmosphere and on earth Gore is saying we are frying down on the surface with all these carbon based nuclear explosions. That must have been a typo or a joke but carbon dioxide medicine is where we establish CO2 truth. I seriously do not think any of us would be surviving more than a few days with “400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs going off every day.”

Back to Medicine

The blood carries carbon dioxide to your lungs, where it is exhaled. More than 90% of carbon dioxide in your blood exists in the form of bicarbonate (HCO3). The rest of the carbon dioxide is either dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or carbonic acid (H2CO3). Your kidneys and lungs balance the levels of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, and carbonic acid in the blood.

Taking sodium bicarbonate orally or bathing in a tub saturated with it results in a shift of the body’s pH to less acidic and more alkaline. That is because baking soda is an electron donor. As the pH rises, so does cellular voltage and cellular oxygen levels.

These bath bombs or tablets take sodium bicarbonate medicine to another level by breaking down the sodium bicarbonate, with citric acid, to make CO2 micro-bubbles. CO2, which is only an alternative form of bicarbonate, is much more absorbable. Instead of loading up the bath with a kilo or two of bicarbonate, these tablets or Bath Bombs do the trick with just ounces of sodium bicarbonate.

We increase cell voltage, raise energy and performance levels of cellular activity when we supplement with sodium bicarbonate, which has long been known as an excellent medicine for the kidneys, and dialysis units use bicarbonate regularly but they, like everyone else, don’t want to brag about it.

Sodium bicarbonate+Citric acid+Water=Radical chemical reaction produces CO2 with lots of –HCO3 and +HCO3 with PH of 7.45

For the women there are the CO2 masks.

The best way to produce carbon dioxide is from physical activity but most people with chronic illness and cancer unfortunately do not exercise. Understanding how important bicarbonate and CO2 physiology can be to the chronically ill person involves understanding the basic physiology of carbon dioxide. Yes, women can make themselves more beautiful with CO2 masks but we can make patients more beautiful and a lot more comfortable when we resolve their bedsores, gangrene, eczema and fatigue with CO2.

Physical activity and sports is good for us because it raises CO2 concentrations though there are limits to everything including a good thing like CO2. Therefore, we do have, as we do for magnesium and everything else, a way of blowing off excess.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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    • LJ L

      Since CO2 is released when baking soda is combined with citric acid, Many people take baking soda with some lemon juice added, it fizzes right away and I assume the CO2 is released into the air. Would it make sense when we take baking soda orally to follow separately with some lemon juice so that the CO2 is released in our stomach? Would it be absorbed from our stomach or just belched away to the atmosphere as gas?

      • LJL,

        I’m not sure I can give you a correct answer on this though I know that many people mix bicarb with lemon. We need someone with more chemistry background to answer. I’m checking with Dr. Sircus to get his response.
        Claudia French

        • +1 for this information 🙂

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          Hi Claudia, do you have an answer from Dr Sircus on this ? Can Sodium bicarbonate be mixed with lemon juice to release instant CO2 to our body ?

          • Sorry, no…he has not responded as yet.

            From my searching I found that:

            Lemon juice contains citric acid which is a mild acid that when combined with sodium bicarbonate will produce carbon dioxide. Some of this may be absorbed into our systems but sometimes this can also cause the release of gas in the stomach that results in belching, gassiness, or bloating of the abdomen.
            Claudia French

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    Can someone make their own CO2 gel?

    • Bev, I don’t think it would be hard to do if we knew the necessary amounts of bicarbonate and citric acid and type of gel carrier to use. Right now we don’t have the amounts used by the company in Japan, however.
      Claudia French

      • Bev Stone Hogarth

        Thank you Claudia for your prompt response. I did see a video of a man making CO2 but this was to eliminate bed bugs. Gel carrier could be Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil. Just thinking…

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        The Mitate C3 CO2 Gel Mask consists of gel concentrate and
        micro-granulated powder. Both gel concentrate and fine micro-granulated
        powder are made with natural plant based ingredients.
        The gel concentrate consists of following:
        The fine micro-granulated powder consists of following:

        • Thanks John,

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          Claudia French

          • John Brailsford

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    • Hi Betsy,

      Yes, the links are in error and we are taking them out until the correct links for the gel and bath bombs is received. Thank you for ointing this out. Dr. Sircus will announce when he has the proper link to order the product. Sorry for the problem.
      Claudia French

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